RISEducators: Recognize, Inspire & Support Educators

RISEducators: Recognize, Inspire & Support Educators RISEducators exists to Recognize, Inspire & Support Educators

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From NC Senator Perry:
“Teachers, please see these grant opportunities below!

We know that Covid-19 has changed what school will look like and there is a lot of uncertainty. But we are still committed to getting students outdoors. Since the start of the pandemic, kids have been spending more time indoors and experiencing increased screen time; now more than ever we need to encourage outdoor learning.

We are still funding schools' off-campus educational field trips. Additionally, we have expanded opportunities for on campus outdoor learning knowing that leaving campus may be limited.

Two Ways Grant Money Can Be Used On Campus

Build an on-campus learning center:
Whether you want to build an outdoor classroom, a greenhouse or a new pollinator garden we can provide up to $15,000 to help build that new outdoor learning space.

Have a field trip come to you:
Many facilities will bring their field trips to your school, for example the NC Zoo has the Zoo to You EDventures program. We will fund up to $5,000 to help bring field trips to your students on-campus.

Click to learn more!

Congressman Greg Murphy, MD

Thank you, Congressman Murphy...for being faithful and empowering North Carolinians with a transparent thought process and information! We see you. 💛

It's important that we understand relative risk. If you are young and healthy, you may still get sick but your chance of recovery is extremely high. As we look towards reopening our schools, it is important that we base policies on fact not fear. Here is my most recent COVID-19 update.

Fully Engaged, LLC

One ☝🏼 thing. Educators: we’re cheering for you to discover ways to take care of yourself throughout any distance instruction challenges. Enjoy a few moments with Dr. Sherene McHenry and know you matter! (Your work matters, yes. Far before that though, YOU matter.)

What happens when INTROVERTS and EXTROVERTS have to stay at home for extended periods of time? We're living it now, so what can we do? Today, O2 Tara talks with Dr. Sherene McHenry, The People IQ Expert. Sherene says one thing we can do right now is: TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. Introverts and extroverts alike will benefit from the tips in this insightful interview with Sherene now.: https://youtu.be/dP1s_lfsCRw on Tara Clancy's One Thing You Can Do Right Now:

Fully Engaged, LLC

Are you an educator juggling student curriculum in new ways, or a friend of one who is? Share this to encourage them today!


Quick gratitude post for RISEducators!

When 2018 closed our North Carolina paperwork had been approved and our first event date had been set. As 2019 began, our RISEducators team of 2 moved ahead with incredibly invested wing-people cheering us on. We launched into the vision to refresh a local staff of educators with our first event. We had a 3rd team member join RISE’s vision and held our first board meeting. Tax deductible 501c3 paperwork wrapped up and got approved just in time; incredibly generous donations and official bank accounts opened just in time to fund Refresh 2019 for April. The event came and went filled with purpose, solid fellowship among the staff of colleagues who attended REFRESH 2019 and reflection for all ...including RISEducators’ volunteer team who had opportunity to serve.

Since the event, documenting details for the year’s accounting, submitting paperwork to places like Network for Good, Guidestar, AmazonSmile, Facebook and other authorities to validate RISE’s 501c3 charitable standing as well as preparing behind the scenes personally for the next steps of RISE’s growth filled the days.

In August I (Lana) stepped back and embraced our church’s unique initiative to love on educators through one of the many schools our church adopted this year. It was an incredible blessing to see and be one among (not kidding) hundreds of people donating time to sort donated school supplies for teachers, so many people excited to jump into serving educators, preparing public schools and educator’s classrooms for the first day of school and beyond.

Watch for announcements as 2020 opens. RISE will begin sharing specific goals and opportunities to get involved in recognizing, inspiring and supporting educators. Until then, pick one you know and tell us about something you did to honor them this year!

Last and most important!!!...to ALL who prayed, gave time, talent and funds to RISEducators in 2019, I trust and genuinely pray for God’s blessings in joining the opportunity far outweigh any and all sacrifice for you for years to come!

We close the year with 100% of funds having gone to refreshing educators and RISE’s basic operational cost (no paid employees). I see 2020 RISE-ing and look forward to recognizing, inspiring and supporting educators with you! 💛

💛Take a moment.💛

💛Take a moment.💛

Pray for the teacher that feels in over her head. Who walked in her loud classroom to someone rolling on the floor and another writing on the desk who is wondering if she picked the right profession today.

✨ Give that teacher assurance that she/he is called.

Pray for the teacher who has the hurting child today. The child that left home from a hostile environment that is doing their best to hide their pain but needs someone to notice and advocate for them.

✨Give that teacher insight.

Pray for the teacher that has the child with the undiagnosed behavior problem. Where the parents are in denial and the teacher is trying to teach a classroom and manage a child that is demanding all their time and they feel drained.

✨Give that teacher grace and extra love.

Pray for the teacher who is a new mother that is trying to pump and nurse and manage it all with a classroom of kids that feel like babies themselves.

✨ Give that teacher energy.

Pray for the teacher who feels her entire class is not respecting her. And the passion she once had for teaching has now turned into lessons on respect and she’s worn down.

✨ Give that teacher the gentle authority she needs.

Pray for the teacher who has a hurting heart today, and a classroom of kids that need her. For the one that woke up today needing encouragement and an extra dose of love.

✨ Give that teacher peace today and let her kids love on her.


Teaching is a calling.

A ministry.

A place where many go to teach science, math and English but where they often find themselves teaching about emotions and self control more than anything academic.

Your teachers need your prayers today just as much as your children do. So let’s cover them in prayer. So they can change the world one child at a time.


One of our many whys 👇🏼: Teacher retention and boosting morale is vital. Imagine the course of your life, imagine your c...
The number of Americans training to become teachers has dropped by a third since 2010, and it's creating a critical educator shortage that will affect every state

One of our many whys 👇🏼:

Teacher retention and boosting morale is vital. Imagine the course of your life, imagine your character, your skill set without a life filled with educators who (loved to) faithfully show up and do what they do.

The drop in teacher training enrollment suggests that issues plaguing the profession have discouraged potential educators in the last decade.

Great way to support RISEducators during upcoming CyberMonday and holiday season! Amazon gives back to RISE with each pu...
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Great way to support RISEducators during upcoming CyberMonday and holiday season! Amazon gives back to RISE with each purchase you make when you've selected RISEducators as your charitable organization. (*Be sure to use smile.Amazon.com when you place your orders instead of the Amazon app. If you need help setting a tab in your phone's browser check the comments below.)

When you shop at AmazonSmile, Amazon will donate to RISEducators. Support us every time you shop.


Project SAAP is underway to encourage K and 1st graders to read and to support educators who treasure watching them thrive!
See pictures and comments to learn more.

One. It’s a powerful thing. Headed to rest tonight thankful for each one ☝🏼 of you encouraging RISE to move forward to r...

One. It’s a powerful thing. Headed to rest tonight thankful for each one ☝🏼 of you encouraging RISE to move forward to recognize, inspire and support educators one-by-one. Pick one. Pray for one. Serve one. Bless one. Rest well. Begin again. 💛


Hope Community Church

👏🏼Looking for an opportunity to serve educators? Find a school in your area on the list and jump in to love on them through one of the needs listed! If you attend another place of faith, reach out and get connected! 💛 This opportunity is about loving educators where they are in ways they’ve requested. This is a united effort of numerous places of faith involved (👏🏼31 so far!!!); Hope CC is one of many.🎉

Our goal is to bless 1000 Wake County teachers ​and schools through Project Classroom, a Triangle church-wide initiative. But, we can't do this without you! Are you ready to get involved? #ProjectClassroom #ServeSelflessly #GiveGenerously​


Curious what RISEducators is all about? Check us out on Guidestar!
RISEducators - GuideStar Profile

Curious what RISEducators is all about?
Check us out on Guidestar!

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Use this link below to apply, and RISE earns $150 credit for the first 5 referrals. (👏🏼We’re registered with Network for Good and recognized on Guidestar with their bronze seal of transparency, which means you can confidently and securely donate directly anytime too. Find us on Facebook charitable fundraising!)

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RISEducators Refresh Event 4.5.2019

Thank you, Cherie Atkinson, for taking the moments and turning them into something memorable. What a treasure to have you on our team!




So excited to Recognize, Inspire & Support educators today. We're incredibly thankful for the talent and skill each one ...

So excited to Recognize, Inspire & Support educators today. We're incredibly thankful for the talent and skill each one of you bring to your students each day.

RISEducators: Recognize, Inspire & Support Educators

RISEducators: Recognize, Inspire & Support Educators


Raleigh, NC

General information

Formed as a North Carolina Nonprofit Organization 2 November 2018.

Opening Hours

Monday 09:00 - 17:00
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Our History

My sister and I grew up with a school administrator and a teacher of many things as our parents. They instilled care for those who guide and teach, the value found in the easiest or most difficult of lessons and the importance of learning being applicable, practical and fun. Years later in 2001 as an educator from Oklahoma, I gathered with educators from around North America. Our team prepared to spend the summer serving Chinese English teachers in China. Each summer one week before North American teams left to teach in Asia, the organization sending us poured team building and training into us to prepare us for our time serving together overseas. Sherene McHenry crossed my path there. A few years ahead of me she had offered her summers to teach English, and by the time we met she'd created a foundation for teams headed to Asia to shine strong and bright during their 6-8 weeks together. She guided us in practical ways for how to thrive as creative, strong, well-rounded, imperfect teams going to a foreign country to serve and grow.

For an hour or so each day during training we practiced monitoring our daily energy level, checking our own and our teammates’. We grew our ability to recognize when ours or a colleague’s tank ran low, embraced the need to face -even celebrate- differences in methods (in surviving overseas and in teaching methods) and how to "carefront" conflicts that inevitably arise within a group of creative, strong-willed North American educators. 😂Summers spent on those teams of educators became treasure. Instead of draining, time serving together inspired me. I looked forward to growing with a new team each year.

It's been 19 years now of watching a shift within the educator community in Asia and America. In 2011 it began weighing heavily on me. As I listened to colleagues and observed on both sides of the globe, the drastic change in retention and entrance rates for our profession caused great sadness. I thought about how different my life would be had any of the educators in my life never taught or quit before I’d learned from them. Each one significantly mattered in shaping my life and character as I grew. I found myself beginning to pray for alignment in how to best use my time and resources. I began to ask, what do I do with the growing burden for educators leaving the profession in record numbers here in China and back at home?

By 2013 our growing family moved back States' side, and by 2016 a group of HS alumni formed hoping to honor a long-retired educator from my hometown. In a conversation with the superintendent about the project, he said, “Remember when we were young? Many of us dreamt of becoming a teacher. Sadly, that’s the exception and not the rule. Most parents hope their students pick anything other than being an educator now... anything we can do to raise teacher morale and remind us of our vibrant history is welcome. We need to acknowledge and honor our past in order to move forward in our present.”

Over the next year the group back home worked with alumni scattered around the country together with the local community to honor our long-retired educator and State Hall of Fame coach. The administrator’s words lingered, “Anything we can do to raise teacher morale is welcome... We need to honor our past to move forward in our present.”

September of 2017. While trying to rest a bit with the kids after school one afternoon, Sherene and memories of summer team building training with North American educators flooded my mind as they often do. The stories of educators resigning, conflict, dissension and discord among colleagues, burnout, teacher shortages, lack of support, limited volunteers and emergency certification rates found me every day without looking. Those stories stood in stark contrast to treasured summers spent serving educators overseas. With each story a growing weight lingered heavily on my mind. I began to imagine what our daughter’s school would soon look like with the current trend. Then, imagining our son’s preschool without qualified teachers flooded my mind. That day, brief rest with the kids didn’t happen. Instead, two phone calls while the kids rested did. One to Mrs. Cherie, our daughter’s former 4-year-old lead preschool teacher. And, another to Sherene McHenry. Our vision to recognize, inspire and support educators with renewed hope and times of refreshing launched RISEducators that day.

RISEducators’ name birthed from Danny Gokey’s song RISE truly following us throughout the few years of planning, filing 501c3 paperwork and fundraising to launch the first event.

“...Rise Breaking the dark, piercing the night You're made to shine An army of hope Bringing the world A radiant light A radiant light You were made to rise, rise. Lift your head and look around you See the dreams you lost, they have found you And the heart that once was beating Is coming back to life Coming back to life”

Many days I sing it and many other songs over educators brought to mind.

RISEducators launched our first event to recognize, inspire and support a local school staff in April 2019. They met us with incredible feedback and gratitude for the opportunity RISE offered to see that their individual lives deserved recognition, inspiration and support. Many educators shared that they reconnected with why they first entered the profession, their desire to bring the best of themselves to their students each day and a reminder that they’re in this TOGETHER as colleagues.

Who's the educator on YOUR mind right now? RISE and honor them with us. RISEducators: Recognize, Inspire & Support Educators. Serve an educator, impact generations. We’ve begun fundraising for RISEducators’ second Refresh event to be held in the Raleigh, NC area welcoming educators serving in any school, preschool, college, university, childcare facility, church, tutoring, drama, music or sports center. If you or someone you know would like to join in sponsoring an educator or an entire event, join in volunteer opportunities, serve on RISEducators Board of Directors or simply gain some insight on our vision...

Connect with us here or thru our website’s contact page: https://riseducators.org/contact . RISE with us!

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