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Little Rascal's Pet Rescue & Adoptions and Resale Store All Animals need love and a good home & we try and find one. We work strickly on your donations for all our medical bills, spay and neutureing.

Founder Shelba Pettey We Believe ALL Animals Deserve a Loving and Permanent Home. We only adopt to the RIGHT home that is good for the animal. We turn NO animal away we will find a spot for him or her here and in our heart and give them love until we find the right home. We have a vet on duty when a animal needs medical attention.....

Founder Shelba Pettey We Believe ALL Animals Deserve a Loving and Permanent Home. We only adopt to the RIGHT home that is good for the animal. We turn NO animal away we will find a spot for him or her here and in our heart and give them love until we find the right home. We have a vet on duty when a animal needs medical attention.....



Lil Rascal's Pet Rescue & Hospice Care is having a Fundraiser this Saturday the 18th of July. There will be a BBQ, have your kids picture taken on a pony, boat rides, water ball rides, fishing contest (bring your own poles & bait), petting zoo, raffles for prizes and free stuffed animals for all the kids. You do not need to be present to win the raffles. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit group. Fun for the whole family, won't you come join us in saving animals... We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone and "PLEASE NO ALCOHOL ON THE PREMISES"! (816a) 888-9094
13165 LOCK LANE, & HIGHWAY 10.... IN Excelsior Springs, Between Wood Heights and Elk Horn....Look for the blue lake..


Lil Rascal's might be shutting down in March. We are in need of donations to stay open and operating to save animals. If our friends would donate $1.00 each we would be able to finish the kennels and vet 23 animals that is in our care today. We can offer you a tax write off. We are also in need of dog and cat food dry and wet, cat litter, blankets, towels, news paper, domestic and wild bird food. Any of the above is greatly appreciated. Thank You


Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. And with tax season coming up some of you might need a tax write off. Lil Rascal's Pet Rescue could use some Christmas Magic and make a donation to Lil Rascal's Pet Rescue & Hospice Care. We have inspection coming up next month and still in need of some materials to finish the kennels. If everyone could see their way to make a donation to save more animals it will be greatly appreciated by all the animals that we will be able to care for in 2015 There seems to be no end to the little animals being dumped on the highways during this Christmas Season. We found a 4-5 week old puppy, he was shivering so bad from the cold. If your an animal lover the this is the place for you to make a donation before the first of the year.



Trash man comes Tuesday morning at 6-7:00am. Taking out trash and found a rabbit in the trash that someone has dropped off sometime tonight (Monday) after 10pm. went back out with the last box of trash and there he was....He is in a crate with rotten food no straw or nothing to keep him warm. He isn't moving too good right now he is so cold.
It s -8 degrees out there right now feels like -11 with the wind chill. Who ever you are and if you read this I want you to know you could have brought him up to the porch/door so we could have gotten him in right away, let hope he makes it now. Will post a picture tomorrow.


Hey Guy's,

Winter is here and every animal out se in the cold needs some kind of place to keep warm. If you cant find a place to keep them out of the weather find a rescue or foster home who can.


Update on Pickles, he went to a lady in Kansas for his forever home. Pickles hit the doggie lottery.


This last week we got in a baby squirrel, a woodpecker, sparrows, baby rabbits that got ran over by a lawn mower & 5 more cats. Everyone is still on the ni**le & doing well. Should be ready to be released by the 25th of May.


Hello Everyone, If you have a couple of hours to help out cause
Lil Rascal's is in need of some volunteers to help put up a privacy fence, two kennels and a partial wall. Must ha this all finished by the 26th of May. Or we could be shut down or/and fined. Any help is greatly appreciated.


Lil Rascal's Resale Store will reopen April 1, 2014 at 10:00AM-4:00PM


Lil Rascal's Pet Rescue needs your help. Were not asking for something for nothing. We have a T-Shirt Fundraiser going on and need your support to continue doing our work for the animals. We are their voice. There is so many homeless and freezing out there right now tonight and no one seems to care. We do and we want to rescue ten times the amount we have now. You can go to

For this to work, we need you to give what you can afford. If everyone simply takes, then more water is drawn from the plant than is given and it withers and dies.

Or go to our web page at

where there is a pay pal button for your donations.

The reality is, what is a lot of money to one person, is pocket change to the next.

The only “fair” thing is to ask you to give what you can. Those who can afford more, will make up for those who can afford less, and a harmony and natural balance is created. Then we all win.


SAVE A LIFE Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - front SAVE A LIFE Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - back SAVE A LIFE Fundraiser - shirt design - zoomed

SAVE A LIFE Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - small - front

SAVE A LIFE Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - small - back

SAVE A LIFE Fundraiser - shirt design - small - zoomed

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Help us Raise Funds For Homeless & Abused Animals

Lil Rascal's needs help in saving more lives for Homeless and Abused Animals. Medical bills, Food and Care. Won't you Please purchase a Lil Rascal's T Shirt to show your support for the animals. We Rescue over 300 dogs and cats in a year not counting all the others that come in.

Shirts will be delivered approximately 2 weeks after the close date.

At 250 shirts sold, this Booster will raise $4140 for
Lil Rascal's Pet Rescue & Hospice Care.

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Lil Rascal's Rescue was founded in 1974 we have rescued 1000's of animals including Wildlife, Reptiles and Exotics. We find them the best possible and permanent home. We need to raise $5,000 dollars by spring to rebuild cages and kennels and buildings that were destroyed in storms. Our hospice care unit needs new medical equipment and beds for the terminally ill pets that people can no longer take care of or can't afford to keep them. We work on donations from the community and get no funding from the government. We are a non-profit group with a 501(c). So won't you buy a t-shirt and help save a life and make our fund raiser a success

Organized byShelba Pettey or Dawanna MurrellContact
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Lil Rascal's Pet Rescue/Hospice Care & Resale Store has been operating for 27 years. We began in California and relocated to Excelsior Springs, MO.

We are always in need of volunteer's to: Dog Walking, Feeding, Cleaning Cages and Kennels, Dishes, Greeting Guests, Helping in the Store, Bathing Dogs and Cats or Just Playing and Loving on the Little Angels. We are a group dedicated to Rescuing, Housing, Caring for and Rehoming Unwanted & Homeless Animals. We Rescue-Adopt-Nurture & Heal before Placing.

We are located just off Hwy 10 and Lock Lane in Excelsior Springs at 13165 Lock Lane. You can Call, Email or Text to arrange a tour. Any one 16 years old and under must be accompanied by an adult.

We always NEED Foster Homes if you want a temporary Pet this is for you.
We are a 501(c)3 non-profit group and work strictly on DONATIONS.

In order to continue our life saving operations, we need your help! We are always in the NEED for the following supplies to continue to house, care for and adopt homeless ANIMALS into Wonderful and Permanent Homes. Please consider donating any of the following items.....................................

Monetary Donations Sturdy Dog/Cat Collars
Blankets BathTowels
Hand Towels Laundry Soap
Clorox Bleach Paper Towels
Peanut Butter Dawn Dish Soap
Leashes Copy Paper

Dog/Cat Beds Scratching Posts

Flea & Tick Medicine Hand Sanitizer

Dog/Cat Shampoo Nylabones (all sizes)

Canned Dog/Cat Food Puppy/Kitten Food

Dry Dog/Cat Food Pill Pockets

55 Gal Trash Bags Cat Litter Box's/Litter

We are also in need of donations of Plywood, 2x4's, 2x6's, Kennels and Cement. Also knowledge of helping build Pens and Kennels.

Adoptions and Intake by Appointment ONLY!

We also offer Boarding, Hospice Care for Terminally Ill Pets,
Bathing and Grooming by Appointment ONLY!
Help make a difference and sign up and Donate

to volunteer today!


If you love working with all kinds of animals this is the place you need to volunteer your time and Help animals that don't know what love is. Send us an Email, Text or Call to set up an appointment..


Their is so many animals being dumped out here , that it is hard to keep up. If all our facebook friends would even donate $1-5.00 we could get a lot more spayed and neutered, heart worm tested with their microchip. We have had 4 dogs come in over the weekend they all need to be vaccinated, fixed and etc. As it stands now we have 19 kittens & cats that also shots and fixed. If anyone wants to mail a dollar or so to help that would be great. The address is 13165 Lock Lane, Excelsior Springs, MO 64024.....attn.; Lil Rascals Pet Rescue
PLEASE SHARE ....We are also needing towels and blankets and straw for bedding this winter you can drop them off at the above address or call and we can have them picked up.


Well we are back in operation and a new cell phone with our old number. Thank God. I had a friend who helped me out with it. So you can call either number again and we will get your calls. Thanks


July 12-13-14 Lil Rascal's Rescue is having a HUGH Yard and Garage Sale. Come on out and visit and check out the great bargains along with an animal adoption event.


Check out our web page:, Crystal Lakes, MO - We have a great Raffle going on from March 1-July 1, 2013 the drawing will be held at 12:00 NOON at the Rescue. Come out and have some tea, coffee and snacks lots of great prizes
The Hospice Care Unit is NOW OPEN


Hello Everyone, Lil Rascal's has adopted out 23 dogs and cats in 2012 and hope to triple that this year. This year so far there has been 9 kittens and 3 dogs that have found a Forever Home. If your thinking of adopting a forever friend this year Please Do Not Buy from a BREEDER. Go to your local shelter and adopt one or even two. KC Pet Project has a large number of just about any breed you may be looking for and a lot of adorable cats and kittens.


A little Chihuahua named Nene survived a terrifying fall from the fifth floor balcony of his North Miami apartment. The fall left his hind legs paralyzed. He could no longer walk and run like he loved to do. Now thanks to the nonprofit Tico’s Pawket and a man in California who makes doggie wheelchairs, Nene is getting a chance to run again.

The person watching Nene accidentally left the door to the balcony open. Nene was able to go out on to the balcony unsupervised because of this, and ended up falling five stories to the ground below. Nene’s owner, Martha, got the frightening phone call that her little dog had fallen and rushed to get to him, “I went crazy. I was crying all the way down the expressway, saying ‘God, don’t let him go before I get there. Let him be alive.’” Nene was alive, but suffered a severe injury leaving his back legs paralyzed.

In order to get around Nene has to drag his back legs. Even though it was difficult to watch him struggle, Martha couldn’t bear the thought of putting him down. She was able to find help for Nene from Susan Soltero.

Soltero recently started a nonprofit called Tico’s Pawket. The nonprofit’s mission is to help pet owners who need financial help. “For any family that has an animal that has a problem, that has a medical condition, that they may not be able to financially take care of, we provide help for those people who really love their animals and want to keep them, “ Soltero said. Nene is the first animal Tico’s Pawket has helped.

Soltero got in contact with a man in California who makes wheelchairs for dogs and helped raise the funds to cover the cost of having one made for Nene. The new wheelchair has finally arrived for Nene and he’s adapting to it well. Martha is so happy she didn’t give up on her Nene and grateful for Susan’s help, “He is going to live a normal life again. Thank you. Thank you, Susan.”

Thank God for those people's donations to help this little angel...


Just wanted to say Thank You to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday. Also, Little Rebel is going into surgery on Wednesday. Keep him in your prayers cause he is awful young to have to go thru a surgery like this. On the way to take my niece home tonight, there was 15 cows got loose and was on a main highway here in Richmond. All of them but one momma and baby didn't want to go the way the others did.I wrangled a cow and got her back in after stopping traffic with my jeep sitting in the middle of the road with the flashers going. People wouldn't slow down so, I made myself a road block and made them slow down or stop. Why is people so stupid sometimes, when your out in the middle of a road and waving your arms for them to slow down or stop they seem to speed up.


We have sent our application in for an ACFA License, for the State of MO....In California you don't have to have a license like that only a city license unless you want a non-profit license. We dont have that many animals like a pound we are only trying to help injured and homeless. Now we have to come up with another $125.00 for this license. We dont sell any animal we dont get funds from the Goverment or anyone. We want to stop abuse on animals and spay & neuter any dog or cat to stop some of the breeding for people only to make money off of another little life. They don't care what kind of home the animal has as long as they get the money for them. We spay & neuter all animals found or the owner's don't want any more out of our own pocket. We had a bloodhound hit out here on Hwy. 10 and no one cared about this old guy. We took him to the vet and the first thing they asked is who was going to pay the bill? We asked them to take care of him and we would be responsible for his medical bills. The owner never came forward and needless to say he didn't make it. His leg was broken in three places, both hips were broke and he had internal injuries, so they euthanized him. Everything is about money doesn't anyone just care about the animal? They have feelings and pain just like we do, there "NOT" just a dumb animal. I've known lots of people dummer then any animal I have known in my 65 years. We have a form you fill out (before you get to take them home), we do a home visit, before you get an animal from us and if you are approved and have proper,clean and a safe home for them, and we do two follow-up visits after taking the animal home.


Excelsior Springs, MO

General information

Lil Rascal's Pet Rescue & Hospice Care is a non-profit 501(c)3 group. We find homeless animals or abused animals and get them medical attention. They stay here until they are completely healed and are ready for a new home. They have to be vaccinated, spayed or neutered before going into a permanent home. We screen the potential new adoptive parents, check their references and their home before we place them. We make sure they go to the RIGHT home that is best fits them. We receive no federal or state goverment funding we work strictly on donations or fund raisers and out of our own pocket when we can have a yard sale we need donations to operate. We need materials to rebuild a roof and wall that a storm took out the first of the year. We don't believe in putting animals in cages, or kennels their all in a loving home environment everyone gets along and loves playing with each other. We are having a fund raiser until Dec. 27th to try and raise funds Lil Rascal's Pet Rescue T-shirts are on sale for a $20 donation and all the money goes towards helping homeless animals that are in need of a home.


Lil Rascal's has a Resale store now OPEN. All money goes for the animals. Some great merchandise everything you can imagine. Leather jackets, children's and adult clothes, antiques, small appliances, collectibles, baseball cards, antique jewelry, turquoise and silver jewelry, native American items and pictures, toys, furniture and so much more. Come out and check us out. We have some wonderful new friends for you to choose from maybe you will even find a new friend to love.


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