Pan Asian Volunteer Health Clinic

Pan Asian Volunteer Health Clinic PAVHC provides primary care, preventive care, health related services, and welfare application for uninsured low-income people in Montgomery County.

Community clinic, serving Montgomery County, MD, since 2003. Services: Primary care: Diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic illnesses (including diabetes, hypertension, and asthma). Referral services: Patient referrals to connected facilities for diagnostic imaging at discounted rate. Patient referrals to specialists and health management plan for follow-up care. Case management. Education and outreach. Requirements: Montgomery County resident. Uninsured. Income below 250% Federal poverty level. Age 18 or over. Bilingual staff (Chinese). Part of Primary Care Coalition/Montgomery Cares. Funded by donations and by local county and city governments.

Mission: Helping low-income, uninsured residents who face language or cultural barriers when seeking health care.

On February 15, 2020, We invited Dr. Sarah Dababnah, Assistant Professor at University of Maryland, School of Social wor...

On February 15, 2020, We invited Dr. Sarah Dababnah, Assistant Professor at University of Maryland, School of Social work to provide a presentation on parenting children with special needs. Dr. Dababnah will also introduce her study on care-giving burden for Asian Families. In this event, we also invited professional service providers, including pediatric psychiatrist, speech therapist, researchers from UMD and Special Olympic to introduce available services. About 15 families with special needs children joined our discussion. Big brothers and big sisters from CAPA and AAHI provided child care support.

Visit our website for the resource shared in this event:

Next Chronic Pain Self-Management Program (CPSMP)Dates & Time: Thursdays 3/5, 12,19, 26 and 4/2 & 9, 3-5:30 pmLocation: ...

Next Chronic Pain Self-Management Program (CPSMP)
Dates & Time: Thursdays 3/5, 12,19, 26 and 4/2 & 9, 3-5:30 pm
Location: CCACC (9318 Gaither Road, Suite 215, Gaithersburg, MD20877)
Fee: Free
Registration & Questions: 240-393-5950,[email protected]

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), an estimated 20.4% (50 million) of U.S. adults had chronic pain and 8.0% of U.S. adults (19.6 million) had high-impact chronic pain. Pain is a component of many chronic conditions, and chronic pain as a health concern on its own, has negative impact on the lives of an individual, their families, and society as a whole.

Pan Asian Volunteer Health Clinic (PAVHC) has been awarded a two-year grant, the No Pain Initiative (NPI) from the Maryland Community Health Resource Commission (MCHRC). This project provides an integrative approach to improve the overall quality of life for those living with chronic pain. One of such approach is the evidence-based Chronic Pain Self-Management Program (CPSMP), a community-based intervention delivered once a week for six weeks. The CPSMP is developed by Stanford University as a tool to help people living with chronic pain condition. Researches demonstrate that participants have less pain, improved mental health, more energy, and increased satisfaction with their lives compared to those who have not taken the program. The NPI planned to provide 6 groups in 2 years. In 2019, two CMSMP groups successfully completed the courses. One participant who joined CPSMP last Septembers share: “I used to think pain is part of life and there is nothing we can do about it. With the knowledge and tools I learned from this class, I can manage my pain better going forward!”

The next CPSMP is coming on March 5th for six weeks to April 9 every Thursday from 3 pm to 5:30 pm. The workshop is free, and participants that attend the workshop will receive a free copy of the Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Pain book, and a CD, The Moving Easy Program. To register, please contact 240-393-5950, or visit PAVHC website (


Vaccination of influenza vaccine

The flu is a highly contagious acute respiratory infection that spreads mainly through airborne droplets and is easily prevalent in the population. Influenza vaccination is the most effective means of preventing influenza, which can significantly reduce the chance of infection, even if it cannot wholly avoid the disease, it can alleviate the symptoms and reduce the occurrence of severe conditions.
The population is generally lacking in resistance to influenza viruses, and strictly speaking, everyone can get a flu shot. There are two types of vaccination priority vaccination:
one is the high-risk group of influenza, the elderly are 60 years old and older, the chronic disease patients (heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease, pulmonary heart disease, etc.), obesity, etc. The flu is transmitted to people at critically high risk, including medical staff, caregivers who care for the elderly and children, such as kindergarten teachers, welfare workers, nannies, family members living with children and the elderly.
Influenza vaccines can be vaccinated throughout the year, but it takes 2 to 4 weeks to get a protective level of antibodies, and most of the protection can only last for 6 to 8 months. The high season of influenza is from December to the next year of March. In the month, to ensure the best protection, it is recommended to get the flu vaccine from September to November every year.
Those who are banned from flu vaccination include those who are allergic to eggs or to any of the vaccines, patients with Guillain-Barre syndrome, patients with acute febrile illness, those with chronic allergies, those with severe allergies, and those who the doctors think are not suitable for vaccination.
Patients in the pan-Asian clinic could go to the clinic to receive flu vaccination (Monday to Friday; 9:00 am to 5:00 pm). Qualified patients only need to pay $10. No qualified patients only need to pay $25.

No Pain Initiative Outreach at Lakeview Senior Apartment on November 20, 2019.

No Pain Initiative Outreach at Lakeview Senior Apartment on November 20, 2019.

CCACC Pan Asian Volunteer Health Clinic teams up with Wellness & Independence For Seniors At Home (WISH) to bring free medical consulting home 🤩🤩🤩

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Chinese Culture and Community Service Center Receives Grant to Reduce Opioid Usage Gaithersburg, MD – The Chinese Cultur...

Chinese Culture and Community Service Center Receives Grant to Reduce Opioid Usage

Gaithersburg, MD – The Chinese Culture and Community Service Center (CCACC) recently received a two-year grant from the Community Health Resources Commission in the amount $160,000, with co-funding from Aetna Better Health of Maryland.
This funding is awarded to the CCACC for their “No Pain Initiative” which provides for an integrated approach to chronic pain management, including the reduction and prevention of the use of opioid medications for chronic pain. The program includes individual counseling, psychosocial support groups, acupuncture sessions, and a structured 6-week self- management workshop to empower patients to better manage their chronic pain, and receive non-pharmacologic interventions that could provide pain relief.
In coordinated fashion, participants can also plug into elements of individualized care, such as a review of their pain medications with a psychiatrist or a pharmacist, and the development of a care plan to address co-occurring depression, anxiety or other psychosocial issues.
The No Pain Initiative (NPI) is also made possible by the existing network of volunteer personnel at the Pan Asian Volunteer Health Clinic (PAVHC), such as Dr. Ling Chin. Dr. Shao, and Hsing-chih Su, Pharm D. Dr. Chin comes from a background in public health, FDA, NIH, and preventive medicine. Dr. Shao is a volunteer psychiatrist. Dr. Su is a volunteer pharmacist and leads our pharmacy team. PAVHC is part of CCACC and is a safety net clinic in Montgomery County, and is in partnership with other community organizations for this project. For example, the Asian Indians for Community Service, Inc (AICS), is the organization partner providing the certified trainers for the self-management workshops (known as the Chronic Pain Self-Management Program – CPSMP). Another key partner is Dr. Chao An, Director of the US Center for Chinese Medicine (USCCM). The Center provides the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) doctors who perform a TCM evaluation and deliver 3 sessions of acupuncture treatment for NPI participants.
In the next two years, it is anticipated that the “No Pain Initiative” will provide pain management services to a total of 240 individuals. To date, 21 participants have completed the CPSMP workshops, 26 participants have received acupuncture treatment, and many others have received health education, and individual counseling.
This award has been instrumental in CCACC/PAVHC being able to provide partial support for two additional key staff members for the Initiative, namely, Program Director Huixing Lu, LCSW-C and Project Coordinator Hsiaoyin Chen LMSW, according to PAVHC Clinic Director Lu. For more information regarding NPI, please visit our website:
This co-funded grant from the Community Health Resources Commission and Aetna Better Health of Maryland is a part of a larger partnership to expand access to care across the state, especially in underserved communities, in an effort to both reduce health disparities, and increase the capacity of safety net providers to serve vulnerable residents. Jointly, the organizations have co-funded two additional grants in Washington and Charles counties. “We are thrilled to play a part in the community by supporting the Chinese Culture and Community Service Center in their efforts to reduce opioid dependency in the state” said Aetna Better Health of Maryland Chief Executive Officer Angelo Edge.
“The Community Health Resources Commission is thrilled to support Chinese Culture and Community Service Center,” commented Mark Luckner, CHRC Executive Director. “The No Pain Initiative will bring important pain management services to the community and will help reduce the reliance on opioids for chronic pain.” The grant to CCACC is one of 26 awards totaling $7.2 million issued by the CHRC this year. Additional information about these awards can be accessed at:




美國醫療的標準,40歲以上的女性,建議每年必須做婦女檢查。在泛亞診所女性病患裡面,大概只有20%的病患會接受預防性的婦女檢查服務。美國公共醫療數據也顯示,亞裔女性進行預防性的婦科醫療服務的比例大大低於白人女性。部分女性朋友都會忽視婦科檢查的重要性,認為自己沒有婦科疾病,為什麼要進行婦科檢查? 婦科每年定期檢查一次真的很有必要,因為通過婦科檢查,女性可以對自身情況有一個全面的了解,以便做到早發現早治療,或者是防患於未然。但很多女性因為平時自己沒有出現相關症狀、感到檢查麻煩、自身害羞等情況,忽視了定期進行婦科檢查的重要性。



• 21歲以下:無需篩查(無需HPV檢測)
• 21-29歲:每3年進行一次子宮頸抹片檢查(建議進行HPV檢測,結果異常,則需要進一步監控或治療)
• 30-65歲:每5年(或每3年:不單獨檢測HPV, 或進行帶有HPV的子宮頸抹片檢查)
• 65歲及以上:無需篩查(除非有異常的子宮頸抹片檢查史)



• 如果年齡在40至44歲的女性願意,可以選擇通過乳線攝影,進行年度乳腺癌篩查 (蒙郡的病人乳腺攝影只需交費$50)。
• 年齡在45到69歲之間的女性每年應進行乳線攝影檢查 (蒙郡的病人乳腺攝影免費)。
• 55歲及以上的女性應每2年進行一次乳腺攝影檢查。


美京華人活動中心2019 “秋季社區健康日”將於本周六,9月28日下午2時至5時在美京華人活動中心舉辦。本次健康日的主題是“慢性疼痛與疾病預防,”本次活動的對象是我們全社區關心健康的人士。這次活動是泛亞義務門診本年度推出的“全民預防疾病”項...

美京華人活動中心2019 “秋季社區健康日”將於本周六,9月28日下午2時至5時在美京華人活動中心舉辦。本次健康日的主題是“慢性疼痛與疾病預防,”本次活動的對象是我們全社區關心健康的人士。這次活動是泛亞義務門診本年度推出的“全民預防疾病”項目(Prevention For All)的其中一個項目。這個項目獲得蒙郡社區資金(Community Grant)的資助,所有血液檢查和檢驗項目免費。當天有超過三百多社區民眾參加我們的活動。
本次健康日的健康篩查與醫療服務展覽共分5大區域,包括:CCACC醫療服務展覽, 疼痛與糖尿病的預防與治療,乙型肝炎與其他疾病預防信息,心理健康以及醫療保險信息展覽等。
泛亞義務門診以及眾多本地醫療服務機構帶來眾多健康篩查項目。最受歡迎,自始至終大排長龍的檢查項目包括青光眼檢測,骨密度檢查,聽力測試,體脂測量,體脂密度(BMI),血糖測試等等。今年,Safeway 藥房提供沒有保險的認識提供免費疫苗註射。有保險的民眾,也憑著保修卡獲得疫苗註射。

本次健康日將有多位西醫師提供一對一的個人健康咨詢。已經確定參加咨詢活動的內科醫生包括:周武屏醫生, 朱躍躍醫生,崔巍醫生,金鈴醫生,楊淩醫生,陳琦醫生,王歌昕醫生等。專科醫生有何傑(糖尿科)醫生,賈雨霞(腫瘤科)醫生, Steve Yu (婦科),李剛醫生(麻醉疼痛科),李平醫生(腎臟科)謝然(婦產科)邵曉平 (精神科)與楊敖(精神科)等醫生。我們現場也會提供中醫咨詢服務。 提供中醫咨詢的有精誠中醫診所的符誌強中醫師和北京中醫大學美國中心的李偉中醫師。



每次健康過後,我們總是會收到社區群眾的電話,詢問錯過了活動,希望可以繼續參與,怎麽辦。 其實,由於泛亞診所今年度得到蒙郡政府社區資金的協助,可以全年(今年7月到明年7月)之間,為合格的蒙郡的居民提供免費的疾病預防。這些服務包括全年的體檢,血液篩查,婦女健康檢查,子宮膜片檢查,腸癌篩檢,流感疫苗注射等醫療服務。要獲得這些服務,需要登記進Montgomery Care醫療項目。詳情請參照泛亞門診網址,或者致電240-393-5950咨詢。



每次健康日過後,我們總是會收到社區群眾的電話詢問,說他們錯過了活動,但是仍然希望可以獲得預防性的醫療服務。 其實,由於泛亞診所今年度得到蒙郡政府社區資金的協助,可以全年(今年7月到明年7月)之間,為合格的蒙郡的居民提供免費的疾病預防。這些服務包括全年的體檢,血液篩查,婦女健康檢查,子宮膜片檢查,腸癌篩檢,流感疫苗注射等醫療服務。
泛亞義務門診在未來一年,會因應國際疾病防治日曆,推出疾病預防服務,合資格的居民可以免費體檢,並且取得免費預防檢測服務。 未來半年的疾病預防服務安排如下:
月份 防治項目 免費檢查項目
十月 乳癌預防月 婦檢/乳腺造影檢查
十一月 美國糖尿病關注月 體檢/A1C血糖檢查
糖尿病患者眼科健康關注月 眼底檢查
十二月 流感疫苗注射週 流感疫苗注射
一月 子宮頸健康關注月 子宮抹片檢查
二月 心臟健康關注月 體檢/心電圖
三月 全國腸癌關注月 體檢/腸道潛血自檢

要獲得這些服務,需要登記進Montgomery Care醫療項目。詳情請參照泛亞門診網址,或者致電240-393-5950咨詢。提醒一下有醫療保險的人士,根據現行的醫療保險法例,所有的醫療保險都必需免費提供預防性疾病的服務。請大家向自己的保險公司查詢具體的情況。


Pan Asian Volunteer Health Clinic's cover photo

Pan Asian Volunteer Health Clinic's cover photo

What a great team!

What a great team!

PAVHC Newsletter -
PAVHC Newsletter

PAVHC Newsletter -

日期:   每月兩次,第二,第四個周二早上收費:   MontgomeryCare蒙郡基礎治療項目病人 $25/次,其他病人 $50/次

PAVHC Newsletter -
PAVHC Newsletter

PAVHC Newsletter -

日期:   每月兩次,第二,第四個周二早上收費:   MontgomeryCare蒙郡基礎治療項目病人 $25/次,其他病人 $50/次



Learn about the Pan Asian clinic's patient requirements, explore its health care services, and find out how to get there.



Learn about the Pan Asian clinic's patient requirements, explore its health care services, and find out how to get there.

Please add us on WeChat for more updates on events, information, and announcements

Please add us on WeChat for more updates on events, information, and announcements



National Council on Aging

ACA registration is still on regardless all the noises in the nation. PAVHC will provide outreach and enrollment service. This is also the season for Medicare Pt. D. enrollment. Come in to check out your benefit.

Watch our "How NOT to Shop for Medicare" video, and prepare to make the best choices for your needs during Open Enrollment!

Pan Asian Volunteer Health Clinic's cover photo

Pan Asian Volunteer Health Clinic's cover photo



• 来自所有来源(获得和未获得)的家庭收入,例如您从工作中得到的钱,社会保障,SSI或利息
• 有多少人住在你家里?
• 你住在哪里?

要申请食品补充计划,您可以打印并填写申请表并邮寄到当地的办公室。您也可以使用在线申请申请。请致电(800)332-6347 国家热线通过电话申请。也可以来泛亚门诊部,有义工可以帮助填写申请。

• 公共或一般援助
• 对贫困家庭的临时援助(TANF)
• 补充安全收入(SSI)

• 在美国合法居住至少5年以上
• 获得与残疾有关的援助或福利,无论何时进入美国
• 18岁以下的儿童,无论孩子何时进入美国
• 文件显示居住在家的人数
• 文件显示住户地址
• 显示家庭费用的文件
• 显示医疗费用的文件
• 社会保障收据
• 年龄证明
• 收入和资源证明


About Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

The Pan Asian Volunteer Health Clinic continue to help low income seniors to apply for SNAP (food stamp). Please contact 301-820-7200, ext. 8314 for consultation and make an appointment.


Pan Asian Volunteer Health Clinic is a safety net clinic serving low income, uninsured residents at Montgomery County, Maryland and the Metropolitan DC area. For more details, please call 240-393-5950 or visit our website


Myth #4: No stores near me accept SNAP.

FACT: Over 250,000 grocery stores and farmers markets across the country accept SNAP to pay for food.

The Chinese Culture and Community Service Center has received a grant from the National Council on Aging to help community members apply for SNAP.

Call the Chinese Culture and Community Service Center (240-393-5950) to get in touch with a social worker.


9318 Gaither Rd, Ste 205
Gaithersburg, MD

Opening Hours

Monday 09:00 - 17:00
Tuesday 09:00 - 17:00
Wednesday 09:00 - 17:00
Thursday 09:00 - 17:00
Friday 09:00 - 17:00


(240) 393-5950


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