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Snow Hill Church Snow Hill Church was founded in 1918 so it is now over 100 years old. Founded on the principle of Holiness, we still maintain this same theology.

We are open to all persons, regardless of personal preference; however, we strictly maintain God's statutes

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Good Morning Snow Hill,
Our Sermon for Sunday, July 18 will be: "Sounds of Change,"

In reading from chapter 2, of the Book of Acts, I noticed that the Holy Ghost didn't come upon the disciples as a "wind." Let's look at that: "And suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled all the house where they were sitting."

So we see that it was a "sound from heaven" which brought the Holy Ghost...and those divided tongues sat on each one who believed in message of Jesus. They were filled with faith in Jesus...filled with the Holy Ghost...they were filled with a mission to spread the Gospel message throughout the world. We are the recipients of this mighty message which came to us as the result of a "sound."

But today we are facing a different type of 'sound." It is the sound of the evil which is being created in our world today. In every every venue...the "Sounds of Change" are echoing in our ears...and they are not good "Sounds of Change."

There is another "Sound of Change" which is coming. It will be the sound of the trumpet as Jesus returns to claim all those who love him before the most terrible time the world has ever known begins.

There is time to change but we don't know how much....but change the world must for the wrath of God is a terrible thing.

Please plan to join us Sunday morning at 11:00 as we find our place in these "Sounds of Change."

Only One

Where Truth Is Preached and Lives Are Changed


Good Evening Snow Hill,

Our sermon for Sunday, July 11, will be: "Only One."

Have you ever thought about the many, many, choices you must make. I mean...if you go to the grocery store there are several choices of each item. If you attempt to by a new shirt, the choices are amazing. If you were to by a new car, in any one given year there are 300 or more choices.

Sometimes I long for the days when the choices weren't so many was surely simpler when there wasn’t so much to choose from.

We recently celebrated Independence Day. The day when our brave forefathers made a decision to honor only One God…obey only one set of statutes given by the same One God …select and write one set of guidelines as the governing Constitution for all Americans. It seems to be very simple, doesn’t it? But it’s gotten skewed somehow.

There is something I would like to speak about this week. That my friends, are the horrendous number of gods who have been introduced into our great nation…this nation was founded on the belief in ONE GOD!!! Now the people of the nation which the God of Creation founded; are drifting away from One God and are beginning to believe anything they are told. Let me assure you…just because someone else believes it…that doesn’t make it true.

Please plan to meet with me on Sunday, July 11, at 11:00 as we consider the "Only One" God who is worthy of our worship.


Hi Snow Hill,
I just want to make sure you are all aware of the services for Cheryl (Cherri) Scarbrough. Visitation will be on Tuesday, July 6, from 6:00 to 7:00 at Couey-Reese-Stanly Funeral Home in Gordon. Services will be in the chapel of Couey-Reese-Stanley on Wednesday, July 7, at 2:00. The family has asked that those attending wear your favorite Georgia Bulldog attire.


Hey Snow Hill,

Please remember our Annual July 4th picnic which will be on Sunday, July 4. Snow hill is furnishing the hotdogs, hamburgers, buns, and chips. We're asking that you bring a dish to compliment that menu and plan to join us for Worship and the picnic and fellowship following.


Good Afternoon Snow Hill,

Our sermon for Sunday, July 4th will be: "Unity Of Oneness."

As we gather on this special day...the day set aside to recall the greatness of our founding fathers who put pen to paper and declared our freedom from a tyrant king...let us also come together to worship in this freedom and revel in Christian love.

Our forefathers had a vision for a land whereby the mercy and glory of the Almighty God would provide for the greatest nation on earthy to be established. As the founders of such, they committed themselves to stand for freedom…to fight for liberty…to die for a nation in its fledgling beginnings.

God has liberated us from the bo***ge of sin by the blood of his only created Son…he has liberated us from the bo***ge of tyranny by his great compassion and mercy…he has liberated us from doubt and fear through a “Unity of Oneness” with the Spirit of Jesus.

Let me assure you: If freedom and independence is what we desire then it will require a “Unity of Oneness" with the One who brings calm in the midst of turmoil. Matthew 8: 27 - "But the men marveled saying: 'What manner of man is this, that even the winds and the sea obey him!"

Please plan to join us Sunday morning at 11:00 as we recall the "Unity Of Oneness" in our Lord Jesus.


Good Evening Snow Hill,

Our sermon for Sunday, June 27, will be: The Great Unknown.

We have really been on a whirlwind the last few weeks. But here’s what we all know: If the Lord does tarry, we will continue to celebrate special days, birthdays, anniversaries, and a host of the same types of events next year as well. You may have already penciled some of them in on your personal calendar. Still, there will be those things of which we are not totally prepared.

That’s life…things happen for which we are not…or have not… prepared… for it is not possible that we may anticipate all of the things of which we have no knowledge. However, the list of “unknowns” run the gambit from the seemliest insignificant to the largest…maybe even some which horrify us in unspeakable tragedy.

It is a fact…for the “unknowns” we have been speaking of …one cannot prepare for. But, there is this “Great Unknown” for which we can prepare.

Please plan to join us Sunday morning at 11:00 as we think about "The Great Unknown" which God has been urging us to prepare for.

Watching Dad

Where Truth Is Preached and Lives Are Changed


Sunday, June 20, is Father's Day. We will not have an evening service so we will have some extra time to visit with and celebrate with our Fathers.



I am convinced this was the best VBS we have celebrated since I arrived at Snow Hill. Would you like to know the details? Well, I'm not going to post them here but we will reveal the results Sunday morning in our Father's Day worship service.

So, you come and be just as amazed as I am when we reveal all the details.


Good Morning Snow Hill,

Our sermon for Sunday, June 20, will be: "Watching Dad."

This Sunday will be another of those great days of celebration...this time we celebrate our Fathers.

Dads you certainly do have an awesome responsibility in your position as the leader of the home…and family. King Solomon penned these words of wisdom especially for our dads in the book of Proverbs, chapter 20, verse 7: “The just man walketh in his integrity: his children are blessed after him.”

King Solomon wrote some 31 chapters of wisdom that we may apply to the total life in such a way that we are blessed if we follow them. In Proverbs 4: 1-10 Solomon wrote to give advice to the children as well; however, these words also apply responsibility of our fathers to provide wise guidance and counsel in raising our children."

Fathers do have a special responsibility It is shocking to see the manner in which many of our children are raised today. A lack of discipline in the home is seen by the number of children roaming the streets…showing openly their disrespect for parents, adults, police officers…and society in general.

What is it that we can to do correct this attitude of our children. Well dads, they are watching you.

Please plan to join us Sunday morning at 11:00 as we speak to the things we should be allowing our children to see in us.


Good Morning Snow Hill!

Our sermon for Sunday, June 13, will be: "The Faces Of Man."

The Bible introduces us to a great deal of something called symbolism. What is symbolism? It is the use of symbols…for our purpose. It is in using these symbols that God has chosen to reserve the great…mighty…and mysterious things… of his kingdom… for those who do believe and find great solace in the study of the Holy Scriptures.

It seems that over and over again, the Lord speaks to my heart concerning the evil, wickedness, immortally, and corruption of our great land. In the blessings and mercy of a gracious God have our forefathers established this land of plenty to be the envy of the world.

But are we…into whose hands is placed the responsibility as the keepers of this nation… at this time of history… allowing America the Beautiful… America the land of plenty…America the land of the free and the home of the brave… to become the scourge of the earth?

In the Old Testament there was a prophet named Ezekiel. The name Ezekiel means “God’s strengthens." God, through the use of the "Faces of Man," demonstrated to Ezekiel the strengths he had given him that he might do battle with the wickedness of his day.

Please plan to join us Sunday morning at 11:00 as we look at these "Faces," seeing how God would use us to do battle with the wickedness of our day.


Snow Hill Vacation Bible School


Good Evening Snow Hill,

Our sermon for Sunday, June 6, will Be: "What's Inside You?"

For quite some time now, I have been seeing what I consider a wise thought written and made available through various media that it may be considered by many.

The thought: “Ships don't sink because of the water around them; ships sink because of the water that gets in them. Don’t let what’s happening around you get inside you and weigh you down.” (Author Unknown) Now I consider it a pity that the author of such a profound statement isn't identified. But regardless, it's thought provoking.

Although we are created holy by the Lord God of Creation, it is into a sinful world. In this life we find ourselves faced with temptations that we would rather we didn't have to hear or see, but hear them and see them we do.

The key here is prevent them from entering the "boat" of our existence that we may entering into the kingdom of heaven "blameless."

Please plan to join us Sunday morning at 11:00 as we discuss some of the key elements to "plugging the leaks."


Good Evening Snow Hill,

Yes, I'm a little late but I have had the burner going all week. Our sermon for this week, as we celebrate Memorial Day, will be: America...The Blessed."

This message comes to us through the inspired word and work of God as he has looked upon the world and declared that all persons should be granted the ability to experience the Holy Word in the form of Jesus Christ…Lord…God…Redeemer…Savior…Sacrifice…and Judge. He in all of his glory who is coming again soon to rid this world of the evil and wickedness which has been the root caused of a day such as this.

We will gather on this Sunday morning…not to recognize those who have served well…gallantly…and heroically…tomorrow is the day for that. Sunday is “God’s Day” and we will gather for a time of Divine Worship. A time to acknowledge that our Heavenly Father is the creator of heaven …earth…and a baby boy whom he directed would be called Jesus. (Matthew 1: 21: “…and thou shalt call his name JESUS; for he shall save his people from their sins.”). It is a day to also acknowledge this baby boy who grew to be the sacrifice…and payment…for the sins of the world.

But let us also acknowledge another point. Were there no evil or sin in the world…Jesus would have never had to die…a sacrifice…on the Cross at Calvary. Were there no evil or sin in the world…those noble and brave across the centuries would not have had to die as well. Were it not for the evil…the sin…the wickedness…and the corruption…introduced into this world…all would live at peace…and there would be no need for a day such as this.

Our heart runs hot with the passion of those who have given all for our freedoms and liberty. Let us take this special day and join together at Snow Hill at 11:00 on Sunday morning in remembrance of our Lord who gave the supreme sacrifice and those who have followed...insuring our legacy of freedom for our families and our children.


Good Afternoon Snow Hill,

Our sermon for Sunday - The Day Of Pentecost - will be: Nails Of The Cross

Second only to the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus…Lord, God, and Savior…and his return the “Day of Pentecost.” This special day fulfills the promise of our Lord as he spoke to his disciples on the night of his betrayal. Jesus told the disciples of another Comforter which was to come.

However, it was not possible that Jesus would “give up the ghost” were it not for the “Cross” at Calvary. But give he did. Not that it wasn’t his desire that our Heavenly Father might find another way to take away the sin of the world. But there was no other way… for the price of sin is blood and only perfect …clean…holy blood… without blemish… is sufficient to pay such an enormous debt.

It is correct to acknowledge the suffering and the agony Jesus endured there on that cross. But it is also correct to acknowledge that many things were released to mankind from those six (6) hours on Calvary’s Cross.

Please plan to join us at 11:00 on Sunday Morning, May 23, (and invite a friend) as we look at the significance of those "Nails Of The Cross."

Sons Of God

Where Truth Is Preached and Lives Are Changed


Good Morning Snow Hill,

The "Day of Pentecost" is on May 23. In leading up to this "Day of the Holy Ghost" I am preparing sermons toward an acknowledgement of the day on which Jesus fulfilled his promise to send us "another Comforter." Our Sermon for May 16, will be: "Sons Of God."

Sons of God is a term used of several people groups in the Bible. But why are we…the Christians…referred to as: “Sons Of God.” The simple answer is because Christians are born of God. This action makes us eternally “sons.” In the generical term…it also includes daughters…in that since we are all “born again” we all become the “sons” of our Heavenly Father.

Let's add a few thoughts to this title. As "Sons of God" we are now "new creatures" for we have "died to self;" being "created in Christ Jesus"...we have been "born again."

The title… "Sons Of God” …holds its own supremacy…it is not a title given to everyone…but only to those who earn it…presenting themselves worthy.

Pease plan to join us Sunday morning at 11:00 as we take a look at this honored position of being a “Son Of God.”


Hey Snow Hill,

How about we pray this prayer each day:

Heavenly Father, I have confessed Jesus as my Lord and Savior, I have asked his Holy Spirit to fill my soul with his presence. I come before you today confessing that I am a sinner but I am so sorry for my sin. I now bow humbly before you seeking your face and the very presence of the Lord God Jehovah. I ask that you would forgive my of my sin and my wicked ways. Please hear my prayer from the highest of all heavens and forgive me as you have promised. Heavenly Father please heal our mighty nation of America that you have established for your honor and glory...that we may continue to worship you with all of our heart, mind, body, soul, and Jesus name! Amen.

God promised he would heal our land if we would his face...and turn from our sin.

Please share this with all your friends.


Good Afternoon Snow Hill,

Sunday is Mother's Day and we certainly want to celebrate and honor our mothers. The Lord has placed a sermon on my heart which I have given the title: A Devoted Mother.

If I could sum up all the attributes of a Mother I couldn't think of a better way to say it than "Devoted." Devoted...Godly... mothers are the backbone of our nation. But not only our nation but our society as a whole. It is the teaching and training of these mothers which put aside the immoral and corrupt attitude of the young today.

Let me summarize the nature and passion of the Devoted...Godly... Mother with these two comments

1. Somewhere between the youthful energy of a teenager and the golden years of a woman’s life, there lives a marvelous and loving person known as “mother.”

2. A mother is the one and only person, in whom you feel both excitement and pride when you point to them and tell the whole world: “That’s my mother.”

Please plan to join us Sunday morning at 11:00 as we pay tribute to...and as we honor our mothers.


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