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Ekopimo Ibia Foundation Bridging the gap between the underserved and quality healthcare.
In mid-April 2016, Dr. Ekopimo O. Ibia was diagnosed with a rare disease called AL amyloidosis after months of vague symptoms. Unfortunately, the diagnosis came too late for quick and successful treatment. He died on June 14, 2016 having contributed much to the field of regulatory science and positively affected the lives of many in the United States, Nigeria and elsewhere around the world. Ekopimo Ibia Foundation is a charitable organization dedicated to extending Dr. Ibia’s vision and legacy in two ways: 1. Promoting the provision and improvement of basic health services among the underprivileged in the impoverished developing world, beginning in Nigeria 2. Offering health education and supporting medical research in diverse communities in the United States, to bring about early diagnosis and treatment of rare diseases like amyloidosis 3. Increasing mental health awareness in the United States, with an aim to ending the stigma surrounding mental health conditions With these efforts, the foundation is bridging the gap between the underserved and quality healthcare.

Continuing Our EffortsIn Trying TimesDear family and friends,COVID-19 has had a devastating effect on communities around...

Continuing Our Efforts
In Trying Times

Dear family and friends,

COVID-19 has had a devastating effect on communities around the world. So much so that it almost seems inappropriate to change the subject or not for a second think of the many who have lost loved ones. We hope the news you’re about to read encourages you as we all continue to deal with this trial.

Our worries about flying during Nigeria’s harmattan season, and the early COVID-19 rumblings in February, caused us to cancel our usual late winter or early spring trip to continue our HPV vaccination project. Guess what? Our local volunteers in Nigeria carried out the immunization of 176 girls despite our absence. All we had to do was pay for the vaccines and their delivery to Uyo and Calabar. We’re extremely proud of these volunteers, led by Dr. Margaret Akpan. Their dedication and effort has made a huge difference. Our volunteers also finished installing bookshelves in the library of a Calabar school we’ve adopted—National Youth Service Corps Secondary School.

Here in the United States, we’ve continued our mental health awareness work. To a church in Maryland, our executive director, Dr. Itoro Ibia, gave a Zoom presentation on how to cope with the stress the current circumstances have brought about. Numerous others have reached out to her about the same thing. With empathy and faith, she has offered help and words of wisdom.

“One of the things I’ve learned during this time is we are more alike than different,” Dr. Ibia said. “We all have some anxiety, but we can help each other cope if we reach out and help. Even if we do so while sitting in front of our computer screens or by wearing our masks and gloves.”

Thanks for spending a little time reading about our latest developments. We are praying that you and yours stay safe and well.


Ekopimo Ibia Foundation


Dear 2019 US donors
Thank you for all your donations to Ekopimo Ibia Foundation in 2019. The featured projects on our website speak for themselves.
Gift certificates for all donations received in 2019 were sent by email or regular mail before Jan 30 2020. If you have not received yours, please make inquiries by email to [email protected]. Thank you.
Ekopimo Ibia Foundation

Hello family and friends,With the end of the year approaching, we just want to thank you for your generous support in 20...

Hello family and friends,

With the end of the year approaching, we just want to thank you for your generous support in 2019.

With your help, we were able to provide funding to medical missions, and give vaccines to girls, in Southern Nigeria. Your encouragement also led us to give mental health awareness talks in Northern Virginia and California.

We've missed Imo the last four holidays, but we find some comfort in knowing that he would be proud of the work we're doing.

Again, we couldn't have done it without you. So, from the bottom of our hearts, we wish you happy holidays and a prosperous 2020!


Ekopimo Ibia Foundation


Thank you friends and family for your donations through Facebook as well as through our website-ibiafoundation.org
Your generosity is greatly appreciated.
Your donation achieves much in the lives of the beneficiaries of our medical missions to the underserved in Nigeria.

Did you know that when you shop for the holidays—and any other time—at smile.amazon.com/ch/82-4634138, AmazonSmile donat...
Support Ekopimo Ibia Foundation by shopping at AmazonSmile.

Did you know that when you shop for the holidays—and any other time—at smile.amazon.com/ch/82-4634138, AmazonSmile donates to Ekopimo Ibia Foundation? Thank you for your support!

When you shop at AmazonSmile, Amazon will donate to Ekopimo Ibia Foundation. Support us every time you shop.

October 2019 Immunization MissionIt’s all good news! Ekopimo Ibia Foundation continues to make strides in fulfilling its...

October 2019 Immunization Mission

It’s all good news! Ekopimo Ibia Foundation continues to make strides in fulfilling its mission—bridging the gap between the underserved and quality healthcare.

Our recent mission included sponsorship of the Etinan medical outreach (with AKISAN and Love Without Borders Foundation) as well as the continuation of our HPV immunization efforts in Calabar and Uyo, Nigeria. We gave 270 vaccinations in Calabar and 70 in Uyo. There are 3000 to 4000 more 9 to 14-year-old girls to reach in the two secondary schools in Uyo. The school-based HPV immunization program continues to have a 95-98% return for second doses.

In all of our charitable adventures in Nigeria, we can safely say that our local volunteers ROCK! They are a dedicated team of volunteers that return year after year, donating their time, love and skills. They encourage, inspire and educate the girls and other people whose lives we aspire to improve. They help immensely with relationship building in the local community. We are recruiting local volunteers to make school rounds to both public and private schools with the aim to sensitize more in the community about the effects of cervical cancer.

As we build relationships, we are discovering more needs that are easy to address. The NYSC Demonstration Secondary School is our initial point of service in Calabar. We have estimated that there are about 700 girls between the ages of 9 and 14 that need 1400 doses of the cervical cancer-preventing vaccine. So far, we have given about 500 doses of the vaccine to 250 girls and hope to gradually cover all the girls there. We were invited to address the PTA of the school at our just concluded October visit. We shared information about the burden of cervical cancer and the need for primary and secondary prevention. This is an important step. Sensitized parents sign the consent forms for the cervical cancer-preventing vaccine more willingly.

While in the school, we discovered that the school library needed shelves to display the few available books. We made that available and are looking into providing the librarian and students with a few computers and internet service to increase their learning experience. We believe that our presence at this public school should make a difference in the academic and daily lives of the students. If you have a gently used computer to donate, please let us know by contacting us at [email protected].

We were also invited to share our mission with a branch of the Rotary Club of Calabar during one of their meetings. We are hoping that this is the beginning of our plan to increase the involvement of local Nigerian charities in the HPV immunization campaign. The need is great and we can reach many more girls with this life-saving vaccine as we expand our coalition. Additionally, we have begun to collaborate with local doctors to help share the need for widespread HPV vaccination. Many are planning to offer the HPV vaccination in their well-child clinics. No child will be left behind.

Finally, we took HPV vaccination to public schools in Uyo. We were able to immunize the 70 girls with signed consent forms in two secondary schools in Etoi and Ikot Okubo and hope to increase those numbers next year. The State Ministry of Health facilitated our entrance into the schools and helped with the storage of vaccines. Thank you to all who welcomed us and gave us the opportunity to continue our service to the community. Thank you to our reliable and loyal supporters in the United States. You make it happen with all your financial and moral support.

NAPPSA CelebratesDr. Ekopimo Ibia's Life of ExcellenceEkopimo Ibia Foundation is proud to announce that the late Dr. Eko...

NAPPSA Celebrates
Dr. Ekopimo Ibia's Life of Excellence

Ekopimo Ibia Foundation is proud to announce that the late Dr. Ekopimo (Imo) Ibia received a posthumous award from the National Association of Nigerian Pharmacists and Pharmaceutical Scientists in the Americas (NAPPSA).

The award was presented in Atlanta on Saturday, September 4 during their annual scientific meeting. The incoming president of NAPPSA, Dr. Anthony Ikeme, as well as the outgoing president, Dr. Leo Egbujiobi, spoke of Imo's inspirational leadership in encouraging members to invest their talents in helping Nigeria.

Ekopimo Ibia Foundation used this opportunity to inform the conference participants of its support of medical and surgical mission trips to Nigeria, including its signature work of giving free, cervical cancer-preventing vaccines to impoverished public school girls in Southern Nigeria. We are continuing Imo's life of excellence in public service. He lives on in the lives of people that he has sowed into.

This is a shoutout to one of Ekopimo Ibia Foundation's biggest supporters—Dr. Ima Inokon-James. Ima was recently conferr...

This is a shoutout to one of Ekopimo Ibia Foundation's biggest supporters—Dr. Ima Inokon-James. Ima was recently conferred with a Doctor of Nursing degree. Ima is pictured here with her beautiful family. Congratulations Ima, your dedication and support of our work is much appreciated. We thank God for you everyday.


Happy Prime Day!

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Have You Tried Getting Help? | Chisovn's Mental Health PSA (FULL) feat. Ego Boyo

Have You Tried
Getting Help?

One of the priorities of the Ekopimo Ibia Foundation is to spread helpful information about mental health and generate awareness. Our executive director, Dr. Itoro Ibia, is a psychiatrist who gives regular mental health talks in the Washington, D.C. area and other parts of the country. It's her passion, and the rest of us are supporters. So every so often we'll be sharing insightful information on mental health issues and conditions to inform and hopefully decrease the stigma associated with mental health.

Chisovn is a nonprofit, charitable organization headquartered in Fairfax, Virginia that is also on a mental health mission. Their recently released PSA shares mental health truths and touches on how to effectively speak to those struggling. Check it out.

“On average, a person with depression is at least 50 percent more disabled than someone with angina, arthritis, asthma, or diabetes”. This statistic, supplie...

2019 HPV Vaccination Stories1. We’re beating the odds and emerging successful through strategic planning and perseveranc...

2019 HPV Vaccination Stories

1. We’re beating the odds and emerging successful through strategic planning and perseverance.

We were committed to and successful in storing the HPV vaccines at an ideal temperature during transport and administration. This involved close and clear communication between the seller of the vaccines, Vaccipharm, and the airline transporting them. And once the vaccines were in our possession, buying diesel to run a power plant when there was a power outage at the local storage depot. Thanks to these efforts, the quality of the vaccines was not compromised in any way.

2. No child will be left behind if we can help it.

56 of the 100 girls who were given their first vaccination dose in November came back for their second on our first day. We returned to our hotel room feeling a little discouraged but determined to do all we could to increase that number. Four of us then spent three hours making phone calls and sending texts to parents to stress the importance of their children completing their vaccination schedule. When parents shared obstacles preventing them from bringing their children, we offered solutions. This group effort paid off and many more girls were able to get vaccinated, including two special cases:

At one point during our third day, cheers erupted from all of the volunteers as an 11-year-old girl walked into the library of the NYSC school to meet the vaccination team. She was accompanied by her father who had to pick her up from a town two hours away. Her arrival and vaccination increased our return rate for the second dose to 94%.The proud father stood by and watched the nurse administer the vaccine. We congratulated him for taking a proactive, lifesaving step for his daughter. The vaccination was completed in less than one minute, but we know it will benefit this child for the rest of their life.

Mabel, a 13-year-old, was not in school the two days we were there to administer the second dose. Several phone calls later, her mother disclosed she did not have the required school uniform. The vaccination team immediately removed this barrier. Special permission was obtained from the principal and the team made a third unscheduled visit to the school. Mabel came in her plain clothes and completed her second vaccination dose. She is another child who will not be a statistic in the cervical cancer registry.

3. Our advocacy efforts have gotten a big boost.

The mother of one of the girls who received her second vaccination dose approached and invited us to the state television broadcasting corporation where she works. We were able to use this platform, that reaches millions of viewers, to speak about the burden of cervical cancer and the benefits of HPV vaccination.

4. We’re striving to collaborate with organizations in Nigeria.

During our visit, we met with Dr. Jacinta Okoi-Obuli, President of Medical Women Association. Medical Women Association creates cervical cancer awareness and provides subsided cervical screenings with Pap smears for women over 21. Women in Nigeria have to pay for Pap screenings and with the monthly income of about 100 dollars per middle class family, the vast majority cannot afford this “luxury.” That is why cervical cancer has such striking global health inequity. More than 80% of the deaths from cervical cancer occur in countries like Nigeria. This proportion is expected to increase to 90% by 2020 according to the NEMJ (May 2007). This is why there is need for urgent action.

We also met with Professor Ima-Obong Ekanem, Director of the Calabar Cancer Registry. She and her team are working to identify the prevalent strains of HPV in the Cross River State region. It was eye-opening to review the data on the five year incidence of cancer in Calabar, Nigeria between 2009 and 2013. This study was done in collaboration with the Nuffield Department of Population Health of Oxford University and the African Cancer Registry Network. In this study, cervical cancer was among the top three cancers diagnosed in Calabar. Breast and cervical cancer accounted for 60.4% of all cancers in women. 46% of these women were between 30 and 49 years old at diagnosis. At this age, women are in school, working, caring for children, or other family members. Their illness is devastating to the whole family. This data underlies the need for programs that target early detection to improve outcomes and for prevention through vaccination.

5. We encourage you to be a part of our ongoing vaccination initiative.

We are excited to be on the right side of history as we promote HPV vaccination and join the rest of the world in the effort to take the entire chapter of cervical cancer out of womens’ lives. Please join us. You can make a donation on our website at ibiafoundation.org/donate or send us a check by mail to 1760 Reston Parkway, Suite 215, Reston, VA 20190. Also, please consider using smile.amazon.com and choosing the Ekopimo Ibia Foundation as the charity you are supporting. And lastly, please spread the word. We need all the help we can get.

A Necessary Return to Calabar:Continuing VaccinationTwo members of the Ekopimo Ibia Foundation’s board of directors, Dr....

A Necessary Return to Calabar:
Continuing Vaccination

Two members of the Ekopimo Ibia Foundation’s board of directors, Dr. Itoro Ibia and Dr. Nsa Henshaw, have arrived in Calabar, Nigeria to continue our cervical cancer prevention work. What has us excited? Well, by the end of our current visit—the second stage of our HPV immunization campaign—100 girls aged between 9 and 14 will become the first public school girls to complete their HPV immunization course for cervical cancer prevention through the Ekopimo Ibia Foundation.

We are thrilled that these girls will not be killed by cervical cancer. While cervical cancer has become a rare and preventable disease in the developed world, it continues to plague the lives of West African women and families in the developing world because of the absence of HPV immunization. 64 OUT OF 100 WOMEN DIAGNOSED WITH CERVICAL CANCER WILL DIE. With women as a major backbone of the society, this widespread loss is devastating to families all over West Africa.

Cervical cancer is caused by strains of HPV for which there is vaccination routinely offered in the western world. 85% of cases of cervical cancer are now concentrated in middle- and low-income countries, West Africa included. By vaccinating young girls before sexual exposure, we prevent HPV infection and drastically reduce their risk of developing cervical cancer later in life. The cervarix vaccine is available for girls aged between 9 and 14. Every day, a child in Nigeria is aging out of this window of opportunity.

Please join the Ekopimo Ibia Foundation in erasing the negative impact of cervical cancer in Nigeria, one child at a time. With your help, we can immunize 500 to 1000 girls instead of only 200 as we are able to do now. Let’s protect the next generation of women in West Africa. Let’s eliminate the damage that cervical cancer can inflict on future families.

The approximate cost of a complete vaccine course per child is $50. Please consider sponsoring 2, 5, or as many girls as you can. Or give a tax deductible donation to Ekopimo Ibia Foundation by visiting ibiafoundation.org/donate. One donor can support one or more girls. Two or more donors can join forces to support one child. No support or gift is too small for this life-saving venture. As you shop on Amazon, please consider using smile.amazon.com and choosing the Ekopimo Ibia Foundation as the charity you are supporting. Thank you.


1760 Reston Parkway, Suite 215
Reston, VA


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This is a deserving foundation committed to women's health in Nigeria. Dr. Itoro Ibia makes 2 mission trips a year to provide care to an under-priviledged community. I can endorse her efforts and if you feel so moved, please consider a donation.