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GFCA voices concerns regarding development of Marmota Farm

Great Falls Citizens Association

Great Falls Citizens Association

Great Falls Citizens Association's cover photo

Great Falls Citizens Association's cover photo

Great Falls Citizens Association

Great Falls Citizens Association

Great Falls Citizens Association

Great Falls Citizens Association

Happy 4th of July Everyone!  Stay Safe!

Happy 4th of July Everyone! Stay Safe!

Land Use and Zoning linksThe following links provide information that was to be presented at the March 11, 2020 Town Ha...
Committee Meetings Video Archive - Fairfax County, Virginia

Land Use and Zoning links

The following links provide information that was to be presented at the March 11, 2020 Town Hall Land Use and Zoning Meeting.

The Agritourism Presentation

Questions can be directed to:

[email protected]

For zMOD, we were planning to provide a very similar presentation as we gave to the Board of Supervisor's Land Use Policy Committee on February 4th. The PowerPoint and handout can be found here:
and the video of the committee meeting can be found here:

Questions can be directed to:

[email protected]

Additionally, feel free to contact:

[email protected]

The video archive provides the ability to view the whole meeting or view separate segments from links in the accompanying meeting agenda. This allows you to quickly see the part of the meeting most relevant to you.


Based on recommendations by public health officials, the LUZ Town Hall Meeting scheduled for this evening is cancelled.
I will be posting the presentation links on the GFCA page and GFCA website along with instructions for comments and additional information.
Thank you for your understanding. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Jennifer Falcone
Chairperson Land Use and Zoning Committee

[email protected]


New Zoning Rules to be Considered; Town Hall Meeting Sponsored by GFCA


Drug Abuse Forum


GFCA Special Comittee on Schools (SCC) is meeting this evening at 7:00 PM at Great Falls Library. Last month, the committee outlined two workstreams.
One is the 8130 boundary policy revision, and the second is the CIP amendment pertaining to the Langley/Mclean boundary adjustment study. Tonight's meeting will offer some updates on both. The meeting is open to all.


GFCA Town Hall: VA Delegate and County Supervisor Debate 10.16.19 6:30 PM

VDOT to hold Route 7 Corridor Improvements Meeting on May 14thA Public Information Meeting will be held at Colvin Run El...

VDOT to hold Route 7 Corridor Improvements Meeting on May 14th

A Public Information Meeting will be held at Colvin Run Elementary School on May 14th at 7PM regarding the Route 7 Corridor Improvements. Residents are encouraged to attend.

Please see full details at:

Great Falls to Host Fairfax County Budget ForumIf you have questions about major spending priorities in Fairfax County o...
Department Homepage | Management and Budget

Great Falls to Host Fairfax County Budget Forum

If you have questions about major spending priorities in Fairfax County or what the property tax rates are likely to be in the next year or how school spending and teachers' salaries rank, then please attend the special fiscal year 2020 budget briefing for Great Falls residents on March 14, 2019 at 7:30 pm at the Grange, 9818 Georgetown Pike, next to the Library.

The Great Falls Citizens Association and Supervisor John Foust are cosponsoring this briefing for residents. Speakers will be Joe Mondoro, Director of the Department of Management and Budget, and Leigh Burden, Assistant Superintendent, Department of Financial Services, Fairfax County Public Schools. They will lead an in-depth discussion of the budget plans and outlook and take questions and comments from the audience. This is a good opportunity to let Supervisor Foust know your views on county spending and tax questions. This meeting is free and open to all Great Falls residents. Please plan to attend and invite your neighbors.

If you would like to find out more about the budget, visit


Update on the IntegraCare Assisted Living Facility Application

IntegraCare and Verity Commercial have proposed to build a new assisted living facility in Great Falls at 1131/1137 Walker Road, across from Dante Ristorante. Previous issues of this newsletter have discussed this proposal and provided photos of the proposed project, which must be approved by Fairfax County. GFCA and Supervisor John Foust will jointly sponsor a public meeting to discuss the latest plans for the facility on Tuesday, February 12, at 7 pm in the Great Falls Elementary School cafeteria, 701 Walker Road. The public is invited to attend to comment on the proposed application.

The project’s design plans are available for residents to review in the Great Falls Library; ask at the information desk for the location. The plans show recent revisions based on community and Fairfax County comments, including architectural and storm water plans (substituting an underground BMP for a surface dry pond). At the request of GFCA, Great Falls architect, Robert Mobley, has approved the architectural design as compatible with the neighborhood. The Great Falls Garden Club, in conjunction with GFCA, has also recommended a range of native plantings to be used at the site, should it be approved.

In addition to the Great Falls public meeting, the Fairfax County Planning Commission will hold an official public hearing on Wednesday, February 20, 2019 at 7 p.m. at the Fairfax Government Center, 12000 Government Center Parkway, Fairfax VA 22035. The public is also invited to speak at the forum.

Supervisor Foust Speaks in Great Falls Wed Jun 21 7:30 p.m.John Foust, who represents Great Falls, McLean and Herndon on...
Great Falls Citizens Association - Events

Supervisor Foust Speaks in Great Falls Wed Jun 21 7:30 p.m.

John Foust, who represents Great Falls, McLean and Herndon on the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, will address Great Falls residents at the GFCA TownHall meeting at the Great Falls Library at 7:30 pm on Wednesday, June 21. Mr. Foust will discuss county and school budget issues, changes taking place at Tysons Corner, efforts to expand trails in Great Falls, and other community issues. His remarks will be followed by a question and answer session; the public is invited to attend.

At this meeting, GFCA members will also be asked to vote for Officers and Directors for the upcoming new fiscal year 2018. Watch the Events Calendar at for updates and changes:


May 9th TownHall Meeting: Neighborhood Parks

The May Town Hall meeting will be held at the GF Library at 7:30 p.m. Local parks will be featured, with representatives from Great Falls National Park (Brent O’Neill), The Fairfax County Park Authority (representative TBD), The Northern Virginia Regional Parks/Seneca Park Manager (Dustin Betthauser), Camp Fraser and National Conservancy Preserve (Adam Pursell), Friends of Colvin Run Mill (Gene Bacher), and River Bend Park (Julie Gurnee). They will each briefly discuss the opportunities, budgets and strategic plans for their specific park. There will be tables set up for each park where residents can visit with the representatives and ask questions following their presentation.

In addition to the Parks program, the town hall meeting will be an opportunity for GFCA members to nominate candidates to the GFCA Board of Directors. There are currently 2 open seats on the board and the slate will be voted on at the June 13th GFCA town hall. If you are interested in serving, or know a neighbor that you think would be a good addition, we’d like to hear from you. We are looking for residents that are committed to our community and would like to work with our team to keep our residents informed and keep Great Falls Great! This is your chance to nominate someone! Officers hold their position for a 1-year term, with the exception of the Secretary who serves 2 years, and BOD members serve a 2 year term.

The GFCA Nominating Committee will take nominations from the floor at the May 9 Town Hall meetings. Candidate must be in good standing with the GFCA. Officer candidates will be offered a two-minute opportunity to address the general membership on May 9. Similarly, the Director candidates will be offered an opportunity to address the membership for one-minute.


Come to April 18th GFCA TownHall: Comment on the New SunTrust Building Planned in Great Falls Village

On April 18th at 7:30 pm, GFCA will hold a public meeting to discuss SunTrust Bank’s application to build a stand-alone structure in the Village in the location that the Farmer's Market has been held. The meeting will take place in the Great Falls Library.

In November 2016, SunTrust made application to build a new bank building at 778 Walker Road with a drive-thru. In order to have a drive-thru, the county must grant them a special exception. The FC Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors will be holding public hearings and a final vote on this request this summer. No date has been announced as of yet for the hearings or the vote.

SunTrust has proposed a new 32-foot high bank building, which would be at the corner of Walker Road and Columbine Street. The building would have 3,327 square feet of office space. In front of the building would be 14 parking spaces, accessible by the current road inside the Village Centre. The bank estimates that it will generate 200 vehicle trips a day. In addition to the special exception sought for the drive-thru, Fairfax County is being asked to waive three other zoning rules:
• To permit construction of a commercial facility on the bank’s 38,000 square foot lot, County rules require a minimum commercial lot of 40,000 square feet
• To eliminate transitional plant screening that would normally be required along Columbine Street
• To eliminate a rule that would require the bank to install a loading space.

Several GFCA board members met with the applicant in February. Following the meeting, John Colby, a local architect, was asked to review the proposed structure. After reviewing the proposed plans, he met with the SunTrust representative and their architect. He was successful in convincing them to redesign the proposed building, making it more harmonious with the village area. SunTrust will make a presentation to the community at this April 18th meeting. They will present their new building design and take questions from the community.

Object moved

PGA Relents on Use of Seneca Road For Trump National Tournament in May

As a result, the TownHall meeting scheduled for Mar 20 to discuss this has been canceled.

For more information, please see


TownHall - GF Impact of Memorial Week PGA Golf Tournament at Trump National

GFCA has called a public TownHall meeting to review and discuss the impact on Great Falls residents of plans for a PGA Tournament which will be held before and through Memorial Day weekend (May 23 - 28) at Trump National Golf Course.

While most of the tournament plans will not impact Great Falls, there is concern over plans to route spectator buses from parking lots at Dulles Airport and One Loudoun inbound to the golf course via Seneca Rd (northbound only). Outbound buses would traverse away via Loudoun County roads. In addition to bus traffic - which the organizers claim will be limited - the plans would require restricting non-resident access during the tournament beyond some northerly point on Seneca Road (perhaps Beach Mill) for security and to avoid vehicles turning around at the end of Seneca and creating traffic blockage. Access to Seneca Regional Park would also be restricted for security.

More information is available here:

PGA Organizers will speak at the TownHall, and answer questions. All affected Great Falls residents - especially those along Seneca Road - should attend. The public is welcome.

The meeting will be held on Mar 20, 7:30 p.m., at the Great Falls Library.


Tomorrow's TownHall on Proposed County Budget - Feb 21 7:30 pm GF Library

GFCA’s TownHall this month will focus on review and discussion of the proposed Fairfax County and Fairfax County Public Schools Budgets for Fiscal Year 2018. Supervisor Foust and School Board Member Jane Strauss will provide an introduction. Joe Mondoro, the Chief Financial Officer for Fairfax County, and Kristen Michael, Assistant Superintendent of Finance for FCPS, will review the planned budget for the upcoming Fiscal Year. The Fairfax County revenue forecast and prioritized expenditure budget will be covered, as well as the County Schools budget. The FY 2018 Fairfax Schools Budget Task Force report will also be available.

This year’s budget process has been an extremely difficult one, balancing the needs of our schools and county services and programs. Budget pressures also result from rising Pension costs and historically underfunded county/school employee pension plans. The defeat of the Meals Tax prevented one avenue for raising tax revenues. The proposed budget will be unveiled just prior to our TownHall and will be explained and presented at the meeting.

This is an opportunity for all to have the County & Schools budgets explained, and to ask questions of the county experts involved. The TownHall meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 21, 7:30 p.m. at the Great Falls Library (Meeting Room). GFCA members and the general public are welcome.


Feb 13 - Great Falls Storm Water Management Meeting

On February 13th, come to a meeting of concerned Great Falls citizens who are working to improve the deterioration of our streams and woodlands, the erosion and sediment contamination this contributes into the Potomac and Chesapeake Bay, and the destruction of our woodlands that is caused by poor storm water management practices in our County, having disproportionate impact in Great Falls.

At 7:30 p.m. in the Great Falls Library, the Senior Conservation Specialist of the Northern Virginia Soil and Water Conservation District, Willie Wood, will meet with the Storm Water Management Subcommittee of the Great Falls Citizens Association (GFCA) to begin an effort to develop and implement voluntary best practice guidelines for homeowners, HOAs and turf management companies to better manage storm water runoff. This will include environmentally friendly turf management practices and attractive and innovative landscaping measures such as rain gardens. We see this as an educational initiative.

The Storm Water Management Subcommittee also intends to select one or more ponds in Great Falls as demonstration projects where the best practice guidelines we develop will be applied to show how we as citizens can improve our own water quality. The Subcommittee would also like to develop some form of recognition for homeowners and HOAs who embrace these best practices.

We are also working to study County storm water management practices to seek improvements. More information on GFCA’s Storm Water Management initiative is on our website (

Join us at this meeting on February 13 – learn about the storm water problem, and help us kick-start this important effort to improve the quality of the water in our streams and ponds right here in Great Falls. The meeting is open to the public, and all are welcome.

Last night a Fairfax County police officer was shot at near Georgetown Pike and Rossmore Court. If you have any informat...
Shots fired at police cruiser in Virginia; bullets miss officer

Last night a Fairfax County police officer was shot at near Georgetown Pike and Rossmore Court. If you have any information about this please call 703 691 2131

Police are searching for the assailant and a white sedan in the shooting in Great Falls.

Great Falls Citizens Association - July Townhall to Update Residents on Brooks Farm and Other...

Important decisions will be made on major development proposals by Fairfax County in the next few weeks: Brooks Farm, Hill's Nursery, and Seneca CVS. GFCA will hold an informational TownHall meeting on Jul 18, 7:30 p.m., at the GF Library. All Great Falls residents are welcome!

More information here:

GFCA will hold a special TownHall meeting on Monday, July 18 at 7:30 p.m. at the Great Falls Library to update residents on three important proposed developments impacting all corners of our community. Land Use and Development is one of our core activities as part of our Mission to preserve and enh...

GFCA will hold an important Town Hall meeting on Brooks Farm on Tuesday, May 10 at 7:30 pm at the Great Falls Library.  ...

GFCA will hold an important Town Hall meeting on Brooks Farm on Tuesday, May 10 at 7:30 pm at the Great Falls Library. The program will feature presentations by Great Falls residents who have been involved recently in the negotiations over certain issues arising from a proposal to rezone Brooks Farm as a cluster development; these issues include storm water management, tree preservation and road access. The developer, Basheer & Edgemoor, has revised its original development proposal several times in response to discussions with Fairfax County and Great Falls residents. The Fairfax County Planning Commission held a hearing on the proposal on January 21, 2016 but has deferred a decision while several remaining issues are addressed. These issues will be covered at this GFCA meeting.

The GFCA remains opposed to this development project as currently proposed.

All GFCA members and Great Falls residents are encouraged to attend, both because of Brooks Farm’s importance and also because this meeting will provide a window into how the County evaluates rezoning and development proposals, and how the opinions of neighbors, HOAs, civic organizations and residents factor into their decision.




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