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Hope Village, Inc Providing support and training for foster/adopt parents. We want all children to have loving families, and all families to feel supported.
Paul and Lori Thomas, founders of Hope Village, Inc, are the parents of seven children. Four of the children came to the family through adoption. Paul and Lori have been advocates for children in foster care and adoption since 1990, and Lori speaks around the country on these issues. Lori, together with Michael Trout of the Infant-Parent Institute in Illinois, co-authored The Jonathon Letters. This book is the story of one family as they took in, and learned to love, a child with Reactive Attachment Disorder.

Hope Village will provide consistent, long-term foster care and adoption for hard-to-place children in Northern Virginia, and as we build new sites, nation-wide. We are currently doing the "spadework" needed to accomplish any complex undertaking; the planning. The following are currently underway: * Identify land and builders, * Work with local Community Service Boards and the local Social Support System, * Network with politicians, non-profit foundation leadership, and community leaders.

Mission: Hope Village recognizes that children need and deserve healthy attachment within a family. Therefore, our mission is to build families and promote permanency, giving children hope for their future.

Hope Village, Inc's cover photo

Hope Village, Inc's cover photo


It has been an interesting week. The boys are spending lots of time with grandma and grandpa. The waves at the beach stole one son's glasses, the cliff at the campsite proved too much for my climbing abilities. Lots of fun with family and friends.


By the way, my boys love being here with so many relatives! Especially the youngest, who is just meeting many of them for the first time!


Made it to California on Independence Day! Right on schedule! And still speaking to my boys, mostly in a good way. Fireworks tonight, and then camping in the morning. We will be in the mountains and out of phone/internet range. Just us and the bears! Will let you know how that goes later.


Good day driving through Utah. Stopped to have dinner with relatives. Two of the boys were able to show their "not fit for public" side, which was disappointing but not unexpected. Spending the night in Las Vegas, and then to CA in the morning!


Driving through Colorado today was incredible! Such beauty! My boys got to see some of the most awesome sights. Lunch in Vail. Great views of white water rapids. They are now swimming in the pool and telling some stranger all about our trip. Hope they are wearing themselves out and ready for sleep when we head to the room.


Nebraska was great. Good meeting for ATTACh and fun seeing puppies and Jackie's bunnies. Now in Colorado. Two of my boys, both with attachment disorder, are beginning to need lots of redirection. I need to be at the top of my game today.


We have visited Hope Meadows in Rantoul and Chaddock in Quincy! So much good work being done for children! Now we will head to Omaha tomorrow. Can't wait to meet with the group there! My boys are in the pool right now, having fun together! I love it when that happens!!!


Leaving little bits and pieces behind. A phone cover at one house, a sock at another, and the missing swim suit? Who knows where it is? That is what it is like to travel with kids. Can you imagine how it feels for the kids who move house to house, family to family, and leave everything behind?


Destination is CA but we take time to have fun along the way! Parenting parallels? Enjoy today! The road to healing is tough but joy can be found along the path!


Day 4: Breakfast on a covered porch, a drive in the country, a visit to an Airplane Museum in Rantoul, IL, and some time to play. Boys are happy. Most exciting part of the museum; the museum store where they bought simple-to-build airplanes!


Day 3: drove to IL and had only minor problems with my minor boys. Then a wonderful visit with Michael Trout and his wife, Mary. Boys got to have rides in the Porsche! The 11 y.o. had nightmares again. He is afraid of windows, doors, things hiding under beds...


Day 2: So far, so good. Boys are in the pool, with some positive interaction. We only drove 4 hours today, by choice. No days over 6 hours are planned. They could not handle it. Stops every 2 hours meet their minimum needs!


2:30 am: Imagine an 11-year-old crying "Mommy" in a 2-year-old voice, loud enough to wake the family two floors up! And that 11-year-old never woke up. It is amazing to see how he now calms to my touch and my voice in his sleep.


Day 1 was great! Boys only got into one fistfight! We stopped for the night to visit good friends. Their 16 year old was once our foster daughter, and they are an awesome family! My youngest had a terrible time settling down. One episode of completely losing it. Thought there were monsters everywhere. Then had night terrors. Other than that, a great first day.


I am excited about my upcoming trip across country. Imagine traveling by car, as the only adult, with three very special boys! All of these boys have experienced trauma and have emotional and physical scars to show it. I can't wait to share our adventures with you! (Lori Thomas, Hope Village)

Hope Village
Hope Village

Hope Village

HOPE VILLAGE MISSION STATEMENT: Hope Village recognizes that children need and deserve healthy attachment within a family. Therefore, our mission is to build families and promote permanency, giving children hope for their future.


Hope Village is happy to enter the world of social networking! We hope you come back and check our happenings on a regular basis.


18307 Cattail Branch Ct
Leesburg, VA

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Vision: To establish an inter-generational foster/adoption community that includes dedicated, trained foster families, staff, therapists, and "grandparents" to support each other as they meet the needs of foster children. This structure will enable families to provide hard-to-place children with long-term care, and adoption when possible; thus promoting permanency.

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