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Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary is a 400 acre non-profit refuge for farm animals and wildlife located in Poolesville, Maryland. Visit http://animalsanctuary.org/sponsor/index.html for information on sponsoring a rescued farm animal!


Today it was the goat’s turn to “help” with the hay delivery.🙂


The cows love it when we get hay deliveries in the Summer. Clifford, Eliot, Edison and Maple decided they wanted to be the first to taste test the new hay- and they definitely approved!🙂


Moses is trying really hard to get a little taste of Roxanne’s breakfast, but she said “No way, Buddy!”😂

So sweet that Ivy and Remi have become good friends- hard to believe they are close to the same age, but so different in...

So sweet that Ivy and Remi have become good friends- hard to believe they are close to the same age, but so different in size!❤️🐂


So awesome to get to witness mom grooming and nursing her baby this morning!❤️


The little fawn that was born in the yard is starting to follow his mom around a little now, after he nurses. This was our beautiful view from the porch at sunrise this morning!❤️🦌


Lester has a new leg! Lester’s leg was injured when he was just a baby, and literally fell off when he was still at the Maine sheep farm he was born on. After he was rescued and came to Poplar, we had him fitted for a prosthetic, which helped him to be able to walk and run and play like a normal lamb. He is now one year old and has outgrown his first prosthetic- today he graduated to a new big sheep leg! Thanks to @specializedpetsolutions for making Lester such a sturdy and sporty leg! Today was just a short trial period - He will wear it a little more each day until it is broken in. But it fits perfectly, and soon he will be running and playing happily again - go Lester!💙🐑


Edward the peacock and Fanny the peahen really enjoy their blueberry treats!❤️🦚


Everyone is just relaxing, grazing and chilling on this beautiful Spring day!❤️


Gracie is so smart. When she needs us to open her barn door to let her in to lay her egg, she climbs a tree and squawks loudly from the rooftop of her barn! No matter where we are on the farm we can hear her, and come over to let her in. Her boyfriend Miguel is always waiting patiently for her - he gets time outside with her in the afternoon rooster shift. (We can’t let all the boys out together or they fight.) Normally Gracie walks back down the tree but on this day, she decided to scare us and fly from the roof! (We tried to leave a small chicken door open so she can go in and out on her own but the groundhogs would go in too and eat all their food!). Chicken are so amazing and intelligent, they always find interesting ways to communicate with us.🐓❤️


The cows are coming home - every day they walk miles around the farm, grazing on the grass and cooling off in the creeks and woods. And Grayson is always the most curious one, checking to see if we have any treats! 🙂This morning they are on their way back to the barn, where they will get a delicious grass forage breakfast, and fresh cold water from the automatic waterers. They will also get sprayed with citronella to keep the flies away. Then they can relax in the shade or in front of the barn fans. It’s a pretty good life for a cow. ❤️🐂

Congratulations to the Poplar’s Peeps team, winners of the coveted Pigasus trophy, who were the top fundraising team in ...

Congratulations to the Poplar’s Peeps team, winners of the coveted Pigasus trophy, who were the top fundraising team in our Run for the Animals! This awesome team, who are all Poplar staff and volunteers, worked really hard and raised an amazing $15,936.for the rescued animals!! Thanks to Maureen McGowan for this great photoshopped team photo, which allowed everyone to continue social distancing.🙂 For the full list of prize winners, check out our event page. A HUGE thanks to everyone who registered or donated, we REALLY appreciate everyone’s wonderful support!❤️ https://www.facebook.com/events/643842859715460/?ti=icl


Albert, our blind sheep who was recently found abandoned in a wooded area of West Virginia, was so happy to get his heavy wool coat off! The shearer thought it has been years since he was sheared, and he wagged his tail happily as it was being removed. Although his eyesight has not improved yet, we are continuing to treat him and he is learning to get around very well. He has lots of fresh grass to graze on in the pasture and his own stall in the special needs barn where he goes to cool off and munch on hay during the hottest part of the day. He is so incredibly sweet and loves to be petted and hugged. He is still very thin but is slowly gaining weight and becoming healthier. Even if his eyesight never returns, he will have a wonderful life here, we all love him so much!💕🐑


Spencer and Griffin are so happy to get their winter coats off, now that the weather is so much warmer. Thanks, Anne Schroeder, for doing such a great job shearing them!

First baby fawn of the season! Every year the wild deer give birth to their fawns inside our fenced yard, where they are...

First baby fawn of the season! Every year the wild deer give birth to their fawns inside our fenced yard, where they are protected and safe from coyotes. The babies spend their first few weeks “hiding” from predators until mom comes back at night to nurse them. Many people worry when they find young fawns alone, thinking that the mother has abandoned them, but this is normal behavior. When the fawn is a few weeks old and better able to keep up with mom, he or she will begin to follow her and learn to nibble on grass and leaves. We love that the deer trust us with their youngsters, as we get to watch these beautiful babies grow up. ❤️🦌


Spencer the alpaca wasn’t sure what to think about Edward the peacock suddenly showing up in his pasture. He seemed a little nervous and appeared to decide it was probably safer to just observe him from a distance.🙂

THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who helped us to make Poplar Spring’s annual Run for the Animals a HUGE success! We know t...

THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who helped us to make Poplar Spring’s annual Run for the Animals a HUGE success! We know this is a difficult time and yet so many people really stepped up, registered and fundraised, and found a way to creatively Run or Walk and make it work! Despite the fact that we had to make the Event only virtual this year, it was our best Run EVER, and over $65,000. was raised for the rescued animals!!! We are so incredibly grateful to the many individuals and teams who worked very hard to raise critical funds for the sanctuary, which will help us to continue rescuing and providing the animals with all the feed and vet care they need to stay happy and healthy. Special thanks to top team Poplar’s Peeps, who raised $15,936 and top individual Preston Huey, who raised $4,261. for the rescued animals!! Thanks also to our event sponsors - Rich Peppin, Roots Market, a Well Fed World and Green Earth Travel, to Lisa Berigan of BIG 100.3 for all the online and radio promotion of our event, and to the Run Committee - Howard Edelstein, Naomi Yount, Katie Vann, Robin Walker, Sonia Bakhshi, and Donna Zeigfinger for all their hard work. We are so appreciative of everyone for going above and beyond during this difficult time, and for all of your amazing support - THANK YOU!!❤️❤️


Update on the goslings - a new goose family arrived at the pond but they refused to allow any of the domestic geese to be their nanny. They insisted on raising their babies by themselves. Melvin and the other domestic boys tried to help, and were very disappointed. Everett, however, is still with his Canada goose family, and doing a great job.❤️


Virtual tour


There’s no better place to be on a hot afternoon than hanging out in the creek (if you’re a pig!). Percy, Gwen, Reo and Lita were all enjoying cooling off in the mud on this beautiful sunny day.🌞🐖❤️


The littlest and the biggest- Ivy is one year old but still so tiny as she was born a twin and very small. Clifford towers over her, but is still fairly young himself. Size or color or breed doesn’t matter to cows, they are all friends. Clifford and the other cows are always helping little Ivy, the newest arrival, to feel safe and welcomed in the herd. ❤️🐂


Badger is looking especially handsome now that his little curly-Q locks are growing back in after his shearing. Even though he was rescued from a cruelty/neglect case, he is so incredibly friendly and sweet, and loves all people. ❤️🐐


Happy Mother’s Day weekend to all the moms out there! Justin is showing some love to his mommy for Mother’s Day, they love each other so much.❤️Maisie gave birth to Justin at Poplar Spring two years ago after being rescued from a dairy farm that was closing down. She was so afraid we would steal him that she hid him in a big pile of hay, since all her previous calves at the dairy had been taken from her the day they were born, and sold for veal. Maisie and Justin are two of the lucky ones, who will be able to graze and roam and stay together as a family for the rest of their lives. We wish all cows and animals could live this way. 💕🐂

Mercy For Animals

Thanks to Mercy for Animals for creating this nice video about Maisie and Justin!❤️

Maisie was the only cow to be spared at a closing farm, but no one knew she was carrying a stowaway until Justin made his debut. 💗

Such a beautiful story, Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary!

This sweet sheep was found abandoned in a wooded area in West Virginia, where he had been apparently wandering and tryin...

This sweet sheep was found abandoned in a wooded area in West Virginia, where he had been apparently wandering and trying to survive on his own for at least a month. Animal control had been contacted by several people over the last few weeks but were unable to help, and had not received any reports of a missing sheep. Thankfully, he was finally rescued by dog rescuer Kelly Edmonds, who spotted him while hunting for mushrooms! Kelly and her friends Missy and Susanne were able to get a leash on him, and sat with him in a nearby parking lot until we were able to make the trip to transport him to Poplar. A huge thanks to these kind women who waited for hours with him and posted to Facebook looking for help. Thanks also to vet Kim Danoff who alerted us to the situation. We named him Albert, and he is now happily grazing and being treated for his hopefully temporary condition, which may just be caused by a Thiamine deficiency. Although he is emaciated and has no vision at all, he is incredibly friendly and loving, and seems so grateful to finally have food and water and shelter. He especially loves forage and baby carrots and Ritz crackers. 🙂 The vet thinks he is about two years old. Soon he will get neutered, and have his very matted coat sheared. Even if he does not regain his vision, he will have a wonderful life here with lots of love and care, and our other blind sheep Josie to hang out with. He has such a wonderful personality, we love him so much already! ❤️

Hamilton is getting a piggy-back ride from Matilda!🙂

Hamilton is getting a piggy-back ride from Matilda!🙂


The Canada geese parents have finally chosen their “nanny”, and it is . . . Everett!🙂 He follows the family everywhere, and helps to keep the youngsters safe. Typically the nanny geese will stay with the family for months while the little ones are growing, and will even assist in teaching them to fly (even though they can’t fly themselves!) The protocol here at Poplar for flying instruction is when the youngsters are a few months old the adult geese walk them to the top of the big hill, then run down the hill as fast as possible while flapping their wings. Those who aren’t as heavy as a domestic goose will become slightly airborne, and the parents will repeat this over and over until the gosling’s wing muscles are fully developed. Everett will just run really fast, flapping and honking a lot! He is very proud to be the chosen one, and the other male geese are quite jealous. (Notice Bob, the white goose, lurking behind the trees, hoping to sidle in.)😂

So much rain this week that the ponds are overflowing. Spencer the alpaca decided to take advantage of all the water and...

So much rain this week that the ponds are overflowing. Spencer the alpaca decided to take advantage of all the water and go for a dip. He then laid down in the dirt and ended up a muddy mess!😂


Badger showing off his acrobatic skills trying to reach the tasty leaves.🙂


Update on the domestic goose babysitters- Everett and Bob are winning out on the nanny goose competition! Melvin tries to sneak in while Everett is chasing Bob away, while Finnegan, Marvin and Marlene watch from the side lines. Usually the Canada geese only allow one domestic goose to help them care for their goslings, and Everett is fighting hard to be their man.🙂


Every year the wild Canada geese hatch their goslings at our lower pond, and then bring them up to the pond near the barns when they are a few days old. It is always quite a presentation, with the domestic geese all gathering around honking in celebration of the new babies. 🎉 The male domestic geese all fight over the honor of being the “nanny goose” for the wild couple, who will always allow one goose to babysit and help keep their children safe from predators. By the beginning of Summer we will have multiple geese families, so they usually all get a turn, and are very happy. Melvin is especially vocal, and is hoping he will be the chosen one for this first little family of the season.💕

Hamilton, our tame rescued pigeon, likes to quickly fly into the gift shop whenever anyone opens the door. When we go lo...

Hamilton, our tame rescued pigeon, likes to quickly fly into the gift shop whenever anyone opens the door. When we go looking for him, we often find him sitting on this teddy bear’s lap, it’s his favorite spot!❤️


A huge thanks to everyone who has already registered or donated to Poplar Spring’s virtual Run for the Animals! The May 17 event is 3 weeks away and we have almost reached 75% of our fundraising goal!! Sign up here
https://give.classy.org/PoplarSpringRun2020 to Run or Walk and help us to help the rescued animals- Thank you!!❤️🐑🐖🐂🐓🐐

Everyone loves to hang out on the porch!❤️🐓🐐

Everyone loves to hang out on the porch!❤️🐓🐐


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