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Glenwood CAC Learn about neighborhood improvement plans and city affairs. CAC members discuss community issues and take votes. Citizen Advisory Councils are nonpartisan and are the only advisory boards to the Raleigh City Council not appointed by the Council.

Operating as usual

Message to Glenwood CAC from Robert Rice

It's time to be heard.
The Raleigh City Council recently had a surprise vote, planned in secret, with a press embargo, and excluded a Council member that is a strong proponent of CACs. The vote was to defund, dismantle, and abolish the CAC organization. Fifty years of civic engagement, volunteering, and community building was wiped out over night.

The Glenwood CAC is having a community meeting on February 24th, at 7PM at the Highlands United Methodist Church on Ridge Road to discuss this and how we are going to move forward.

I have put together a brief video on youtube to make a statement to the Glenwood CAC with some background information and a call for our community to unite our voices and be heard.

Please take a few minutes to listen, and share it on social media with your friends and neighbors.

I want to thank everyone for the tremendous outpouring of support so far, and for sharing your shock and anger with me over City Council's actions, and how this was done. I also want to specially thank Highlands Church for their continued support and offering to let us use their facility to meet.

It is time for us to come together, talk, and let our voices be heard.

Thank you all.

Robert Rice
Chair, Glenwood CAC

Robert Rice: Chair, Glenwood CAC NEXT MEETING: February 24, 7PM Highlands United Methodist Church 1901 Ridge Road, Raleigh NC 27606 ********** This was origi...

The city is looking for your feedback are looking for lots of feedback
Community Engagement Preferences Survey -

The city is looking for your feedback
They are looking for lots of feedback

The Raleigh Department of City Planning strives to continuously improve our methods of community engagement in a way that informs consults involves collaborates with and empowers the residents of our community. To accomplish this the City of Raleigh Community Engagement Process Development (CEPD) pr...

Dec 14&15 free eventMordecai HouseCheck out the historical event abt RaleighMore info on the Raleigh Parks & Rec website...

Dec 14&15 free event
Mordecai House
Check out the historical event abt Raleigh
More info on the Raleigh Parks & Rec website.

GIFT CARDS - big big scams currently going on. Do NOT buy gift cards at a request from someone you donโ€™t know.

Laurel Hills park is open. Go enjoy the park this weekend with family. Itโ€™s supposed to be a beautiful weekend.

Raleigh Greenways - a lot going on. Check the website for closures. Kiwanis Park is abt to open and will include a new building.

Housing & Neighborhoods
Citizens leadership academy & Neighborhood Leadership will start in the spring. Sign up if youโ€™re interested in learning more.

Motion to approve the minutes - Approved

Andrea Epstein - new w DOT transit division.
Go Raleigh, walking, cycling, carpooling.

Please take the below survey.

Happy Thanksgiving ๐Ÿ๐Ÿฆƒ ๐Ÿฅง


Neighborhood Recognition Award
Nominate Alice Hillman - difference in honey bee health. Featured in Walter magazine. Instrumental in placing hives around town.

Fall parks programs are starting....If youโ€™re looking for something to do, check out the tours in Mordecai. A new progra...

Fall parks programs are starting....
If youโ€™re looking for something to do, check out the tours in Mordecai.
A new program at Laurel Hills is the gentle yoga. Monday & Thursday morning and Wednesday evening. $10 to drop in.

Anything to take back to the beat officers for Officer Upchurch?

Anything to take back to the beat officers for Officer Upchurch?

Photos from Glenwood CAC's post

Photos from Glenwood CAC's post

Tonight's Meeting-Officer reports - we continue to be safe and low crime, low accident area!The Easter weekend and sprin...

Tonight's Meeting-
Officer reports - we continue to be safe and low crime, low accident area!

The Easter weekend and spring break are April 12-20.
Pack your car quickly, make your home look lived in, don't post that you're out of town on social media.
Put lights on timers, pick up your newspapers.

Parks & Recs - senior activities / adult programs available! 5 points & Laurel Hills
April 13 - egg hunts
Check out Dix park for things to do

Sewer Maintenance- Carlos Perez & Manuel Lopez
Public utilities Department/ Sewer Maintenance Division

2500 miles of pipes. Garner to Wake Forest, Zebulon, Knightdale, ITB...

68,000 manholes to the sewer

What you do to YOUR personal sewer system affects the public sewer system.
The pipes from the curve to your home = your responsibility.

Issue with your pipe at point #2 = public utilities fixes it. Point #3 = property owner. Point #1 = public utilities.

Sewer easement = your responsibility

Before you call the plumber, call Public Utilities.

Then you'll call the plumber. He's going to charge you an arm & a leg. He's going to suggest to use a snake. Only going to last for a few days. Use a jetting cleaning service instead!

Don't put things in the toilet that don't belong. Toilet paper ONLY. It's made to disintegrate.

No to diapers
No to pills
No to cotton swabs & balls
No to toilet paper
No to cat litter
No to feminine products
No to band aids, dental floss, or other things

Don't put grease, oils, or food down the sinks. It will cause your pipes to clog.

If you do any of're throwing money away. Plumbers are NOT cheap.

Every now & then have a plumber come in and flush your pipes.


The Glenwood CAC has received an email from Officer Sycedrick W. Brown, from Raleigh police Department Special Operations / Code Enforcement Unit regarding a new business applying for an ABC Permit.

Officer Brown has asked if the community has any objections or concerns related to the business, location, or applicant, and must receive a response by Monday, the 11th of March.
Business Name: Uninhibited
Address: 3048 Medlin Drive
Business Type: Restaurant
Alcohol: Malt beverage, fortified and unfortified wine, mixed beverage, on-premise
Business Hours: Unspecified at this time
Applicant: Gregory Goldberg

Please let me know if there are any objections or concerns you may have, and I will forward them on to Officer Brown.
You can add your comments below...pls share.


Next month's Meeting
CPR - may or not bring a mannequin.
Public Utilities/ Sewer Maintenance
Planning & Zoning


Glen Eden sidewalk project-
vote to support or not support
Do we as a CAC or community support the sidewalks?
Ridge Rd to the Greenway missing section of sidewalk.

Fill out & submit form.
City staff would evaluate the project and determine which side of the street.
Affects all of this area, kids going to school, runners, access to greenway.

โœ…Traffic on Glen Eden has increased, public safety
โœ…No one's land will be affected, all in city right of way
โŒDon't feel there's a need. Huge effort. Sewers moved. Too expensive. Bang for the buck? What will Glen Eden look like in the future? Uncertainty with what it will look like.
โ“Is it rock that has to be removed at the curve?
โ“either side of the street is it still only in the right of way.

Suggestion to delay vote until residents fill out a petition.

Motion to suspend/ delay - motion to suspend the vote passed.

Notify the neighbors-
Initiated by the residents.
Residents on both side of streets surveyed.

CAC polling - after we hear from the residents put out a Facebook poll, Nextdoor poll, encourage residents to attend next month's meeting to vote. Month of April.

Determine right of ways on each side of the street.
Neighborhood traffic management program.
Zoning department


Public Utilities update
2014 Main Replacement Project update
Matt Cotton Project Manager 919-996-3528
[email protected]
Kevin Radford -

1st Phase
Mostly White Oak, Webb, Rothgeb, Walden, Lake Dr, Hostetler.
Current pipe is cast iron. Time to be replaced.
Can install 150-200 ft per day.
Pressure tested, chlorine added, sample taken
Minimal traffic impact.
Weekday construction .

2nd phase
Transylvania, Yadkin, Greenville, Aleghany, Forsyth, Buncombe,

3rd Phase
Chipmunk, Barfield, Daleland. Nottingham, Lewis Farm

Mailer, at least 15 days prior to construction.

City of Raleigh BudgetWhat are our priorities as tax payers? What should the city be spending our money on?All budgets a...

City of Raleigh Budget
What are our priorities as tax payers?
What should the city be spending our money on?
All budgets are online.
$971m budget annual

How can we get involved?
Feb 26- Mar 29
Online & paper
Paper Surveys available at City Hall, Parks & Recs locations.
919-996-4270 to have a survey mailed to you.
Survey results are presented to City Council and City Manager
Meeting on May 21 1pm @ Raleigh City Council


Thanks to everyone who joined us at the meeting this evening.
Highland Community Garden won TWO awards๐Ÿ…๐Ÿ…
Raleigh Environmental Stewardship Award
and 2019 Environmental Award, Urban Agriculture Category

City of Raleigh Police Report....not much. ๐Ÿ‘ฎโ€โ™€๏ธ
Residential break in, 1 on Felton Pl. In the shed - lawnmower, blower, chainsaw.

Laurel Hills Playground- a mural is being painted!
15 years and older - they need you to work. You even get paid. Interview process, training. Not only junior counselors are needed, also administrators.
Bridge Club- 10:00-1:00 Tuesdays. ๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿƒ FREE

April 13 - Easter Egg Hunt
Will need volunteers.

Getting ready to start offering trips - ICELAND is one of the destinations. ๐ŸŒ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

City of Raleigh Code Enforcement- 919-996-2444 ๐Ÿš
1- enforce city minimum housing standards
(Water, electricity, roof, siding, electrical violations)
2- public nuisance (won't cut grass, couch on front porch)
3- zone vehicles- only allowed 1 unlicensed vehicle in your yard.
You can report on the City of Raleigh website - SeeClickFix


Reminder - Meeting on Monday Feb 25th @ 7pm at the Glen Eden Community Center. Hope to see you there!


What do YOU want to hear about this year from the Glenwood CAC?
- traffic on Glen Eden & Dixie Trl...slow it down
- Wade Ave interchange, what's going on. What will the changes be?
- More social events?
- raise awareness about the CAC

Community Garden @ Highland - open to everyone, not just church members. Saturday mornings starting in mid-February. 1/2 the food goes to Feed the Hungry, the other half goes home.


Glen Eden sidewalks - some interest. Have met with some of the sub-committees of the Raleigh Pedestrian & bicycle committee. Very low on the list. If we want sidewalks, petition process, city staff will take a look at the streets & access the roads and which side of the street. Neighbors will have 45 days to comment. 51% of the respondents have to say yes to the sidewalk being in front of their home.
Email for more information and to help support - [email protected]
Feb 9th 10am - @stefmendell is having a meeting and sidewalks will be discussed. 5pts community center.


Thinking about running for City Council? Leading your HOA? Here's a great class, FREE, offered by the city of Raleigh. Citizens Leadership Academy - 10 week class on Thursday nights. Learn to Improve your communication skills, Organize your community, Resolve conflicts and problems, Develop your leadership style.
Sign Up


Tonight's meeting is at Highland UMC in the sanctuary. Pls post any questions and I'll try to ask them. We will begin in the next few minutes


Agenda for the CAC meeting on Nov 26th:


Call to Order
Welcome and opening remarks
Community Reports โ€“ None for this meeting due to time constraints
CAC Business
Approve Minutes
Vote: Proposed Zoning Change (see below)
Joey Hopkins and David Stark (NCDOT), Beth Smyre (Dewberry), and Eric Lamb (City of Raleigh Transportation) will participate in a panel discussion hosted by the CAC to talk about the I440/Glenwood Project.
VENUE CHANGE: Note that the meeting will be held at 7p at Highland United Methodist Church (main Sanctuary)

Vote: Proposed Zoning Change
We will be voting on the proposed zoning change presented and discussed at the last CAC meeting. As a refresher, here is a brief description and a map for reference:

The subject property is located at 1209 Ridge Road and a small portion of the property located 910 Marilyn Drive. The proposed zoning change would rezone a portion (+/-.12 acres) of the Marilyn Drive property from the current zoning of R-6 (Residential-Six) to OX-3-UL-CU (Office Mixed-Use/3-Story/Urban Limited/Conditional Use). The Ridge Road parcel will retain the current OX/3 components and add the Urban Limited Frontage and Conditional Use Overlay. The adjustment to the R-6/OX zoning boundary on the rear portion of the subject property would align with the zoning boundary for the surrounding/nearby properties.

Moderated Panel with NCDOT, Dewberry, City of Raleigh Transportation
Key representatives from NCDOT, Dewberry, and the City of Raleigh transportation department will be participating in a panel discussion moderated by Robert Rice, the CAC chair. The purpose of the panel is to provide an opportunity to learn more about the processes and policies related to project design and development and address a variety of questions about the I440/Glenwood project that are unanswered and still a cause of concern for the residents of our CAC.

Depending on time constraints, there may not be time for open Q&A. If you have a particular question or concern that you would like to see addressed, please contact Robert at [email protected]. We already have a list of questions and will be aiming to get clarification and answers on a number of topics.

New CAC Mailing List
We are rebuilding our CAC mailing list. Please sign up even if you have previously been on the mailing list. Also, please let your neighbors know! Donโ€™t miss out on important updates or news!

Glenwood CAC Yard Sign Changes
Please contact the CAC Chair about having your CAC Yard sign updated with the new time of 7pm (no longer 730p).


Hi Everyone!

We are rebuilding the mailing list for Glenwood CAC. We will use this as well as NextDoor and Facebook for important updates, meeting time/venue changes, special events, and more.

Sign up link:

Please take a minute to sign up, even if you have been on the mailing list previously. Also, please talk to your neighbors. Not everyone is aware of the Citizen Advisory Council (CAC), especially new neighbors in the area.

Also, note that the next meeting is Nov 26, and will be at Highland United Methodist Church on Ridge Road at 7pm. The newsletter and agenda will be published on the Raleigh CAC website as usual, but I'd like to mention here that this next meeting will feature a town hall style moderated panel with representatives from NCDOT, Dewberry, and City of Raleigh Transportation. More information will go out soon.

Again, here is the link for the new email database for the Glenwood CAC: and sign up



Thanks for joining us, Monday Oct 22nd at 7pm (new meeting time).


Glenwood CAC Meeting - Monday, September 24th 7:30pm at Glen Eden Pilot Park.
Agenda includes Police Report, Parks & Rec Report, Ridge Road Update and any new business residents wish to discuss.

The meetings are constructive, a great way to meet your neighbors, be involved, and learn what's happening in your neighborhood. Hope you'll join us!


Listening Sessions Scheduled for I-440 Improvements

News Release

For Immediate Release

date: August 27, 2018
contact: Sean L. Williams
[email protected]
(919) 707-2665

Listening Sessions Scheduled for I-440 Improvements

Area residents may now register

RALEIGH โ€“ In response to concerns raised by the community, the N.C. Department of Transportation is engaging in a new public input process regarding the I-440 interchange improvements at Glenwood Avenue and nearby roads, including Ridge Road.

Today, the department opened registration for its four upcoming facilitated listening sessions scheduled in September. Residents will have an opportunity to give the NCDOT a better understanding of their ideas and concerns about the project.

Joey Hopkins, the lead engineer for NCDOTโ€™s Raleigh region, announced this new approach at a news conference in Raleigh earlier this month.

โ€œThis exciting new process will allow the community to be involved in the project from the very beginning,โ€ Hopkins said. โ€œWe know how important this is for the community. We need access to your thoughts and feelings about this project, and these listening sessions will give us that opportunity.โ€

The sessions each involve small groups of residents meeting with a facilitator to talk about the project. Input gathered at these listening sessions, along with other objective project information, will be used to develop design options, which will be presented to the public for further comment later in the process.

The four listening sessions are:
โ€ข Tuesday, Sept. 18, 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. - Martin Middle School, 1701 Ridge Road
โ€ข Thursday, Sept. 20, 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. - Ridge Road Baptist Church, 2011 Ridge Road
โ€ข Tuesday, Sept. 25, 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. - Martin Middle School, 1701 Ridge Road
โ€ข Saturday, Sept. 29, 9:30 a.m. to noon - Martin Middle School, 1701 Ridge Road



1500 Glen Eden Dr
Raleigh, NC


Be the first to know and let us send you an email when Glenwood CAC posts news and promotions. Your email address will not be used for any other purpose, and you can unsubscribe at any time.


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This Week/Next Week at City Hall โ€“ December 9, 2019 Contents -- Items to note from 12/3 Council meeting -- Calendar -- Surveys # Items to note from 12/3 City Council meeting -- A special meeting will be held on December 17 to discuss Affordable Housing. Sounds like we should assume that with a new council is in place, community support (e.g., the Chamber) for an Affordable Housing Bond has apparently flipped. -- Committee assignments were announced. David Cox is the only returning Council member to not be assigned to chair a committee. Rookie Jonathan Melton will be chairing one. -- Board and Commission appointments were announced. Council voted to reappoint a Planning Commission member who had attended 13 of 22 meetings, but did not reappoint another member who had attended 25 of 26 meetings. Council also voted 7-1 to reappoint the RDU Airport Authority member who supported the Umstead Quarry. -- Council voted to send Accessory Dwelling Units, Short-term rentals, and Scooters to committees for reconsideration. # This is only a partial listing. Go to to find links to latest meeting agendas and materials and also for updates on meeting cancellations. All meetings are held at Raleigh Municipal Building, 222 West Hargett Street, unless otherwise noted. Monday, 12/9 o 1pm โ€“ Board of Adjustment, agenda includes A-120-19: 215 S McDowell St and 123 W Hargett St A-121-19 215 S. McDowell st and 123 W Hargett St. A-102-19:5405 Oak Forest Drive and 3900 Sumner Boulevard A-133-19: 1308 & 1310 S. Person Street A-138-19: 6005 Glenwood Avenue A-141-19: 304 & 306 Glenwood Avenue A-142-19: 1005, 1009, 1013 and 1017 Glascock St A-143-19: 1005, 1009, 1013 and 1017 Glascock St BOA-0022-2019: 4131 Parklake Ave BOA-0025-2019: 1200 Wicker, 2200 Atlantic Ave, 1111 E Whitaker Mill Rd, 1859 Capital Blvd and 1121 E Whitaker Mill Rd A-151-19: 1200 Wicker, 2200 Atlantic Ave, 1111 E Whitaker Mill Rd, 1859 Capital Blvd and 1121 E Whitaker Mill Rd BOA-0026-2019: 2405 Mayview Road BOA-0031-2019: 921 & 901 Trailwood Drive BOA-0033-2019: 7100 Lead Mine Road A-152-19: 7100 Lead Mine Road BOA-0036-2019: 218 Maywood Avenue BOA-0037-2019: 1352 Bright Hope St and 1221, 1223, and 1225 Fayetteville St A-137-19: 301 W. Cabarrus Street A-137a-19: 301 W. Cabarrus Street BOA-0041-2019: 101 E. South Street A-135-19: 101 E. South Street A-146-19: 1200 & 1198 Partin Rd., 901, 1001, 1005 & 1009 Freedom Dr., and 4524, 4702, 4704 & 4710 New Bern Ave A-149-19: 801 New Bern Ave. and 10 Seawell Ave BOA-0038-2019: 603 S. Wilmington Street and 112 & 114 E Lenoir Street A-148-19: 603 S. Wilmington Street and 112 & 114 E. Lenoir Street BOA-0042-2019: 9331 Fawn Lake Dr BOA-0045-2019: 519 E. Edenton St A-162-19: 519 E Edenton St BOA-0046-2019: 1537 Caswell Street BOA-0048-2019: 500 Hoke Street BOA-0064-2019: 5101 Six Forks Rd A-157-19: 5101 Six Forks Rd A-155-19: 1210 Dixie Trail A-156-19: 8871 Westgate Park Drive A-158-19: 5925 Falls of Neuse Road A-159-19: 7230 ACC Blvd A-160-19: 8 W. Peace Street, 605 Halifax Street and 5 Seaboard Avenue A-161-19: 2300 New Bern Ave A-163-19: 11200 Common Oaks Drive o 4pm โ€“ Greenways and Urban Trees Committee o 7pm โ€“ Southwest CAC, Carolina Pines Community Center, 2305 Lake Wheeler Road, agenda includes -- Holiday Social -- General Updates -- Open Discussion Topics *Intersection Carolina Pines Avenue & Lake Wheeler Road *Sidewalks: Lake Wheeler, Centennial, Goode & Maywood *Community preferences on Downtown South Kane Development *State Farmerโ€™s Market future plans and improvements *Sidewalks/Bus Stops Shelters at SWCAC o 7:30pm โ€“ South CAC, Sanderford Road Neighborhood Center, 2623 Sanderford Road, agenda includes -- Community Engagement Process Development -- Winter Social (7:30 -- 9pm) Tuesday, 12/10 o 8am โ€“ Planning Commission Transportation Committee o 9am โ€“ Planning Commission, agenda includes -- Rezoning Z-15-16: Raven Ridge Road PD. At the eastern quadrant of the intersection of Raven Ridge Road and Falls of Neuse Road (North CAC). -- Z-6-19 Davie, Harrington, Martin, and West, in the block bounded by Davie Street, Harrington Street, Martin Street, and West Street. -- Rezoning Z-33-19: Corporate Center Drive. At the intersection of Corporate Center Drive and Play Golf Way. -- Rezoning Z-34-19: 2920 Glenridge Drive, on its east side, north of Highwoods Boulevard (Atlantic CAC) -- Rezoning Z-35-19: 2815 Capital Blvd, on its north side, east of Highwoods Blvd (Atlantic CAC) -- Text Change: TCZ-4-19/Olde Towne -- Text Change: TCZ-5-19/3708 Rock Quarry Road -- Rezoning Z-30-19: Lousiburg Rd & Kyle Dr. On the east side of Louisburg Road, approximately 1,100 feet south of its intersection with Spring Forest Road and Kyle Drive (Northeast CAC). -- Rezoning Z-39-19: 1031 North Rogers Lane, near the intersection of North Rogers Lane and New Bern Avenue -- Rezoning Z-41-19 Millbrook and North Hills, northwest quadrant of the Millbrook Road and North Hills Drive intersection. -- Rezoning Z-42-19: 5709, 5712, & 5716 Norcrest St, at its north end, 500 feet north of W. Millbrook Rd (North CAC) -- RezoningZ-43-19: Leesville Road. The northwest quadrant of the I-540/Leesville Road interchange (Northwest CAC) o 12n โ€“ Convention Center Commission o 4pm โ€“ Arts Commission Executive Committee o 6pm โ€“ Bicycle Planning Committee o 7:30pm โ€“ Mordecai CAC, The Centerpiece Gallery, 719 N. Person Street, Holiday Mix & Mingle (bring a dish to share) Wednesday, 12/11 o 7:30am โ€“ RHDC Executive Committee o 12n โ€“ Substance Abuse Advisory Commission o 7pm โ€“ Northwest CAC, Greystone Recreation Center, 7713-55 Lead Mine Road, agenda includes -- Holiday potluck -- New dates and venue for future meetings -- Rezoning Case Z-37-19, Page Road and Trilogy Blvd (VOTE) -- Rezoning Case Z-43-19, 10805 Leesville Road Thursday, 12/12 o 1pm โ€“ BPAC Pedestrian Planning Committee o 3:30pm โ€“ Raleigh Transit Authority o 4pm โ€“ Certificate of Appropriateness Committee, agenda includes COA-0148-2019: 1016 W Cabarrus Street COA-0134-2019: 401 E Whitaker Mill Road COA-0140-2019: 325 Polk Street COA-0142-2019: 323 E Cabarrus Street COA-00143-2019: 1024 W South Street o 4pm โ€“ R-Line Circulator Public Input Session o 5pm โ€“ Environmental Advisory Board, agenda includes -- Recap from EAB Annual Council Presentation -- Biophilic Cities Information -- 2020 Work Plan discussion o 6pm โ€“ BPAC Community Outreach Committee o 6pm โ€“ Human Relations Commission o 6pm โ€“ Public Meeting: South Raleigh Drainage Studies, Walnut Creek Wetland Park, 950 Peterson Street o 7pm โ€“ Northeast CAC, Marsh Creek Park, 3050 New Hope Road, agenda includes -- Vote CP-6-19: Blue Run Lane Comprehensive Plan Amendme nt -- Vote Z-31-19: 5228 Needham Road -- Seeking a new secretary and 2nd vice chair o 7pm โ€“ Southeast CAC, Worthdale Community Center, 1001 Cooper Road, agenda includes -- Raleigh Area Census Office -- Barwell Road Widening Design Update -- Rezoning Case Z-36-19, 4401 Poole Road (Vote) -- Rezoning Case Z-39-19, 1031 N. Rogers Lane # Fisher Street Park community input survey (please submit by December 20) # Raleigh BRT: Equitable Development around Transit #
This Week/Next Week at City Hall โ€“ May 13 2019 This is only a partial listing. Go to to find links to latest meeting agendas and materials and also for updates on meeting cancellations. All meetings at Raleigh Municipal Building, 222 West Hargett Street, unless otherwise noted. *********** The Neuse River Blueway Plan The City of Raleigh has kicked off the planning process for Neuse River Blueway Plan and we want to hear from you! The Neuse River Blueway Plan will be a comprehensive vision for conservation and water-based recreation, which will inspire residents and visitors of the Triangle to get outdoors, reconnect with Raleighโ€™s largest river and explore everything that the Neuse has to offer. TAKE THE SURVEY HERE ************ Saturday, 5/11 o 10am โ€“ District E Community Meeting featuring a speaker from The NC Counts Coalition regarding the 2020 Census, Laurel Hills Community Center, 3808 Edwards Mill Road o 10am โ€“ 3pm โ€“ Join us to talk about the future of the Midtown-St. Albans area, presentations on the hour, Hilton North Raleigh, 3415 Wake Forest Road o 1pm โ€“ Third Open Garden Day at Joslin Garden, 2431 West Lake Drive o 1:30pm โ€“ PLAN to play for Baileywick Park: Public Workshop #3, Baileywick Park Shelter #1, 9501 Baileywick Road Sunday, 5/12 o 12n & 3pm โ€“ Motherโ€™s Day Tea, Joslin Garden, 2431 West Lake Drive Monday, 5/13 o 1pm โ€“ Board of Adjustment, agenda includes A-18-19: 14, 16, 18, 20, 21, & 24 Burton Avenue; 5701, 5707, 5713, 5715, & 5717 Hillsborough Street; 19, 23, 27, & 31 Oakdale Drive, 5700 Waycross Street, and 5669 Western Boulevard A-33-19: 2300 New Bern Avenue A-34-19: 3407 N. New Hope Road A-35-19: 413 Walton Street A-36-19: 417 Walton Street A-37-19: 9930 and 9932 Sellona Street A-38-19: 5815 Mapleridge Road A-39-19: 1600 Iredell Drive A-40-19: 301 1/2 Bragg Street A-41-19: 612 Candor Lane A-42-19: 5309 Alpine Drive A-43-19: 5020 & 5110 Rock Quarry Road A-44-19: 2019 Fairview Road A-45-19: 11208 Common Oaks Drive A-46-19: 700 Corporate Center Drive o 7pm โ€“ South CAC, Sanderford Road Neighborhood Center, 2623 Sanderford Road, agenda includes -- Z-7-19 โ€“ 2003 Rock Quarry Road, vote -- Old Towne Project Update -- Rock Quarry Road Safety o 7pm โ€“ Southwest CAC, Carolina Pines Community Center, 2305 Lake Wheeler Road, agenda includes -- News from Homeless Shelter and Transitions for Men -- Carolina Pines Avenue project update -- Lake Wheeler Road stormwater project update -- Updates from City Council โ€“ Kay crowder -- Report from Nominations Committee -- Discussion on CAC funds and project funding Tuesday, 5/14 o 9am โ€“ Planning Commission o 12n โ€“ Convention Center Commission o 4pm โ€“ City Council Work Session, agenda includes -- Warehouse District Development and Transportation Impacts -- Human Relations Commission Workplan Update -- Raleigh Pathways Center Update o 4pm โ€“ RHDC Nominations Committee o 4pm โ€“ Arts Commission Executive Committee o 6pm โ€“ Bicycle Planning Committee o 6pm โ€“ Midtown-St. Albans Area Plan, Green Road Community Center, 4201 Green Road o 7pm โ€“ Forestville CAC, Abbotts Creek Community Center, 9950 Durant Road, agenda includes -- Z-13019, 8211 Property & 8225 Louisburg Road -- Volunteers for Nomination Committee -- Chair โ€“ current issues o 7pm โ€“ Northwest CAC, Lake Lynn Community Center, 7921 Ray Road, agenda includes -- Vote on Z-5-19 -- Vote on officers -- Update on CAC Leadership Committee -- Historical Raleigh presentation -- Update on Leesville Road -- CPR Presentation -- Open Talk with Stef Mendell o 7pm โ€“ North Central CAC, Tarboro Road Community Center, 121 N. Tarboro Road, agenda includes -- 2019-2020 Digital Connectors Recruitment -- Road Construction Project on Wake Forest Road, Blount Street, and Person Street -- North Central CAC Historical Walking Tour -- CAC Funds usage -- CAC Elections โ€“ Nominating Committee Selection o 7:30pm โ€“ Mordecai CAC, Mordecai Historic Park Visitor Center, 1101 Wake Forest Road, agenda includes -- Wake Forest Road diet, restriping, and resurfacing โ€“ summer/fall 2019 -- Committee Updates -- Budget Introduction for 2019/20 -- Strawberry Shortcake social Wednesday, 5/15 o 12n โ€“ Midtown-St. Albans, Midtown Park, 4011 Cardinal North Hills Street o 12:30pm โ€“ Fair Housing Hearing Board o 4pm โ€“ Growth and Natural Resources Committee, agenda includes -- Falls North Area Plan -- Subdivision of lots in infill settings o 4pm โ€“ CAMPO TAC o 6pm โ€“ Historical Resources and Museum Advisory Board o 7pm โ€“ Raleigh Citizens Advisory Council Thursday, 5/16 o 9am โ€“ Civil Service Commission o 11am โ€“ Building Safety Month, One Exchange Plaza o 12n โ€“ Mayorโ€™s Committee for Persons with Disabilities o 12n โ€“ Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Commission Ad-Hoc Committee o 1pm โ€“ Pedestrian Planning Committee o 4:30pm โ€“ Appearance Commission o 6pm โ€“ Parks Rec & Greenway Advisory Board o 7pm โ€“ Atlantic CAC, Green Road Community Center, 4201 Green Road, agenda includes -- Digital Connectors -- Z-15-19, 819 E. Six Forks Road **********