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Governor Morehead School

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Seeking Community Employment Program Specialist

Governor Morehead School for the Blind (GMS) in Raleigh NC is seeking Community Employment Program Specialist.

GMS provides educational instruction to students with vision impairments in grades K-12. GMS is a residential school serving students from across North Carolina.

This position provides instruction in all components of the K-12 transition, vocational, educational, and Career Technical Education curriculum. This is an 11-month position.

Matthew Mescall, Principal

Send a congratulations note to Perkins graduates....Bruno
Perkins School for the Blind

Send a congratulations note to Perkins graduates....Bruno

For the first time in Perkins’ history, we are holding virtual graduation and we need your help to fill “the room” with messages of congratulations and love. The graduating class has shown exemplary dedication and resilience while adapting to learning at home. 🎓

Share a message with the graduates and their families, letting them know they aren’t alone as we celebrate their accomplishments and look to the future. 🎉

Governor Morehead School

Free Assistive Technology training read on...Bruno BTW this PTA page will be taken down in the next couple of weeks. Hopefully we'll replace with a PCC page as previously mentioned......Bruno

Free Assistive Technology Training for Students with Visual Impairments Summer 2020

IFB Solutions is pleased to announce that we are adding a summer session for our free remote assistive technology classes. Summer 2020 looks a little different than usual, for all of us. We thought it might be a good time for some of our students to brush up on their assistive technology skills, without the distractions of regular schoolwork and the busy school-year schedule.

What will you be teaching? Each student will be provided individualized instruction based upon their needs. Available courses include JAWS, NVDA, System Access, Zoom Text, Voice Over, and select Braille Notetaking devices. Students can use these platforms to access Internet content, Microsoft Office, Google classroom, or other programs as needed.

How will these courses be taught? Courses will be taught in real-time by IFB Solutions Technology Trainer Joseph Rehmatullah, who is a daily user of these programs. Students will be assigned a weekly time slot (e.g., Tuesdays, 11:00-11:50). At that time, Joseph will teach from the computer lab at IFB-Solutions Asheville, and students can join via speakerphone, Zoom, FaceTime, JAWS Tandem, or other collaborative platforms. Parents do not need to participate in the sessions directly, but IFB Solutions requests that an adult be available during training to help assist with communication and troubleshooting as needed.

What specific skills will be taught? Students can come with their own list of objectives, or we can teach skills in an ordered sequence, which will vary by course. IFB Solutions will measure progress informally, through ongoing informal assessment. IFB Solutions can also work with schools or students to identify more formal assessment measures upon request.

When are classes offered? We are offering these classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the summer, from June 16 – August 6. We may add additional times if there is enough demand. Students do not need to attend every week, but should be able to commit to at least four lessons in order to claim a spot.

How do I sign up? Interested? Call, text, or email Jay Hardwig, Manager of Programs and Services for IFB Solutions’ Asheville office. He can be reached at [email protected] or 828-335-1136.

Jay will schedule a phone call with you to determine your needs and discuss availability.

I missed the concert, but I think this link will get you to the YouTube version....Bruno
Beats For Braille

I missed the concert, but I think this link will get you to the YouTube version....Bruno

Beats for Braille is our collaboration with 17 incredible blind musicians! Listen to great original music, a few classics & hear their braille stories.



As a result of the special general GMS PTA membership meeting held on March 19, the resolution to dissolve the GMS PTA was approved with 19 members voting in favor of dissolution.

We are looking forward to forming a new methodology of continuing GMS parent/teacher/student involvement with the formation of a Parent Community Organization (PCO). The PCO will operate as a part of the existing Governor Morehead Foundation. Details are being worked out.

We look forward to all of your involvement in the new organization. Means of communication have not been a problem, as there is a lot of technology available to us, but engagement of the PTA/PCO members remains the biggest challenge.

As things are finalized, this GMS PTA page will be taken down and replaced by a PCO page.

Thanks for your support, and stay safe.


Remember only toilet paper and toilet waste go i the toilet - no Kleenex, paper towels, etc....Bruno
Americans coping with the coronavirus are clogging toilets ::

Remember only toilet paper and toilet waste go i the toilet - no Kleenex, paper towels, etc....Bruno

Many Americans seem to be following the recommendations of public health officials to clean and sterilize countertops, doorknobs, faucets and other frequently touched surfaces in their homes.

NC Superintendent Mark Johnson

Looks like a longer Spring Break for Public Schools --- Bruno

The Governor and I are in agreement, and our teams are working closely together on what this means for our students, educators, families, and state.

NC Gov. Roy Cooper: "We're going to be out of schools for a while. The order was for March 30 but I think people know that with community spread and the crisis increasing, we will likely be out for longer."

Let's not forget good nutrition....Bruno
Governor Morehead School

Let's not forget good nutrition....Bruno

School Meals Updates During COVID-19 Closures

With all NC Public Schools being closed for at least the next two weeks, some Local Education Agencies (LEAs) will be offering breakfast and lunch for school-aged students.
Please contact your LEAs/the counties you live in or the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) in order to obtain information about meals being offered in your respective areas.

You may also want to search online ( to see what options are available in your area.

Options for students to receive meals could be:
-Parents or household members can pick up meals
-Volunteers and community agencies could assist in food delivery
-Schools may choose to use school buses to distribute meals
-Police and emergency management could deliver meals

If you have specific questions about receiving meals (or any other needs) in your area, please contact Shonny Williams, Social Worker at [email protected]

Bryce Martin Foundation

Some Summer Camp ideas from our Friends at Bryce Martin Foundation....Bruno

It is that time of year again...SUMMER CAMPS! Here are some great resources.

Summer Camps and Resources to Check Out

1. Camp Abilities usually serves school-aged children between the ages of 7-17, teaching them various sports skills with appropriate adaptations. For the most part, they are sleep away camps varying in length from 3-7 days. Many of these camps are free, as they are supported by a specific state's commission for the blind. Please check websites and listings for eligibility and cost; maybe join the mailing list of a Camp Abilities near you.

2, Camp Sunshine is a private organization based in Casco, Maine serving children with rare conditions. It hosts a Retinoblastoma / Eye Cancer Week in mid-June. If your child has/had retinoblastoma, Camp Sunshine serves and welcomes the whole family for a free.

3. Council of Schools and Services for the Blind provides this list of camps located in various states.

4. Diller Vacation Home for the Blind, sponsors free, supervised, week-long stays at the Jersey Shore for children with vision loss between 7-15 years of age. Parents can apply for "sighted sibling week" if there is a camper’s sibling who is sighted and interested in attending Specialty Camp. Helen L. Diller Vacation Home for Blind Children

5. Camp Guild Dogs for the Blind (GDB) was developed to provide kids and their families an opportunity to begin to explore the guide dog lifestyle at a young age. Guide Dogs for the Blind recognizes that the human-animal bond is unique; we want to give teens with visual impairments the opportunity to experience its life-changing potential. Every year GDB invites youth ages 14-17 who are blind or visually impaired to apply for our camp program. Camp GDB is FREE for 24 qualified applicants, and funding is available to help offset the cost of transportation if traveling from out of state.Camp GDB will be held July 6-11, 2020 at Oral Hull Foundation for the Blind in Sandy, Oregon. If interested, contact Jane Flower at [email protected].


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I wanted to let the GMS Family know that our former students Davian "DJ" Robinson and Eduardo "Eddie" Cisneros will be performing at the Cary Theatre on April 27 as part of Arts Access's Series of Fortunate Events (SOFE) fundraiser. This year's Series consists of a Gala, a performance event, a kid's art making event at the NC Museum of Art, and a film screening. You can find out information about all the events at Davian and Eddie (along with short term/summer student Noah Davis) will be performing for the "Performance Done Our Way (PDOW)" event. It is named so because each act features performers with disabilities showcasing the unique and individual way they have developed to enjoy theatre, music and dance. Davian has declared dance as one of his majors at UNC-G and has worked with the dance department to develop a "movement mentor" program - a first for the dance world!! I invite you and Wesley to check out the performance on the 27th on the website and hope you will join us. You can also read more about all the events with our "Inside the Series" blog on the fortunate events website. There is some great info on DJ there. Please feel free to share this with other former parents and students who may want to support Arts Access and DJ and Eddie! I hope to see you there or hear from you here, and, as always, Keep on the Sunnyside! Ms. Z (the other Ms. Z!)
Hey @GovernormoreheaPTA ...we actually did our very first #Blind #Hockey program ever in the United States with the Governor Morehead School as part of "Courage Carolina" back in 2011! There are now 10 teams established across the US. If any of your students are interested feel free to contact us and we would be happy to help set up a Blind Hockey program in the area. See article and video below.