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Al Fatih Academy Al Fatih Academy is a nonprofit, full time school serving Northern Va since 1998. Al Fatih, which means an opening, strives to open its students' hearts to the love of Allah and their minds to the wonders of the world.

AFA 8th Grade Graduation Weekend kicked off on Friday!Families from all over the world (!!)  joined us for a moving and ...

AFA 8th Grade Graduation Weekend kicked off on Friday!

Families from all over the world (!!) joined us for a moving and blessed ceremony where students shared heartfelt letters to one another, proved their love for classmates by knowing little details about each other and agreeing on who would most likely have a microwave disaster in their lives!

They also heard from past and present teachers- complete with well prepared, cringy worthy puns- and made dua for their lives beyond AFA to be full of goodness and success.

We are so proud of you!

Today- Virtual Formal Dinner together!

Tomorrow - Physically distant but heart connected ceremony to receive their diplomas!


We're ready for student belonging pick up 10-12pm TODAY!!Don't forget to stop by the lost and found on the side of the b...

We're ready for student belonging pick up 10-12pm TODAY!!

Don't forget to stop by the lost and found on the side of the building!


AFA School Spirit Soars!

​Lots and lots of families came through to say goodbye for the summer on Sunday!

We got to see each other from a distance, decorate our cars, give some air hugs and make sure we know we love each other! And ended it with a treat!

Thank you to our fantastic Al Fatih PTO for organizing this parade! We love you!


​Mahwish Hamlani
​Bilal Zaman
​Ali Darab
​Shaheen Shaikh
​Abida Bhatti
​Nila Amin
​Imaney Ahmad



What A Year It Has Been in AFA Middle School!

​On behalf of the middle school team, we are grateful for the opportunity to teach and learn from our middle school students. This year was full of unique experiences, including the launch of our seminar course, guest speakers, field trips, and our first-ever geometry class.

Students did a remarkable job switching over to a virtual school format and showcased their resilience and grit. This video highlights our journey as a middle school team, and it is amazing to see how much everyone has grown.

We thank parents for all their support, and we especially thank students for their enthusiasm and care. Have a great summer!


Continuing the work at homeBIPOC= Black, Indigenous, People of ColorThe term BIPOC stands for 'Black, Indigenous, People...

Continuing the work at home

BIPOC= Black, Indigenous, People of Color

The term BIPOC stands for 'Black, Indigenous, People of Color,' it is meant to unite all people of color in the work for liberation while intentionally acknowledging that not all people of color face the same levels of injustice.



What an awesome Field Day at AFA this year!

40 families from Preschool - 8th graders sent us their videos - we love seeing you all being active! Some grandparents helped, plus brothers and sisters and parents!

Great job everybody!
Thank you especially for all your support and help AFA parents!

It's officially the start of Summer Break and fellow AFAers know how to keep active and have fun. The AFA Virtual Field Day Closing Ceremony will inspire you to have fun with family this summer. ​Make sure to rest, read and have fun!


Black Lives Matter @ AFA: Our Role & Responsibility

Join us for an important discussion as a school community. Special guests include Imam Mohamed Magid and Artist & Activist Tariq Toure.

Special thanks to Ms. Kareema who talked with 7th and 8th graders earlier today about her experience as a Black Muslim woman. She opened our minds and hearts in many ways.


Black Lives Matter @ AFA

We are saddened and frustrated by current events that have shaken our country. The horrific deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor have only amplified an undercurrent of injustice and inequality that disproportionately affects African American brothers and sisters.

We know that there are some AFA families personally affected by these events, as well as others struggling to understand their role in working for justice in this country.

It is time to let go of the “all lives matter” talking point or that we are colorblind as Muslims. We know the reality of our community’s shortcomings and know that racism does exist - even in the most subtle and imperceptible ways in how we treat others whose skin is a different color.

This is a collective responsibility and each of us is obligated to do our part. This is the time to have important conversations with our children about our own biases and stereotypes, about how we treat others based on these. We must talk clearly about how, as Allah’s creation, we stand up for justice when we see it trampled.

Some of you may feel that these are difficult conversations, or that your children are too young. But both research and practice point to the fact that children as young as 3 years old perceive and create impressions of one another based on our physical traits including skin color. Talking about this actually empowers our children to be more proactive about establishing justice in small ways now that will translate into bigger actions as they grow.

We have worked hard at AFA to be as inclusive as possible in our programs and approach. ‘Al-Ḥamdulillāh we have had opportunities to train teachers on bias and racism as part of our mandatory orientation program. We have addressed issues of injustice and inequality through our core values as well as integrated curriculum objectives for years now. We have created resources and videos to bolster this work.

But we recognize the need to always improve and build upon what is in place as we grow and learn. We will continue to explore how to be better in teaching, planning, and interacting on issues of racism and injustice.

As we have in the past, we are monitoring students for their reactions and feelings about current events. We will be engaging Middle School students more directly on these issues.

Please plan to join us for a session tomorrow, Wednesday, June 3 at 6:00pm titled “Black Lives Matter @AFA: Our Role and Our Responsibility”. We will be joined by activist Tariq Toure who has led such discussions as well as community actions in our area.

May Allah (s) protect us all from harm and from doing harm.
AFA Admin Leadership
Al Fatih Academy


Getting to Know Each Other

Why did Allah (s) create all of us differently? And why does he want us to know each other?

Ms. Afeefa talks about the beauty in each of us and also shares some important ideas about fairness and justice.

How will you make sure not to be arrogant and be fair?

Click here to see what the Prophet Muhammad (s) taught us.

See video on YouTube


It's near the date we would have had the 8th Grade Class of 2020 of course we didn't let them forget how...

It's near the date we would have had the 8th Grade Class of 2020 of course we didn't let them forget how much these AFAers are loved! Surprise!!

Middle School teachers and admin in a 12 car caravan went house to house over 7 hours and many miles to deliver their love in person! Caps and gowns, yard signs, sweets and so many virtual hugs and kisses.

We will be saying a lot more about these kind, compassionate, brilliant kiddos in the coming week, but today was just to give us the opportunity to see their radiant faces in the sunlight and hear their surprised but precious voices IRL send back the love to us.

May their days always be bright and their paths filled with blessings.



Let the Games Begin!

​AFA Virtual Field Day is Here
​Let the Games Begin!
​Field Day is a very special part of AFA and this year is no different!

Let's get our AFA spirit on have fun with all the games Ms. Sabah has set up for us.​ ​

GO AFAers!

​Remember to record points and send in your videos and photos. Link in emails!




Watch for opening ceremonies in your classes and the whole school kick off!

Look for activity videos your family can do together and record your scores and points!



The Hijra and Social Distancing

​Ms. Mariam, 4th-grade teacher at AFA shares her reflections on what we can learn from Abu Bakr's (ra) experience while he and Prophet Muhammad (s) traveled from Makkah to Medina.

Hiding inside a cave, he is scared and feels alone but the Prophet gives him a reason to be positive and strong.

How do you feel that Allah (s) is sufficient for us?



Mariam Says ​Let’s Be Positively Busy!

There are so many things to do at home every day! Thanks Mariam for reminding us to stay positive and find ways to be joyful.

Special thanks to Esa for being such a good sport!

And watch out for those goats!



May is Still About Being Positively Positive!

​​Ms. Roua tells the story of Sayyidna Umar (r) who was a strong man and a very positive person in all parts of his life.

His favorite thing to say was “Al-Ḥamdulillāh”!

​Why does saying ​Al-Ḥamdulillāh help make us positive?



KGers say salam to Ramadan!

​We've had a wonderful Ramadan practicing the Ss that help us be stronger the rest of the year.

Alhamdulillah for good health and good times with our families throughout the month.

AFA Kindergartners share all the ways they practiced the Ss so we can remember them too!

​What can you do to keep salah, sadaqa, shukur, sabr, salam and sakinah going after Ramadan?


To our AFA Family and Friends!

To our AFA Family and Friends!

Takbiratul Eid together!Join your fellow AFA'ers to bring the baraka of Eidul Fitr to each of our homes!Tomorrow Sunday,...

Takbiratul Eid together!

Join your fellow AFA'ers to bring the baraka of Eidul Fitr to each of our homes!

Sunday, May 24, 8:30 am
@AFA Virtual Musalla

We will not have prayers, just recite the takbirat.

Check your email for zoom info



S is for ​Storytime!

​​Ms. ​​Baig, AFA's Preschool Teacher and a few of her friends read a book about Ramadan, saying farewell to the blessed month and looking forward to Eid.

​​How are you preparing for Eid?


Jumu'ah Mubarak!

​​All of Allah's Creation Prays, Even at Night!!

​​Ustadh Ismail talks about ​how the Prophet Muhammad (sws) ​would ​spend the night before Eid making extra prayer in thanks to Allah (swt) for giving us another month of Ramadan. ​​

S is for Salah!



S is for Sakinah and Salam!

​​Sweet Words Are Like A Giving Tree

​​​Ms. Rania​ shares ayat from the Quran that speak to the power of using sweet and good words with one another to create salam and sakinah in our homes and the world. Even one word can make someone's day!

​Wh​ich ayat ​do you reflect ​during this Ramadan?


S is for Sawm- Mr. Yousuf Fasts to Focus!

Mr. Yousuf shares how fasting helps him be more focused and go even deeper into himself and his love for Allah.

Laylatul Qadar is in these last 10 nights of Ramadan and helps him remember the power and might of Allah (s) in his life.

What are you doing specially during these last nights to remember Allah (s)?


To go with Ms. Afeefa's video about how  prayer is a way to talk to Allah (s) and benefit our body, mind, and heart. See...

To go with Ms. Afeefa's video about how prayer is a way to talk
to Allah (s) and benefit our body, mind, and heart.

See video


S is for Salah!​

Ms. Afeefa brings her outdoor prayer rug!

​Did you know our prayer positions are part of how we can talk to Allah (s) every day? The more we know what happens when we pray, the more connected our mind, heart and body are to Allah and the universe.

Where are all the places you've prayed?

Here's the handout she mentions at the end:



Jumu'ah Mubarak!

​Build Your I'tikaf Fort!

​​Ustadh Ismail talks about ​how the Prophet Muhammad (s) ​would ​spend the last 10 days of Ramadan ​in I'tikaf to remember Allah even more.

​He challenges you to build your I'tikaf fort​ and ​make time throughout these last days of Ramadan remembering Allah.



S is for Sakinah!

​​Ms. ​Widad shares how Allah's words and signs in the Quran especially help her when she is ​experiencing a mixture of feelings.

We're so blessed to read more Quran during Ramadan!

​Wh​ich ayat ​have you found really helpful ​during this Ramadan?



S for ​Shukur in Ramadan!

Let's make a Blessings Jar!

​Ms. ​Nadia ​shares her family tradition of remembering what everyone is thankful for each day of Ramadan.

You can make one too for your home especially in these last 10 days!


Did you know AFA Art Teacher Ms. Nadia is kind of a magician?!She has been helping sad dry markers come back to life as ...

Did you know AFA Art Teacher Ms. Nadia is kind of a magician?!

She has been helping sad dry markers come back to life as paint in her classroom and now AFAers are carrying on this work at home!

Let dry markers soak in a jar of water till the water turns color and voila! You have paint for water color painting!

Reuse and repurpose!


To go with Ms. Afeefa's video on how to resolve conflicts and arguments with one another. Spread the salaam!See the vide...

To go with Ms. Afeefa's video on how to resolve conflicts and arguments with one another.

Spread the salaam!

See the video:



S is for Salaam Steps!

​​Ms. Afeefa talks about what we can do when we get upset about something that's happening around us - especially when we know what being angry feels like.

And she also shares how the SALAAM Steps help her when she might get into an argument or have a conflict with someone else.

Spread the peace!

What do you do when you get angry about something?


AFA Weekly Kahoot games are a blast!Ms. Roua creates these exciting games with Ramadan themes for all grades and we lear...

AFA Weekly Kahoot games are a blast!

Ms. Roua creates these exciting games with Ramadan themes for all grades and we learn while we play.

See you next Friday at 3!
Look in your emails for zoom log in info!

Can you guess the answers to these questions?



Jumu'ah Mubarak!

​​How ​is the Quran charging you up this Ramadan?!

​Ustadh Ismail talks about ​how the Prophet Muhammad (sws) ​would spiritually recharge himself through the recitation of the Quran​ during Ramadan and allow him to increase his generosity to others.

S is for Sadaqa!Over the years, AFAers have made monthly bagged lunches for a shelter in Reston and helped create health...

S is for Sadaqa!

Over the years, AFAers have made monthly bagged lunches for a shelter in Reston and helped create health kits for children there.

AFA families can help Cornerstones Embry Rucker Shelter now:

** Purchase items for a Housewarming Basket - for families we are moving into housing.

Here’s the wish list, families don't have to make up an entire basket.

** Be a Hunger Halting Hero Family - assemble a kit and deliver it to the food pantry. Requested item list is here also.

Drop off your donations @
11975 Bowman Towne Dr, Reston, VA 20190

#AFAVirtualSchoolRocks #AFARamadan


S is for Sadaqa in Ramadan!

​​​​​​​Ms. Nusra shares how she is keeping her sense of community and seeking reward in feeding people who are fasting even though everyone is at home.

Watch how she makes those yummy iftar boxes to give out!

​How are you fostering Community this Ramadan?



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