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EAA Chapter 354 Aircraft enthusiasts in Albany. And Southwest Georgia. Young Eagles Flights for Youth, fellowship with aviators, aviation activities.


Breakfast in the morning, Saturday, at the Chapter Room in Dawson.


Just a reminder! Breakfast this Saturday AM at Ken Andrew’s strip.


All ready for July 4th. Fly In at Grand Oaks Plantation.
4 nm from PECAN vor on the 345 radial. Coffee and Juices at 8 am.
18-36 4600 ft in good condition. 07-25 only 2000 ft and bumpy.
Use 122.8 to announce intentions.

Ken Andrew
229 407-0200


Fly In at Grand Oaks on July 4th am.
info call Ken 229 407-0200


We are NOT having the meeting this Thursday or the breakfast on Saturday. We hope to resume in April.


We are NOT having our meeting this Thursday OR the breakfast on Saturday out of an abundance of caution over the Corona Virus pandemic. We hope to resume in April.


Notice! EAA Chapter 354 in Dawson is still meeting and we are still planning to have our monthly breakfast March 21 as usual. Come on in and join us. We will be taking some common sense actions but we will be there.

Sun-n-Fun HAS moved the dates to the first week of May for the sake of caution.


At AirVenture! If anyone else is here let me know and we can get together tomorrow.


The July meeting is tonight! We will eat about 6:30 and have a brief meeting afterward.

The breakfast is Saturday morning from 8:00-10:00.

Be there or be square.


Tomorrow May 10th the following event will take place.

Come on out tomorrow, May 10th at 9:00 am-9:15 am to the Groundbreaking Ceremony Airport Authority at 2678 Albany Hwy. Dawson, GA. 39842


Breakfast in the morning!


Breakfast this morning!


Hello, well I got that part right. Trying to learn how to use the page so we can make better use of it.
We do have the breakfast on Saturday Jan 19th.2019 and are expecting a crowd.
Anyone with facebook expertise please give me hand and teach me how to make it more useful. Some photos of planes and people would be great. right now I have used my plane all the time as I do not have others.
See you Saturday,

Ken Andrew


Christmas Party is this coming Thursday, December 13! If interested in attending contact Carlos or respond on here.


Have a Merry Thanksgiving, Happy Christmas and all that stuff!

Write off

Write off


Breakfast is this Saturday, hope to see you at the Airport.


Breakfast this Saturday from 8:00-10:00


Breakfast this Saturday, September 15.


Meeting tonight beginning about 6:30, y’all come on over to Dawson!

Breakfast is this Saturday too from 8:00-10:00.


The meeting is this Thursday beginning about 6:30. I am working on the newsletter.


Meeting this Thursday and Breakfast Saturday, you are ALL invited to each. I think the program will be a discussion of Sun-n-Fun. I will be getting the newsletter out tonight (I hope).

No longer President but come on over to the Big D for breakfast.

No longer President but come on over to the Big D for breakfast.


Here is the February Newsletter I hope

Southwest Georgia Sport Aviation
EAA 354 Dawson, GA
February 2018 Newsletter

Front Seat
Well, it’s that time again! Hearts are swollen with pride, flowers showing up on the dinner table. Time to take her out for a special dinner! Yeah I’m talking about your plane ;-) Wouldn’t hurt to take the wife along though.

If you happen to be a subscriber to Kit Planes, you’ll notice the Durand Mark V sporting the cover spot. Not necessarily a remarkable design by today’s standards but there is a background story.

The designer, Bill Durand, was an architect going into WWII. His major contributions consisted drawing up blueprints at the Martin Bomber plant just south of Omaha in Bellevue, NE. that is now Offutt Air Base. One day they came to Bill and asked him to draw up a new bomb release system for the B-29 they were currently building.

Bill finished the project and picked up his belongings and left for good saying they would no longer need his services.

That bomb release was for the Enola Gay.

Bill started EAA Chapter 80

Calendar of Events
Feb. 10: Cook Co, Adel, GA; Monthly BBQ and Fly-in at Azalea Aviation
Feb. 10: Moultrie, GA; EAA breakfast and meeting beginning about 9:00
Feb. 15: Dawson, GA; EAA 354 monthly gathering with meal about 6:30 PM
Feb. 17: Dawson, GA; EAA 354 monthly breakfast AYCE for $5 from 8:00-10:00
Feb. 24: Warner Robins, GA; EAA breakfast and meeting
April 10-15: Lakeland, FL; Sun-n-Fun!!
May 18-20: Americus, GA; Hodges Field; 2nd Annual Challenger and Grassroots Fly-in
July 23-29: Oshkosh, WI; AirVenture 2018


A Spectacular Launch For SpaceX Heavy


SpaceX launched their Falcon Heavy test flight from Kennedy Space Center on Tuesday, and wowed the crowds with a picture-perfect flight of the world’s biggest rocket. From the blue Florida skies and billowing white smoke on takeoff, to the incredible double upright in-sync landings of the two booster rockets, the team couldn’t have asked for a better show.

Topping it off, the Falcon Heavy carried a bright-red Tesla Roadster into space, complete with a spaceman mockup wearing a SpaceX high-fashion version of a spacesuit. The Tesla and its driver will travel as far as the orbit of Mars, and then settle into orbit around the Sun for millions of years. “It was everything you could ask for in a test flight,” enthused one of the crew during the live online feed.

AD Affects 14,653 Cessnas


The FAA has proposed an AD involving 14,653 U.S. Cessna 172, 182, 206 and 210 models after cracks were found in the lower area of the forward cabin doorpost bulkhead. That’s where the wing strut attaches and the AD requires repetitive inspections of the area. After one owner reported finding cracks, more inspections revealed them in about 50 more aircraft. “It has been determined that the cracks result from metal fatigue,” the AD says. A list of affected aircraft is here:https://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/FR-2018-02-01/pdf/2018-01923.pdf

The cracks appear in a somewhat tough-to-reach spot and it takes about 90 minutes to do the inspection. The FAA is going with Cessna’s recommended intervals for the inspection and they don’t start until the airframe reaches 4,000 hours. The initial inspection has to be done within a year of that milestone or after 200 hours, whichever comes first. After that, it’s every 1,000 hours. If cracks are found, the repair will cost about $3,000 and idle the plane for a few days.

Sport Expo: BasicMed's Mixed Effect on LSA Sales


Five years ago, one strain of conventional wisdom predicted that the demise of the Third Class medical would equal the demise of the light sport aircraft market, too. With BasicMed firmly entrenched, the reality is proving more mixed according to an AVweb canvass of the flight line at the Sport Aviation Expo in Sebring this week.

While some manufacturers see a measurable downturn, others report just the opposite and one company that sells both light sport and certified aircraft, CubCrafters, says it’s already sold out through the rest of the year for models in both segments, despite a drop in LSA sales.

“It’s down, I would have to be honest, because of the BasicMed effect. I think it will be until people realize there’s nothing easier than having a private pilot license and exercising sport pilot privileges,” said Tom Peghiny, of Flight Design, which was recently bought out of receivership by a new company in Germany. Others we interviewed said they thought BasicMed had no impact on light sport sales at all. “We haven’t noticed any difference,” said Ed Rinks, whose company imports the Paradise LSA from Brazil.

A couple of vendors we spoke to thought a low price point would give them market resilience and protect against erosion from BasicMed. “I think most of our buyers just don’t want to deal with the bull of any kind of medical,” said Deon Lombard, who imports the Aeropilot Legend 600, a composite LSA from the Czech Republic. Those airplanes are priced at about $100,000, but until recent currency fluctuations, were under that price point. Lou Mancuso brings in another airplane from the Czech Republic, the Bristell NG5. At the show this week, Mancuso said he has already taken a deposit on at least one airplane and that sales appear to be stronger than a year ago.

Yet high-priced models continue to sell well and are, in fact, the market leaders. CubCrafters’ Chip Allen told us that the company’s LSA sales have plunged by 50 percent, but they still can’t build enough airplanes to satisfy demand for the CarbonCub and the new certified XCub introduced last year. Normally, big volume drops like that would tank used values, but the reverse has proven true. “Our entire 2018 production is sold out. We can’t build an airplane for delivery in 2018, so we’re now selling 2019 delivery positions,” Allen said. “So a guy who wants a Carbon Cub now, his only choice is to buy a used airplane, so the used Carbon Cub prices are going up,” Allen said. Like Peghiny, Allen believes the LSA softness is due to BasicMed.

Back Seat

Where did January go? When you are at home 24/7 looking after someone time crawls but it also flies as each day is pretty much like the next one. Thanks for all of your prayers and cards. Brooke is much better but we still have a few months to go. All of this and the Winter weather has stopped my dreams of flying the Challenger a LOT more. I will get back up but it will be April before that happens most likely.

I will likely not make Sun-n-Fun this year or will be limited to a short trip due to Brooke’s recovery. She may be walking by then but that six hour ride will be tough. I AM keeping up with a few things going on however.

I saw just the other day a helicopter went down on a tourism flight in the Grand Canyon. This was the same company and the same type of chopper we rode there a few years back. The loss of life was terrible and the NTSB and FAA are investigating. That was one of the best flights I have ever had even if I wasn’t flying!

I have also been keeping up with developments in general aviation in regards to air taxi drones. It seems like everyone except the US is developing these people-carrying drones and even a few here are considering them. We may look down our noses at these but we will be sharing the airspace with them sooner rather than later. I am not sure if I like the idea but we cannot stop the movement of technology.

The growth of the LSA aircraft sector is an interesting one as seen in the article above. There seems to be two areas of growth. The first is the “fat ultralight” group of aircraft such as the Challenger II, Kolbs, Titan and Quicksilvers. These aircraft are simple, cheap and fairly easy to fly. They are slow usually but so of us are not really in a hurry.

The expensive new aircraft market is growing for some manufacturers also as CarbonCub and Technam are doing well. New models are coming out seemingly monthly. Experimental LSA aircraft such as the RV-10, Sonex, CH750 and others are also doing well.

We have seen a thinning of the number of companies making LSA aircraft but the planes themselves are becoming much more capable and many are being built more for GA use than under the limitations of the LSA rules. The success of the Basic Med idea has, IMHO, helped LSA by bringing more pilots back into the air. The LSA aircraft that adapt to legal night flight, better cross country capabilities and even IFR flight are doing well. Seriously who would have thought a $200,000 CarbonCub would have a waiting list?

Once again I remind everyone of your dues! Dues are due and there have been no changes from last year. You may send the checks to Ben Morris or come to the meeting or breakfast to pay up. I think Bob has some good ideas for this year so let each of us support him and help as we can. As always we can use ideas for programs so you may let me know by responding to this email or let Bob know. There are a lot of interesting folks around our area so let us put our thinking caps on and make it work.



Thanks for all of the views but for some reason I cannot see who has viewed the site or I would respond. I will post news when our next meeting and breakfast will be.


I appreciate all views on this page BUT I cannot see those visits so I cannot respond to them, sorry. Thanks for looking anyway.


Meeting tonight at the Dawson airport. We will eat about 6:30 so come on down.


Breakfast tomorrow morning 8:00-10:00 at the Dawson Airport. Come on out.


Breakfast this morning. AYCE for $5, come on down.


The August meeting is this week and the breakfast is this Saturday. Come on down..

From last months meeting. This month's meeting is next Thursday the 20th

From last months meeting. This month's meeting is next Thursday the 20th


Gathering tonight at the Dawson Airport. Corn on the cob and fried chicken on the menu. Bring some sides but bring a friend! Starts at 6:30


Meeting is this Thursday PM beginning at 6:30. Menu will be corn on the cob, hotdogs etc. bring some sides or desserts but come on down!

Our airport building is looking great

Our airport building is looking great


I am still not sure how this page works. I cannot figure out who has viewed it and reply to that. Sorry. Our breakfast is this Saturday and the meeting is NEXT Thursday, April 2o0th.


Dawson Airport (16J)
Dawson, GA


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