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Saving Snoots Animal Rescue Saving Snoots Animal Rescue rescues animals from inhumane, dangerous, unhealthy or untenable situations.

Second Chances Animal Rescue rescues animals from inhumane, dangerous, unhealthy or untenable situations; provides shelter, as well as physical, mental and emotional support and stability to animals; returns animals to good health; places animals in safe and loving environments; and provides support and assistance to other organizations or individuals who desire the same.

Mission: Rescue. Rehabilitate. Rehome.


HAPPY NATIONAL RESCUE DOG DAY!! If you have adopted a dog from us, we would LOVE to see pictures and an update!! Thanks

DRUM ROLL PLEASE... Dahlia went to the vet today for a recheck, after her surgery for the prolapsed rectum, and she is h...

DRUM ROLL PLEASE... Dahlia went to the vet today for a recheck, after her surgery for the prolapsed rectum, and she is healing wonderfully. No more cone of shame, and the infection is cleared up in her eyes. YAY. She has an appointment in a couple weeks to have her eye surgery, and be spayed. She is eating like a champ, and LOVES the special food, (that costs a small fortune, lol). She is putting on weight, and is just the sweetest lil girl.
As you can see, she is really enjoying rolling in the grass.
Thank you to everyone that donated toward her surgery, and shared her post.
Thank you to Dogs Deserve Better for the bag of food, and to others that offered to buy a bag for her. We are blessed to have such amazing friends and supporters! Without YOU we couldnt do what we do. We thank you, and Dahlia thanks you! ❤
And last but certainly not least, Thank you to Thelma, aka Nancy for picking her up, getting her to the vet, and for fostering her. You ROCK! 😉

Everyone meet Daisy, AGAIN... She is the hound that Nancy picked up, that had pyometria, had surgery and spent a couple ...

Everyone meet Daisy, AGAIN... She is the hound that Nancy picked up, that had pyometria, had surgery and spent a couple days at our vet. She is FINALLY feeling better, and I was able to get a couple better pictures of her. She has been on antibiotics, and had her first dose of worm meds for a severe case of hookworm. Yesterday was the first time she acted like she wanted to play a little bit. She loves the other dogs, loves the cats, although she isnt a fan when other animals come near her food, and she will give them a warning bark. Considering all she has been through and as skinny as she was, I cant say I blame her. She has all her shots, been microchipped, and of course spayed, (the emergency surgery for the pyometria). She had her teeth cleaned, and checked and luckily none had to be pulled. She had a full blood workup done because of her condition, and everything came back good. She is a good eater, and shes working on house training. She is also on Proin, for incontinence. For the first 2 weeks after her surgery, she was having issues and would pee in her sleep, but the meds seem to be working well. Her ears were pretty dirty, but she sat there and let me clean them out, with no issues. She really is a wonderful dog. She loves to follow us around, and be wherever we are. She is learning how to play, and that hands dont always do harm. She is still a bit head shy, and will cringe and put her head down when you reach to pet her, but once you pet her, she enjoys the attention. She does pretty well on a leash, and usually after a little prompting, she will walk nice, right next to me.
Daisy is about 9 years old, and its odvious she hasnt had the best life until now. She is a quiet, chill dog, just wanting to hang out on her bed, with people, especially Eden. She will lay on Eden's lap for hours. We werent so sure based on her condition, how she was going to do or if she would recover, but we are very happy that she is doing so well.

Thank you to everyone who donated toward her vet bills. We cant do what we do, with dogs like Daisy, without your help. We are very grateful and I think Daisy is too!

Thank you to Thelma for picking her up and getting her to our vet. If not for you, she would not have survived much longer.

A huge Thank you to our awesome Vet, and staff at Animal Hospital of Emporia. You all are truly amazing!

UPDATE: Dahlia's surgery went well so far. She spent the weekend at our Vet's office, and Nancy picked her up today, wit...

UPDATE: Dahlia's surgery went well so far. She spent the weekend at our Vet's office, and Nancy picked her up today, with meds and sporting the cone of shame. She still isnt out of the woods yet, we have to hope and pray the surgery did the trick. If things go well, she will go back to the vet in 10 days, and then we can schedule her much needed eye surgery and spay.
THANK YOU to everyone for donating and sharing. We greatly appreciate all of you.
FB wont let me add pictures to the exhisting post, so Im putting a picture in the comment section, of her today, soaking up the sun.

Ok Folks, Im sorry for the graphic pictures, but this is what happened this morning.
Welcome to Saving Snoots Dahlia.
Picked up as a stray in Brunswick county, in bad shape. Very underweight, eye infection from untreated entropian. For those that dont know, Entropian is a genetic condition where the eye lids turn inward toward the eye of the dog. She was born with this condition. Her whole life she has struggled to open her eyes, because the lashes constantly rub on the eye, causing pain. She has severe diareha from a very serious case of hookworm, (also very treatable and preventable).. well, she has been treated for the hookworm, got drops and meds for her eyes, but yesterday her rectum prolapsed, from the severe case of hookworm, and diareha, we think. She was rushed to our vet, but the prolapse had gone back in, so instead of putting her through surgery, the vet sent her back to Nancys, hoping it would stay in place. More meds, special food, and prayers. Unfortunately, this morning the rectum prolapsed again, and is more severe than yesterday. Nancy rushed her right to our vet, and she had surgery to tack the rectum back in place. She will be staying at our vet for several days. After she is recovered from this, she will need to be spayed, and have surgery on her eyes to fix the Entropian, so she can see the world around her, without constant pain. Thankfully she is HW negative, but is being treated also for tick borne illnesses. Either Lymes or Erlichia, or both, I didnt ask because I was more worried about the issue at hand.
I just got off the phone with the vets office, and she is out of surgery, and doing well so far.
First, a HUGE Thank you to our amazing Vet and staff at Animal Hospital of Emporia, for being so amazing!!

PLEASE, If you have even 5 bucks to spare, we really need help with this vet bill, and ones to come, to help her on her road to recovery, and a better life.
You can call our vet directly, and donate over the phone, but PLEASE leave your name so we can send you a donation reciept.
Animal Hopsital of Emporia
434 634 3936
Please ref, Saving Snoots, and Dahlia.

You can also donate via paypal at, (although paying the vet directly is preferred.❤)
[email protected]
Please check "friends and family" NOT goods and services, or there are fees. Please note your donation is for Dahlia.

If you prefer to send a check, you can send a check to
Saving Snoots Animal Rescue
140 B Purcellville Gateway Drive
Purcellville, VA

I will also add a fundraiser to the post for those that wish to donate that way, however that can take 30 to 45 days for us to get the check, although there are no fees.

Please share, and donate if you are able.

Everyone remember Pearl.. The pup we pulled from Brunswick, because she had been attacked by something like a bobcat, fo...

Everyone remember Pearl.. The pup we pulled from Brunswick, because she had been attacked by something like a bobcat, found in a ditch and had a horrible infection.. Well, she spent several months at a wonderful foster, healing up and working on her manners and leash skills. Yesterday Nancy and Eden and I took her up to meet Jill because Jill is going to foster her up there until she is adopted, so I dont have to travel back and forth. We have had several applications on her and one is very promising. It sounds like this family may he the perfect fit for Pearl. She should be meeting them in the next few days. We will keep everyone posted. Thank you to everyone that donated toward her care. We couldnt do this without YOU!!
PS Nancy got a full face wash, and face massage with a tail yesterday, while hanging in the back seat with Pearl. Nothing like a 65lb lap dog, giving you slurps.. LOL

Everyone remember this guy, Meatball, formerly Giovanni, from Garland TX animal control?? The first picture of him broke...

Everyone remember this guy, Meatball, formerly Giovanni, from Garland TX animal control?? The first picture of him broke my heart. Laying there, defeated, nose all torn up, laying in his own urine.. We ended up pulling him, and a female that he came in with, when their owners never reclaimed them. We dont leave family members behind.. The girl, Paris, went to Fredricksburg SPCA and was adopted. Meatball was Heartworm positive, and we started our normal treatment, but by the time it was time to do the shots he had developed a cough. The vet did xrays and we found that the heartworms were in his lungs. The prognosis wasnt that good. Thank GOD he got the cough, or we never would have known he had them in his lungs. If we had done the shots, he probably would have died. So we started the new slow kill method of Advantage Multi, and did alot of praying.. About half way through his treatment we listed him for adoption. We had ALOT of applications on him, and took him on several meet and greets, but HE picked this family. We had him tested again for HW and after about 8 months of the treatment he tested negative. Meatball was officially adopted around Christmas, and he is doing amazing. He LOVES his human brother, and his furry sister, and Im told he follows his mom everywhere she goes. He gets to go to work with Mom just about every day, and since she works in a vet clinic, he makes all kinds of new fur and human friends. We couldnt be happier for Meatball, and his family.
Thank you to those that helped us get him and Paris up here from Texas, and to those who donated to help.
Special thank you to Jessica and her family, for adopting our very special boy!!
Sorry for the delay in updating, life has been a bit crazy..

UPDATE 3: Daisy is coming around, slowly seeming to feel a little better, but she still has a long way to go. There is n...

UPDATE 3: Daisy is coming around, slowly seeming to feel a little better, but she still has a long way to go. There is no doubt in my mind that this girl was hit. The more I watch her and the more time I spend with her, she definately has mental scars from being mistreated. If you reach down to pet her, she puts her head down and cringes. She is very unsure of everything, but does like to follow me around. We go for a walk and she will walk right next to me, stop when I stop, and just look up at me. The only person she seems totally comfortable with is Eden. She will lay by Eden, snuggle up to her and today she fell asleep on Edens lap.
Id like to get my hands on whoever mistreated this poor dog, and show them what it feels to be beat.. I managed to take a couple pictures today of Daisy after one of our walks. I will try to get more again tomorrow. Please continue to share and please donate if you are able. We still owe the vet for her surgery and other vetting.

UPDATE 2: Well Daisy has been with me for 24 hours now, and shes still not feeling well. Shes eating good, but really all she does is eat and sleep. We went for a couple walks today and I can tell this girl has not had the best life, up til now. She will walk ahead of me a little, then stop and put her head down and cower when I try to pet her, almost like shes expecting to be hit. I just pet her gently and talk quiet to her, bur she really wont pick her head up much to look at me until I move my hand away. After one walk today we came back in the house and she went over to Eden. Eden sat on the floor and Daisy laid down next to her and put her head on Edens lap, and just laid there for awhile with Eden petting her. Then she got up and went into her crate. She is interested in the other dogs, and likes the cats, but is very shy with me and Bryon, although she is very comfortable wirh Eden. She hasnt barked, or made a sound, and sat there quiet while I cleaned out her ears. This girl, Im guessing is pretty old. I gave her a medium sized stuffed animal today and she laid down by it and started licking it like it was her baby. Then she laid her head on it and went back to sleep. Im hoping to be able to get some decent pictures of her soon, but right now shes not to keen on getting up and moving around all that much unless she has to go potty.
Thank you everyone for your donations, and for sharing. This girls bad days are over, and shes on the road to happier and healthier days.
Please share and donate if you are able.

UPDATE. Surgery went well, and Daisy is on the road to recovery. I can pick her up tomorrow. Her teeth cleaned up nicely, and luckily none had to be pulled, as originally thought. She will be on antibiotics, and get extra meals so she starts to put on weight and regain her strength. Please share, as we are in need of help with her vet bill.
Thank you!! Thank you to those that donated, prayed and shared. We cant do this without YOU!! Im sure Daisy is grateful, I know I am! ❤

Ok folks, we need some help.. Welcome Daisy to the Saving Snoots Family.. Found as a stray and needed medical. She is very thin, wasnt really eating, Nancy had to feed her with a syringe at first. She also has some vaginal discharge, and wouldnt stand up or walk on her own. Nancy took her to our vet this morning. We had xrays done and it seems she is in the early stages of pyometria. She is spending the night at the vet and will have surgery tomorrow. She also has some teeth that are really bad that need to be removed, and that will be done tomorrow as well. She tested positive also for Erlichia, but HW NEG, (YAY) Some good news from all the rest.. Our Vet also recommends a full blood panel, due to her condition. You cant tell by the picture, but shes in pretty rough shape.
Please say a prayer for sweet Daisy, that everything goes well tomorrow, and if you can donate toward her care, please call our vet directly. Please ref Saving Snoots and "Daisy"
This is an unexpected expense for us. We have been on intake hold since adoptions are down, and donations are nearly non-exhistent, but we HAD to help this girl. Our vet said it looks like we caught it just in time, and will know more about the prognosis and her condition tomorrow. I will also try to get more pictures tomorrow.
PLEASE SHARE, and donate if you are able, and as always, PLEASE SPAY AND NEUTER YOUR PETS!!!
Donations can be called in to our vet
Animal Hospital of Emporia
434 634 3936
Or via paypal at
[email protected]

Please share far and wide so we can bring these babies home and reunite a family! 🐾❤️

Please share far and wide so we can bring these babies home and reunite a family! 🐾❤️



UPDATE: We have a sponsor for 4DX test, fecal and spay for Kenley. They both had their 4DX and both are NEGATIVE across the board. Dalia has an ear infection that needs to be treated, and I will get the results of the fecal later today. We MAY have a rescue for them but nothing confirmed. If anyone can help us a little with the balance for boarding and ear meds we would greatly appreciate it.

Ok friends, we need some help.. Meet Dalia and Kenley. 2 beautiful, sweet hounds that found themselves in a rural shelter in North Carolina. I got a call from our dear friends at Rainbow Rescue, asking if I knew any rescue that could take these 2. I reached out to a few rescues, and everyone was full. Time was running out. I couldnt sleep Thursday night wondering what would happen. I called Edna right away 8am Friday morning, to see if they had rescue. Sadly her answer was no..they would be euthanized in less than 30 minutes.

Rainbow is full, their vet where they board dogs when needed was full, no prospects for these 2 and they were scheduled to be euthanized at 830am. I called our vet and asked if they had space to board these 2, and they said yes.. I called Edna back and told her we could help. Edna has a sponsor for 5 days of boarding, and that was prepaid when they arrived at our vet. They have had shots, (sponsored by Rainbow Rescue) but they need rescue. They also need a Heartworm test, and fecal, and will need a health cert if they go to an out of state rescue.

Our vet tech messaged me yesterday and told me they both walk perfect on a leash, and are both very sweet. They are medium sized, probably about 40 to 45 lbs.

If you know of any rescue that has space and can take 1 or both of these girls, please message me.

If you can sponsor a few days of boarding, or HW test, other vetting, please call our vet directly. You can make your donation over the phone. We cannot take these 2 on, as we have no fosters available, and no funds, but we couldnt just let these 2 be put down just because they were out of time.

DALIA, Lemon and white Walker Hound, approx 2 years old. She is sweet, walks perfect on a leash, great with other dogs, was a little scared of the cat at the vet, but showed NO issues with all the dogs at the shelter or vet clinic. She is spayed already, (has a spay tattoo). UTD on all shots.

KENLEY, Tri colored Walker Hound, approx 2 years old. VERY sweet, also walks perfect on a leash. No issues with other dogs at the shelter or the vet. UTD on shots, will need to be spayed.

So PLEASE, if you are a rescue that can take one or both of these great dogs, please message me, (Rachel Riley-Hall)
If you can donate toward their vetting, boarding, please call our vet directly, note Saving Snoots Animal Rescue.
Animal Hospital of Emporia
434 634 3936

Thank you!

PS, PLEASE no negative comments about Animal control. The acos at this facility are some of the best Ive ever had contact with. They didnt want to put them down, but would have had no choice had we and Rainbow not stepped in. This is NOT an animal control issue, this is an "owner" issue.. Both these dogs came in wearing collars, but no tags, and no chips, and nobody came for them.


Purcellville, VA

General information

BEGINNINGS Saving Snoots Animal Rescue was established during the Federal Government shutdown in October 2013. We had always been a part of the Facebook rescue groups and watched wishing we could do more to help. We were watching Mollie, a mix from Lafayette, Tennessee who later became our first rescue, and loved her from afar. We had even called to inquire about her, but were given the great news that she already had an approved adopter. On a Sunday night at 10PM the volunteer reached out to us to let us know that Mollie’s adoption had fallen through and that she would be euthanized on Monday afternoon if she was not rescued. With that as a backdrop, Jill woke up at 4am and made the drive from Washington, DC to Lafayette, TN to pick Mollie up. She made it in time, and Mollie was our first rescue. We placed her with a loving new forever home just before Thanksgiving 2013. Along the way, we met a wonderful community of people, made new friends, learned a lot about rescue, loved Mollie, and changed our lives. We will likely always be small, but we believe that giving as many dogs as we can a second chance makes a difference. Join us, it’s worth the time, energy and effort. MISSION Rescue. Rehabilitate. Rehome. DESCRIPTION At Saving Snoots Animal Rescue, our mission is to 'Rescue, Rehabilitate and Rehome' dogs in need. We pursue our mission as an all-volunteer, foster-based rescue. Each Saving Snoots representative is 100% a volunteer, no one receives payment for our work. As a foster-based rescue, our dogs live in homes with loving and dedicated families and they are treated as a beloved family member while they are in our care. While the advantages of foster-based rescue are many, our ability to rescue dogs in need is dependent on the availability of individuals and families who are willing to open their homes and hearts to dogs in need. If you would like to know more about fostering a dog in need, please email us at [email protected] RESCUE We rescue dogs facing euthanasia in high kill shelters in the South and local dogs whose owners can no longer care for them. We do not discriminate against any breeds and we rescue dogs of all ages and sizes. In general, we try to take on the more challenging cases who may otherwise struggle to be adopted within a reasonable time. As a foster-based rescue, we can only rescue as many dogs as we have approved and available foster homes. We must also screen dogs in need in order to ensure that we can place the dog with the right foster family. REHABILITATE Our rehabilitation program includes socialization, exercise, veterinary care, a quality diet, and positive reinforcement training and lots of love, love, LOVE. Many of the dogs that come into rescue have suffered some form of abuse or neglect, and most need time to overcome these challenges. We are committed to providing each dog with the love, care, and attention that s/he needs to achieve their deserved second chance. REHOME When the time is right, we place our dogs up for adoption and carefully screen potential adopters by making use of an extensive adoption process, which includes: an adoption application, reference checks, and a home visit. Our adoption process is focused on rehoming our adoptable dogs into forever homes that best suit their needs and that also suit the needs of the potential adopters. As such, our process does not maintain a policy of taking applications on a first-come, first-serve basis. Dogs deserve forever homes and our efforts seek to maximize the measure of fit between dog and adopter. An approved adopter will have gone through each step in the process. Once approved, we will finalize an adoption date, both parties will sign an adoption contract, and the adopter will submit an adoption fee in the amount of $250. ADOPTION FEE The adoption fee helps to off set some portion of the costs of the individual dogs we rescue. Each dog comes to us with varying veterinary needs; some remain in rescue longer than others; some require more intensive training; and the costs of food, toys, treats, crates, collars, leashes and other supplies quickly add up. The adoption fee is a part of how we meet the needs of every dog in rescue and it helps to cover the specific costs associated with an individual dog. All Saving Snoots dogs receive the following services while in rescue and prior to an adoption: - spay/neuter [age appropriate] - vaccinations [Rabies, DHPP, Bordatella] - dewormer - microchip - heartworm test [age appropriate] - monthly heartworm and flea preventative treatments while in rescue LIFE LONG COMMITMENT Saving Snoots has a lifelong commitment to each dog we rescue. Should adopters be unable to care for their Saving Snoots rescue for any reason, Saving Snoots will take the dog back immediately. In fact, this is a requirement in our adoption contract. We invest a great deal in the animals we rescue, typically removing them from terrible circumstances. At times, our dogs are difficult or complicated cases requiring medical or behavioral treatment. Saving Snoots is willing to work to support these costs should it be too much for an adopter, if the adopter is a wonderful fit and home for our rescue dog. Each situation will be considered on a case-by-case basis. DONATE, FOSTER, VOLUNTEER Saving Snoots Animal Rescue is a certified 501(c)(3) rescue. We rely on donations to maintain our rescue efforts. If you would like to donate goods, services, time, or a monetary gift, email us at [email protected] for more info! GENERAL INFORMATION Saving Snoots Animal Rescue is an all-volunteer, foster-based rescue. We adopt within the Washington, DC Metro area from out of state high kill shelters. As a small, new foster-based rescue, we are working on establishing a site for viewing adoptable dogs. We ask that prospective adopters send us an email and/or come to one of our adoption events to meet and greet our adoptable dogs. Adoption events will be advertised on our FB page as they are scheduled and will eventually be featured on our website. If you're looking for a way to help dogs in need, email us today for more info!




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Margaret Grenier suggested to contact you about this post. If you can help.
We need to get 3 out of greensville by we'd am, asap code red Please
If we cannot find an adopter or foster, Duke will be put down on Tuesday. We only have 3 days tops to get him out alive. We have a rescue that will pull him if we can find an adopter or foster. Transport can be arranged. URGENT Posted by Sue: The rescue I work with was asked if we could help find this boy a new home as he had begun to fight with the other dog in the home. We are an all foster-based rescue with no available fosters, so at this time we can only help owner surrenders if the owners can keep the dog until adopted, which they agreed to do. Unfortunately this is no longer the case as Duke pushed through the gate that separated him from the other dog and a fight broke out. The owner was unintentionally bit when trying to break it up. Long story short Animal Control was called and Duke was signed over to them and taken to a shelter for a 10-day quarantine. This was this past Saturday, November 10th. Animal control is deeming Duke unadoptable and plans on euthanizing him at the end of the 10-day quarantine! Anyone that knows anything about dogs knows that not liking other dogs does not make a dog bad or unadoptable at all! And the owner was not bitten on purpose. Many dogs have to be an only dog. Duke's only hope is for a rescue to pull him. Which brings me to this post. My rescue can no longer help with no place to put him, but I am hoping another rescue would step in. So please share the heck out of this post in hopes of saving Duke. His location is Fauquier, Virginia. Rescues should reach out to the shelter directly. He is under quarantine at Fauquier SPCA. 540-788-9000. Below is his original description and pictures/videos from his previous owners. Hi! I’m Duke Dog. I am a gorgeous 13 month old, neutered, Treeing Walker Coon Hound/Boxer mix (BT Walker, if you’ve heard of that?) and very smart! I currently live in a four dog home and it’s not for me. My vet says I’m a beautiful boy with a bright future and the doggy behaviorist agrees. But they both say I need a home without other dogs to live my best life. I’m looking for a perfect human or humans to spend my time with, who will continue my training. I have to be an only dog, but I promise to be the only dog you’ll need! I’m crate trained, potty trained, and love to play with my toys. I am great with kids. I will need a house with a fence. If you can foster or adopt Duke, please email Jen at [email protected] as soon as possible. His time is up on Tuesday.
UPDATE 3/29 - 6 PM!!! Shelter has said this precious little girl is not doing well, she is extremely ill, high heartworm positive and needs to get outside emergency Vet care ASAP!!! Has marked her **RESCUE ONLY** BEYOND URGENT!!! PTS AT ANY TIME!!! Dallas, TX; "Dolly" Terrified & Dejected, Senior Boxer X w/Vision Issues **CODE RED** NEEDS OUT OF THE SHELTER NOW!!! THERE IS NO TIME TO HESITATE HERE, NONE!!! BEGGING FOR HELP!!! $143 Pledged so far, $113 on this thread and $30 on the original!!
Any locals around knoxville, TN able to take in a brindle boxer mix? His owners can vouch for him as well on his great obedience. "Best dog ever. Does simple commands, very obedient, potty trained, low maintenance. It breaks our hearts he has to go." He unprovoking bit the face of a small child of his owner now, this is the only time he has ever done something out of the years they have had him. I really don't want him to go to the shelter or be put down, please if anyone has a farm and other animals and just space for another dog please let me know. He is fixed, his name is Jax and he is a sweetheart.. we're just learning kids may not be his cup of tea since he was in the family first jealously might've provoked the bite?He is now at Young Williams shelter he's on a hold for the next 8days, April 5th he will be able to be put up for adoption and he'll be worked with however, he will now have a bite record. Owners have offered to pay whatever fees needed and some food if we can just get him to a good home. I'm looking for any type of rescues in the TN area that can help with rehoming him. He's a great dog and def. deserves a second chance! And yes, he has an underbite, and a scar on his head from a puppy, we don't know how still. Sent from my iPhone
Hello, I'm trying to find a group that will help me catch my dog who has been lost since 2/28/18. She is hanging around the rest areas where I lost her. I just got a call from the attendant that works at the rest area on the north bound side of I 45, saying that she is still there but no one can catch her. She is very scared and a timid dog anyway. It's going to take several people and someone with some knowledge/experience in catching dogs. I will post a flyers also made up for me by Lost Pets of TX. Thanks for any help I can get to finally get her home. Carrollyn
This dog has been horribly neglected. Needs immediate help