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Southland Summer Fastpitch Softball League This page will be used to update families on Southland Summer Fastpitch Softball League happenings!


Sadly, the 2020 summer softball season is cancelled for 10U Silver/Gold, 12U and 14U. This is due to low numbers and wanting to put the safety/health of our girls and their families first. No checks have been deposited and will be torn up. If you paid with cash, I will contact you to set up a way to have it returned. This is not how we envisioned our summer and are disappointed for our girls, who had been looking forward to their season. Keep your girls practicing so they are ready for next summer!! Please let me know if you have any questions! [email protected]


Please check your emails for a message from your coaching team!!




Update on softball:

Dear RYFSA Families

The RYFSA board is continuing to plan and strategize as best we can given the current situation. We wanted to write to update you on the latest information that we have received and what we think it means for the SFC summer league and RYFSA hosted tournaments. Currently the SFC is sitting at well over 75 teams and when it's the right time we hope to get all the coordination in place to get out and play ball.

The first piece of communication we wish to share is the 2020 Back to Diamond initiative released by a coalition which includes a collaboration of statewide community-based baseball and softball organizations. The full press release is included at the end of this message. It is important to know that this is all subject to change, especially the dates. We, as an association, will lean heavily on the recommendations from these groups and our city officials, state officials, and other governing bodies. When there is softball to play it is going to look a bit different but we will all gladly make those compromises to get the teams back on the field if possible.

The second key piece of communication will be the next message from the Governor's office about what happens after the current May 18th order. Without being able to know what comes next from there, we are planning as best we can to handle a scenario that allows us to get back to the diamond in June and do it as safely as possible.

Here are some key dates (that of course, could change, but are the dates we are keeping in mind right now). We will be tentatively following the same timeline.

Proposed Minnesota Youth Baseball and Softball Timeline:
• May 11 - Statewide communication to BB and SB associations with guidelines & requirements
• May 18 - Begin BB and SB practices with no more than 16 people on the field, including coaches and players.
• June 1 - League games with spectator traffic and distancing guidelines in effect and managed. Tournaments: Possible trial events to be held the weekend of May 29-May 31, with the tentative start dates of tournaments on June 5-7.

As you can tell these are "Best Case Scenario" dates. The messaging can and will change based on the factors discussed above.

Feel free to contact us with any questions. We look forward to going down this path with you this summer while being as safe as possible!

RYFSA Board of Directors

A collaboration of statewide community-based baseball and softball organizations
A Unified Minnesota Baseball and Softball Community
As the COVID-19 pandemic has continued to progress over the past two weeks, the Minnesota Youth Athletic Services/Gopher State Baseball, Metro Baseball League/Minnesota Baseball Tournaments and USA Softball Minnesota/Minnesota Softball felt it was in the best interest of their stakeholders to create one unified voice for baseball and softball programming throughout the state of Minnesota. These organizations are solely responsible for administering the largest youth baseball and softball leagues and state tournaments on the ball diamond throughout the state of Minnesota each and every spring/summer for the past two decades. This joint effort will allow everyone involved in the youth baseball and softball community to be more connected.
This newly formed collaboration has been established to accomplish the following:
• A more unified front in community-based youth baseball and softball throughout the state of Minnesota – building a better state of baseball & softball!
• Clear, concise, and consistent messaging in order to eliminate confusion between leagues, tournaments, the participants, and the associations of youth baseball/softball.
• Joint COVID-19 health and safety guidelines that are intended to provide legislators and decision makers with information about how we intend to adjust youth baseball and softball in an effort to loosen restrictions, while implementing strict safe and healthy social distancing guidelines. The “2020 Back to the Diamond” guidelines have been and are being disseminated to Governors’ office, state leaders and local officials.
• Partner, when necessary, in order to provide the best possible experience for today’s youth baseball and softball players.
This collaboration is unprecedented and is a sign of the willingness to put perceptions aside and focus on what’s best for Minnesota’s youth baseball and softball players, coaches, parents, and the associations that serve them!
2020 Back to the Diamond-
COVID-19 Proposed Safety Guidelines:
*subject to change*
The coronavirus pandemic is first and foremost a human tragedy, affecting hundreds of thousands of people. It is also having a growing impact on the child and parent activities as well as the youth baseball and softball industry, our employees, and the dedicated umpires who officiate games. The guidelines below are intended to provide legislators and decision makers with information about how we intend to alter youth baseball and softball in a joint effort to loosen restrictions, while implementing strict safe and healthy social distancing guidelines. Being mindful of the factors of public health, social distancing, and societal well-being will allow thousands of youth baseball and softball players the opportunity to establish some semblance of normalcy as we continue to move forward in safely adjusting the dials in Minnesota.
The safety guidelines listed below are proposed additional measures to be taken before, during, and after a youth baseball and softball game. All other key prevention strategies by the CDC and Minnesota Department of Health will be strictly followed, in order to promote safe and healthy social distancing.
Groups of 10 will need to follow appropriate physical distancing. Baseball/Softball is an outdoor sport with our participants occupying natural positions that are greater than social distancing standards.
This will allow for youth baseball and softball teams to start practicing.
The cap on the number of people at gatherings rises to 50, which would be enough for games, likely without fans. Vulnerable populations should continue to follow stay home guidance.
This will allow for baseball and softball teams to begin conducting games.
There are no limits on group sizes. The sports go back to normal participation and operation. Vulnerable populations can resume public interactions, but should practice physical distancing, and continue to take precautionary measures.
Entering or Exiting Parks: If possible, all players, coaches, and umpires will enter through one entrance and exit through another, observing state guidelines for social distancing. This scenario replicates the path of travel through grocery stores. In the event there is only one entrance to the park, teams will need to be cautious and courteous at the point of entry, observing all social distancing rules. (continued on next page)
Social Distancing: Parents and spectators have separate seating away from the backstop or dugout. Spectators will not be allowed around the area of the backstop or dugouts. Only players, up to three coaches per team, and the umpire(s) are allowed on the field of play. Spectators are only permitted to view the game from the outfield. This means the game may be viewed along the foul lines starting at 1st/3rd base extending to the outfield and in the outfield area.
Proposed Spectator Options:
1. One Parent/Guardian is permitted/allowed to spectate the game in the designated area as described above. Social distancing guidelines would apply (for example, must be 6 feet from the next group/spectator).
2. Only immediate families/households of the players will be allowed to spectate the game (for example, must be 6 feet from the next group/spectator).
Dugout (Team Personnel): The dugout will be extended to behind the dugout to the backstop for both teams. This is to allow rostered players and up to three coaches per team to practice social distancing throughout the game while their team is up to bat. Hand and equipment sanitizing between innings is recommended.
No more than 3-5 individuals are permitted in the dugout at any given time (this is dependent on the size of the dugout). These individuals (players, coaches or any combination) must maintain all social distancing guidelines throughout the game. All other team personnel must practice social distancing in the extended area of the dugout, as referenced above.
Game Protocol: At the pregame meeting and throughout the game, coaches and umpires will not be allowed to shake hands or have any physical contact with each other. All parties must maintain social distancing guidelines. No physical contact or touching is permitted.
Players and coaches are asked to refrain from high fives or any other physical gestures of celebration. All team personnel must always maintain social distancing guidelines.
At the conclusion of the game, players will be asked to forego the sportsmanship line at the end of the game. Instead we are asking for each team to line up on their respective foul line and “tip their cap” as a salute to the other team to promote sportsmanship.
Equipment: It is highly recommended that team personnel carry hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes with you to be used before, during and after the games, whenever appropriate, such as if/when you come into contact with the ball or any other players, coaches, or shared equipment (bases).
Please wear your batting gloves as much as possible, especially when handling a bat.
Refrain from sharing equipment in general. This includes but is not limited to bats, helmets, and catcher’s equipment.
Each team needs to provide their own baseballs/softballs for when they are in the field. Each team is responsible for switching out their baseballs/softballs each inning or sanitizing their baseballs/softballs as best as possible. Again, hand and equipment sanitizing between innings is recommended.
CDC approved face masks are recommended for everyone attending and playing. This includes spectators, players, coaches, umpires, and field crew.
Umpires: Umpires will be asked to officiate the game from behind the pitcher's mound, while practicing social distancing with all fielders. This will limit the number of people around home plate and will still allow the umpire to call the game and see the whole field.
Umpires should wear a CDC approved facemask. Umpires should not handle baseballs/softballs, and should wear gloves if they intend to handle baseballs/softballs. Change gloves after each use when handling baseballs or softballs.
• Minnesota Youth Athletic Services (MYAS)/Gopher State Baseball (Dawson Blanck & Patrick Reese)
• Metro Baseball League/Minnesota Baseball Tournaments (Kim Eul & Jeff Eul)
• USA Softball Minnesota/Minnesota Softball (Dan Pfeffer & Tom Bye)
Supporting Author:
• David J. Jewison, MD CAQ, Sports Medicine Physician, University of Minnesota & M Health Fairview
M Health Fairview/Institute for Athletic Medicine is the official medical partner of the MYAS.


Update on Summer Ball:

Fellow Communities,

We are writing to let you know that the decision was made to extend SFC league registration until May 4th. We have heard there were some issues getting registered this weekend and we encourage all that want to sign up to please do so as soon as possible.

We are currently sitting at approximately 73 teams registered. The RYFSA board is committed to putting a schedule together and playing this summer if the situation allows. To do so, we encourage all communities to sign up because if the opportunity arises we will want to execute the start of the schedule as fast as possible.

As an association we are aware of the complex scenarios that arise and are trying to remain flexible for those and others that might come up. The SFC doesn't exist without its strong community support. If schedules are shortened or modified in any way the RYFSA board is fully committed to make the league fees align with the length of schedule.

Thanks for your patience and flexibility during this time. We will continue to be in touch. We hope you are all safe and healthy!


Ken Nance
RFYSA Board of Directors

There's still hope for a 2020 season! 🥰🤞

There's still hope for a 2020 season! 🥰🤞

Southland Summer Fastpitch Softball League

Meeting Tonight! (Dont let the word "Board" scare you! That's just a really big stick! ;) ) We are only looking for a 1-2 meeting commitment from parents to give feedback and direction on summer softball! So if you are free tonight...please stop in! :)

Softball Board Meeting
Tuesday, March 10th @ 6pm in Mrs. Sorgatz's room. We will be discussing team layout and number of teams. Please come if interested in being on the Softball Board!


Softball Board Meeting
Tuesday, March 10th @ 6pm in Mrs. Sorgatz's room. We will be discussing team layout and number of teams. Please come if interested in being on the Softball Board!

Summer Fastpitch Softball League sign up papers have been sent home!! Please let me know if you haven't received one. Pl...

Summer Fastpitch Softball League sign up papers have been sent home!! Please let me know if you haven't received one. Please get the word out!
Forms are due by: MONDAY, MARCH 2
[email protected]

Never too early to start preparing!! 😉

Never too early to start preparing!! 😉

Southland Elementary PTO

Southland Elementary PTO

Please Share!


14 U game today Albert Lea at Snyder Park, be there at 5:30


14 U game today at home, Ulven Field be there at 5:30, if you would like to come earlier I will be there at 5!


14 U game today at Byron, be there at 5:30.


14 U practice is cancelled today.


10U...No Practice Today!!!


14 U game today in Stewartville be there at 5:30

Southland Schools

Southland Schools

Southland is looking for one ninth grade volleyball coach and two junior high volleyball coaches. Contact Bill Feuchtenberger if interested.


14 U game today at Ulven field be there at 5:30, game starts at 6.


14U game cancelled tonight!


12U- Practice on Sunday, June 23 from 6-7:30 at Ulven Field


14 U Practice Friday 6-7:30

Camp Opportunity
Minnesota Gopher Softball Camps

Camp Opportunity

Minnesota softball camps Gopher Softball Camps Jamie Trachsel Softball Camp Jamie Trachsel Softball Camp Piper Ritter Hitting Camp


14 U Game tommorow at Blooming Prarie , starts at 6, players need to be there by 5:30.


14 U We are going to have practice today, weather is going to be clearing up late afternoon. 6- 7:30 pm at the school field.


Today's practice!!!
Please dress accordingly...if it is not raining and the field is ok we will practice outside. If it is raining we will practice inside at the elementary gym.

Please note!!! We will start at 5pm and end at 630pm...if it is cold or we are inside...and 1hr and a half will be plenty of time.

Thank you!!!!


14 U practice Wednesday from 6-7:30 at the school field, if It's raining we will have it Thursday same time, will notify you if that changes. Quick parent meeting at the first practice.


12U - Practice for tonight is canceled and rescheduled for Thursday, May 23 (same time and place).


Southland Summer Fastpitch Softball League is searching for umpires for the 10U and 12U levels for home games. It would be two games a night on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. If you know anyone that might be interested or have questions, please contact us either on here or email: [email protected]


Dress to be INSIDE. Wear tennis shoes.
Elementary School Gym 4p-6p


We WILL have practice today no matter what. If field conditions are not good we will practice in the gym at Rose Creek. I will post again at 3pm so you know which shoes to bring!
Thank you!!


12U- Due to the middle school concert on the 21st we are going to change our practice day to Monday the 20th from 6:00-7:30 at Ulven Field.


Rose Creek, MN


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Nearby non profit organizations


Softball cleats. Size 3.5. Wore one season. $10. PM if interested.