Apex Raptor Refuge

Apex Raptor Refuge coming soon to Apex nature park, The American Wildlife Refuge will hopefully be setting up a raptor refuge on 6 acres within the new Apex Nature Park.

The American Wildlife REfuge focusses on Raptor rescue, rehabilitation, release, and public wildlife education. We do about 100 rescues and over 100 public educational shows each year.

American Wildlife Refuge

American Wildlife Refuge

A little good news: With the help of one of our volunteers, and some donations from here on Facebook, we have gotten the Jeep partially repaired. Now we have a vehicle that can do local (20 miles or closer) rescues again. We still have more to do to make it workable for longer trips, so I cannot do the 180 mile a day rescue runs like I have done many times this past year, but at least if someone is close we can go out, and we can also transport to and from events again! Thanks for all those who donated and helped us get that part back going again!

American Wildlife Refuge

American Wildlife Refuge

Due to circumstances beyond our control, AWR will be suspending most upcoming events. We will also be strictly limiting rescue calls as well, as the AWR vehicles are not currently in usable condition. Rescue calls will be asked to bring the birds to the small animal Emergency Clinic in Raleigh if possible. On-site rescue requests will be mostly unavailable until such time as we have a working vehicle.

Additionally, AWR will not be adding other wildlife species to our rescue efforts. We will only be working with Raptors, Vultures and Herons. AWR will not be opening the previously mentioned wildlife center in Archers Lodge.

Thank all of you for your support.

American Wildlife Refuge

American Wildlife Refuge

Wednesday the Wildlife Resources commission and the game warden came out the the new AWR Boyette Center in Clayton to inspect. They looked over what we have set up and passed us on all the license requirements for the various forms of wildlife. We have not yet set up raptor cages or songbird or waterfowl cages, so those are still in the future for that location, but the permits to rehab reptiles, endangered species, mammals, fawns, etc, are all now approved.

The Raptor only center in Raleigh is still as it was. It will continue to be a dedicated raptor center until such tine as we have superior raptor facilities in the new location. That will depend on the construction of the most expensive part of the new center, and may be 2 to 5 years from now. Since we have an existing raptor center, the priorities will be to make facilities for the animals who have no place to go first, then, when we have them set up, to make the larger flight cages for raptors, at which time the raptor rescue will also move to the new location.

Our current lease on the land for the Boyette Center is for a term of 30 years. It is renewable, so it may be extended. but either way, this is a long term project, and it will be around and improving for the next generation.

American Wildlife Refuge

American Wildlife Refuge

As most of you know, we are a low dollar operation. We do our best with what we have and have always made sure we do our best for the animals. You have likely also noticed we are doing many presentations of birds; classes and event; nature and gardening classes; and events that are not raptor events. This is to raise money.Right now we vary between 30 and 50 birds in our refuge each day. The cost to feed them averages $60 - $80 PER DAY.

Needless to say, that means we need people to pay for and come to those classes, donate, and help out in any way they can. The average bird still costs about $300 to rehab, and we have managed to release 109 birds so far this year.

In the next couple days we will have an announcement up about the first workday at the new facility. Please try to clear you schedule to come and help out. It will be a week from tomorrow (Saturday) Anyone who can come out and help for an hour or 2 that day will be greatly appreciated. The address and all info will be put up tomorrow as an event.

We need this facility to be up and running quickly, as we need the space for the high quantity of birds we have coming in each month.

And yes, we still need money , all sorts of material like cleaners, rags, paper products, towels, medical supplies, office materials, a good new computer, and more. The caging for the new location will cost around $11,000.

Donations can be made at our website http://awrefuge.org or brought to us at our mail drop on New Bern Avenue, or brought to the new facility.

Raptor Rehabbers Handbook Volume 1: A guide to wildlife rescue and rehabilitation
Raptor Rehabbers Handbook Volume 1: A guide to wildlife rescue and rehabilitation

Raptor Rehabbers Handbook Volume 1: A guide to wildlife rescue and rehabilitation

The Raptor Rehabbers handbook is a rehabbers simple guide to doing what we do. It brings together tables of information from several sources and puts them at your fingertips in a portable usable form. Volume 1 contains in depth information on raptors and setting up your rehab clinic. This is the ...


We got in a check for $5000 for a new vehicle today. I have looked through the internet and found that there is little there, but on various lots there are many cars within the budget. Since I spend most of my time doing bird rescues and such, I am making it a contest. Here is it... THE PERSON WHO FINDS US THE BEST RESCUE VEHICLE FOR UNDER $5000 WILL WIN A 19 INCH EAGLE FEATHER. Now for some specifics...
The prize feather is a 19 inch primary in near perfect condition. It will come with all documentation and a display frame. I will post a photo of the finished frame here in a few days
The vehicle we are looking for must have the following: It must cost $5000 or less including taxes and licensing. This will be a small car for rescue use, not a large car. We will continue to use the current SUV for educational shows. It has to be dependable and a 'good buy' according to sources like car and driver or consumer reports, etc. It has to have a clear title (not salvage) and no major issues according to carfax. The car should have as low an odometer reading as possible. The mpg rating should be somewhere near 20 mpg city and 25 or above highway according to the website fueleconomy.gov. The vehicle should be a hatchback and have all wheel drive. It should be fully functional. It MUST have working ac and heater. GPS would be nice, but is not required. It should be relatively clean looking and safe (it must pass NC state inspections).
Any other questions post here and I will respond as soon as possible. If you find a possible car, email me at [email protected].
This contest lasts until we purchase a car.


hopefully all of you here will be moving to the American Wildlife Refuge page. (see likes section on left). We post to that page daily, this page will be kept in reserve until such time as the Apex center actually opens.


The town of Apex voted to put the money for the parks into the other 2 parks, and not develop the Nature Park or give us access yet. At this point it looks like it may be 2 years or more before they we have access to begin building anything in Apex.


We are continuing the updating and posting on the "American Wildlife Refuge" page. See the "Likes" section to the left of the page.

AWR Promo Movie.dv

I have been working on a video for the refuge for a long time, and just finished uploading it to youtube. Of course now that is it up, I see all the tiny flaws. I hope you enjoy this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bPKW-GbDUw

This is 5 minutes movie with information and video of raptor rescue, rehab and education. It features shots of rescues and releases of hawks and owls, and shots and information featuring raptors and birds of prey from the American Wildlife Refuge's Raptor Center in central North Carolina. This v

This is a map of the proposed nature park after modifying the plans for the Raptor Center.  The +- 6 acre area is the la...

This is a map of the proposed nature park after modifying the plans for the Raptor Center.

The +- 6 acre area is the land they have set aside for the center


Status of the nature park - We met Wednesday Sept 15th with the Apex planners and town manager. Present on our side were board members Amy, Chris, Dan J. and Steve. The park plan did not have enough room for us, so the planners asked for a bit of time to redo the plans and come up with an alternative layout. We are now waiting for that.


Welcome to the new page. hopefully we will have good info here.

This is a copy of the powerpoint presentation shown to the Apex town board

This is a copy of the powerpoint presentation shown to the Apex town board

This is a copy of the powerpoint presentation shown to the Apex town board


Raleigh, NC

General information

AWR has been in business since 1971, and been a federally recognized nonprofit since 2001.


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