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DART Operators Calling for Hazard Pay in Pandemic
DART Operators Calling for Hazard Pay in Pandemic

DART Operators Calling for Hazard Pay in Pandemic

2,200 DART workers represented by the Amalgamated Transit Union, Local 1338 are calling on DART to offer additional compensation during the pandemic.

Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU)
Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU)

Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU)

Mobile, AL transit workers and riders make their voices heard protesting bus service cuts impacting Mobile’s working poor.

Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU)
Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU)

Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU)

Mobile, AL transit workers and riders make their voices heard protesting bus service cuts impacting Mobile’s working poor.

Dallas County Democratic Party
Dallas County Democratic Party

Dallas County Democratic Party

Don't miss Bernie Sanders tomorrow at 12:15 at the Verizon Theatre in Grand Prairie.

Texas AFL-CIO E-Mail NewsFeb. 26, 20161-'And Earth Is Hell': Book Captures Families Facing Eviction Threat2-Early Voting...
Matthew Desmond’s ‘Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City’

Texas AFL-CIO E-Mail News

Feb. 26, 2016
1-'And Earth Is Hell': Book Captures Families Facing Eviction Threat
2-Early Voting Ends in Few Hours; Turnout Way Up From 2012
3-NBC: Trump Used Undocumented Labor to Build Trump Tower
4-Former Texas AFL-CIO Employee Profiled in Black History Month Article

evictedbookreview1) I don't run a lot of book reviews in this space, but when the acclaimed author Barbara Ehrenreich of Nickel and Dimed: On Not Getting By in America fame calls a new book about the consequences of poverty in America "astonishing," it is time to sit up and take notice.

Evicted by Matthew Desmond, a sociologist, uncovers the real-life effect of wages that barely cover rent for slums, if at all, and leave families with almost nothing to feed or clothe themselves, much less pursue happiness. As Ehrenreich has done before in writing about poverty, Desmond lived with the subjects of his book for months at a time.

I'm going to break from my usual habit and pass along the whole Sunday New York Times Book Review piece by Ehrenreich in this e-mail. By the looks of it, Evicted puts faces on why labor's support of a Raising Wage Agenda carries urgency and why we push as hard as we do to get our communities to vote:

Lamar, his sons and some other adolescent boys from their Milwaukee neighborhood are sitting around, playing cards and smoking blunts, when there is a loud and confident knock on the door, which could be "a landlord's knock, or a sheriff's." Mercifully it is only Colin, a young white man from their church, who has come to read them passages from the Bible, most of which Lamar knows by heart. The subject wanders off to God and the Devil, with Lamar adding, "And Earth is hell." "Well," Colin corrects him, "not quite hell." An awkward silence falls.

The burden of "Evicted," Matthew Desmond's astonishing book, is to show that the world Lamar inhabits is indeed hell, or as close an approximation as you are likely to find in a 21st-century American city. When Lamar first looked at his two-bedroom apartment, it was an appalling mess, "with maggots sprouting from unwashed dishes in the sink," but he tidied and cleaned it to the point of being "borderline obsessive-compulsive." The underlying problem - or one of them - is that Lamar's income is $628 a month, while his rent is $550, leaving $2.19 a day for the family. He does what he can to pay off part of his rent doing handyman tasks, but this is not easy for a double-amputee crawling around on his stumps, his legs having been lost to frostbite during a stint of homelessness.

Desmond is an academic who teaches at Harvard - a sociologist or, you could say, an ethnographer. But I would like to claim him as a journalist too, and one who, like Katherine Boo in her study of a Mumbai slum, has set a new standard for reporting on poverty. For an earlier book, "On the Fireline," he worked with a team of wildfire fighters in Arizona. In Milwaukee, he moved into a trailer park and then to a rooming house on the poverty-stricken North Side and diligently took notes on the lives of people who pay 70 to 80 percent of their incomes for homes that, objectively speaking, are unfit for human habitation. It was not fun, he wrote in his journal: "I feel dirty, collecting these stories and hardships like so many trophies."

Many of Desmond's informants make or have made "bad choices" of the kind that have become conservatives' universal explanation for poverty. Scott had been a nurse until his opioid addiction cost him his license; Lamar had been a crack addict when he lost his lower legs to the cold. In the most spectacular example of improvidence, 54-year-old Larraine blows an entire month's worth of food stamps on a single meal of lobster tails, shrimp, crab and lemon meringue pie, washed down with Pepsi. It's not wanton spending that makes Larraine poor, though; according to Desmond, it's poverty that makes her sometimes throw money away. Since there's no point in even trying to achieve financial stability, people like Larraine "tried to survive in color, to season the suffering with pleasure" - to have a drink, for example, or smoke a little weed.

One of the worst choices anyone can make is to have children, or even glancing human attachments of any kind. Landlords hate kids for being noisy, for trying to flush toys down the toilet, or - at their most devilish - testing positive for lead poisoning, which can bring down the authorities. Children and other family members are also risk factors for eviction, and not just because they are more mouths to feed. If an address generates, say, three 911 calls a month, the landlord will be issued a "nuisance citation," and the family will probably be evicted. Too bad if the 911 calls were occasioned by domestic violence or, in one case Desmond recounts, a child's asthma attack. As one landlord's son put it, "We can't have police coming up in here."

Eviction itself provides the dramatic punctuation in Desmond's story. If a family's income after rent is in the two-digit zone, there's a powerful temptation to skip a month's rent to buy groceries or pay a utility bill to keep the heat on. If you have complained about non-working drains or holes in the wall, the landlord has one less reason to cut you any slack. You may get a chance to protest in court, though 70 percent of the tenants summoned to court do not show up - because they couldn't miss work or find child care or perhaps didn't even receive the summons. It is at Milwaukee's eviction court, where the tenants are black women and the landlords' lawyers wear "pinstripe suits and power ties," that Desmond has an epiphany:

"If incarceration had come to define the lives of men from impoverished black neighborhoods, eviction was shaping the lives of women. Poor black men were locked up. Poor black women were locked out."

Evictions are scenes of incredible cruelty, if not actual violence. Desmond describes the displacement of a Hispanic woman and her three children. At first she had "borne down on the emergency with focus and energy," then she started wandering through the halls "aimlessly, almost drunkenly. Her face had that look. The movers and the deputies knew it well. It was the look of someone realizing that her family would be homeless in a matter of hours. It was something like denial giving way to the surrealism of the scene: the speed and violence of it all; gum-chewing sheriffs leaning against your wall, hands resting on holsters, all these strangers, these sweaty men, piling your things outside....It was the face of a mother who climbs out of a cellar to find the tornado has leveled the house."

Among the items left behind at one eviction site are "a half-eaten birthday cake and a balloon still perky with helium."

Children are scarred in the process. They are pulled from one school to another; they periodically lose whatever tiny cache of possessions they may have accumulated. Grown-ups have trouble keeping their jobs, and the lack of an address may compromise their ability to gain, or hold on to, whatever benefits they are eligible for. Of all the evictees depicted in this book, only one - Scott, the former nurse - eventually regains a job and an apartment. When she loses her apartment, Crystal, an ebullient - or perhaps just manic-depressive - young evangelical Christian, turns to prostitution. Arlene, the mother of two, is last seen making her 89th call to find a new home. Like incarceration, eviction can brand a person for life, making her an undesirable tenant and condemning her to ever more filthy, decrepit housing.

Near the end of his book, Desmond tentatively introduces the concept of "exploitation" - "a word that has been scrubbed out of the poverty debate." The landlord who evicts Lamar, Larraine and so many others is rich enough to vacation in the Caribbean while her tenants shiver in Milwaukee. The owner of the trailer park takes in over $400,000 a year. These incomes are made possible by the extreme poverty of the tenants, who are afraid to complain and lack any form of legal representation. Desmond mentions payday loans and for-profit colleges as additional exploiters of the poor - a list to which could be added credit card companies, loan sharks, pay-to-own furniture purveyors and many others who have found a way to spin gold out of human sweat and tears. Poverty in America has become a lucrative business, with appalling results: "No moral code or ethical principle," he writes, "no piece of scripture or holy teaching, can be summoned to defend what we have allowed our country to become."

vote2) Speaking of voting for a better Texas and a better America, today is the last day of early voting. Get on line at an early vote location by the closing of polls and you will be able to complete your civic duty. Or if you are still deciding, Election Day is Tuesday, March 1.

The stats from the Texas Secretary of State do not lie. People are turning out for this election in numbers that we have not seen in many years.

Through 10 days of early voting, the 15 largest counties turned out 826,323 voters, or 9.02 percent of those who are registered in those counties. Still leading the pack, with a 13.25 percent turnout to date, is Hidalgo County.

By way of comparison, by this date in the 2012 primaries, just 398,000 voters had cast early ballots in both parties, or about 4.8 percent. In other words, the 2016 turnout is more than doubling the 2012 turnout so far in absolute terms and nearly doubling it in percentage terms.

This year's turnout still trails the huge 2008 monsoon triggered by Barack Obama v. Hillary Clinton. After 10 days that year, nearly 960,000 voters had cast ballots, and the percentage turnout by then was above 12 percent. That was a massive Democratic turnout. This time, Democrats choosing between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are somewhat behind the pace of Republicans, who have a more wide-open contest.

Once again, the Texas AFL-CIO endorsement list for statewide, congressional and legislative contests is here:

trumptower3) On a day that saw Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump attack Mitt Romney for walking like a penguin during the 2012 campaign and question the amount of makeup Sen. Marco Rubio wore in Thursday evening's debate - I swear I'm not making that up - NBC News reported the real estate developer used a large force of undocumented workers to build Trump Tower in New York City.

Trump has achieved his current position in large part by trashing undocumented workers. As we get closer to the campaign's transition to a general election posture, it is actually possible more voters will pick up on the Grand Canyon between what Trump says and what he does.

This isn't only about something that happened 30 years ago. Note Trump said he would do it again. Think about the consequences that has for those trying to make a middle-class living in the building and construction trades and for undocumented workers who too often have access to a decent livelihood cut off by the threat of deportation if they speak up:

When Marco Rubio attacked Donald Trump on the debate stage this week for using undocumented Polish workers to build Trump Tower, the developer shrugged it off.

"He brings up something from 30 years ago," Trump shot back. "It worked out very well. Everybody was happy."

But a look into the history of the Trump Tower, the crown jewel of the real-estate mogul's empire, reveals the beginnings of the 68-story building were, in fact, rooted in the back-breaking labor of 150-odd Polish immigrants - most working illegally, some without full pay.

"It's constructed on the blood, sweat and tears of the Polish Brigade, as they were known in the industry," said attorney Wendy Sloan, who sued Trump and his contractor for union pension violations on the project.

In an interview with NBC News earlier in the campaign about the Polish workers, Trump blamed the problems on a "bad contractor" and said he had been "exonerated" by the courts.

"I didn't do anything wrong," he said. "I wouldn't do anything different."

Read more:

azietaylor4) As part of Black History Month, Inglewood Today profiled Azie Taylor Morton, a former Texas AFL-CIO employee who went on to become Treasurer of the United States, thereby getting her name on the dollar bill and other currency:

Azie Taylor Morton was a teacher, politician and the only African American to hold the position of Treasurer of the United States.

Taylor was born to Fleta Hazel Taylor, who was deaf and mute, on February 1st, 1936 in the small community of St. John Colony of Dale, Texas. Taylor did not know her father and was raised by her maternal grandparents on a small farm. During her adolescence, Taylor worked in the cotton fields. Although she was not blind, deaf or an orphan, she attended the Texas Blind, Deaf, and Orphan School during her high school years because there was no high school for African Americans in Dale. She graduated at the top of her class at age 16.

In 1952 Taylor enrolled in Huston-Tillotson University, an all-black college in Austin, Texas. Four years later she graduated cm laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in commercial education. Taylor then attempted to enroll in the University of Texas's graduate program but was denied admission on the grounds that she had insufficient undergraduate courses. Because of the state's segregationist policy barring the enrollment of blacks in undergraduate programs, she was not able to complete the admission requirements.

Taylor instead took a job as a teacher in a state-sponsored school for delinquent girls. She held that position for a year and then was hired as Huston-Tillotson's assistant to the President. She remained at Huston-Tillotson for a few months until she was hired to work at the Texas AFL-CIO state headquarters in Austin. In 1961 she was invited by President John F. Kennedy to work for the Committee on Equal Employment Opportunity. She remained with the committee for 20 years, filling various positions.
Taylor married James Homer Morton in 1965.

In 1977 Morton accepted President Jimmy Carter's invitation to serve as the 36th Treasurer of the U.S. She held the post from September 12th 1977 until January 20th, 1981. In addition she was a member of the American Delegation to Rome, Italy for the Enthronement of Pope John Paul II in 1978; Chair of the People to People Mission to the Soviet Union and China in 1986; and an Election Observer for Presidential elections in Haiti, Senegal and the Dominican Republic. She also was a representative to the first African/African American Conference held in Africa.

After returning to Austin, Morton served on the Austin Housing Authority Board of Commissioners (HACA) from 1999 to 2001. In honor of her service, the HACA created the Azie Morton Scholarship Fund for low-income students at Huston-Tillotson.

Azie Taylor Morton died in December 2003.

Barbara Ehrenreich says that “Evicted,” like Katherine Boo’s “Behind the Beautiful Forevers,” sets a new standard for reporting on poverty.


Labor Endorses Local Candidates

After a lot of written and oral screening, the Dallas AFL-CIO decided on February 19 to endorse the following local candidates:

Sheriff : Lupe Valdez
Constable Pct 1: Tracey Gulley
Dallas County Commissioner PCT 1: Theresa Daniel
Dallas County Commissioner PCT 3: John Wiley Price
Criminal District Judge, Dallas County Number 2: Nancy Kennedy
Justice, 5th Court of Appeals District, Place 7: Dennise Garcia
District Judge, 14th Judicial District: Eric Moye
District Judge, 162nd Judicial District: Phyllis Lister Brown
District Judge, 254th Judicial District: Darlene Ewing
District Judge, 95th Judicial District: Ken Molberg
Justice of the Peace Pct 2 Place 1: Bruce Parrott
Tax Assessor: John R. Ames

The AFL-CIO recommended "no endorsement"at this time in several campaigns. In those races, individual local unions may or may not choose to back candidates. The campaigns are:

Justice, 5th Court of Appeals District, Place 7
Criminal District Judge, Dallas County Number 3
Criminal District Judge, Dallas County Number 4


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"I Have Determined To Make My Position Transparent Concerning A Field Supervisor Attempting To Critic My Driving Experience Which A White Shirt And The Title Of Supervisor Does Not Automatically Make You A Superior Knowledgeable Driver/Operator!!!... "Am 65-Years Old, Not 25-Years Old And I Have Been Driving Since I Was 14 Years Old, That's 51+Years Of Driving Experience, 10-Years Of Military Experience, Germany, California, 2-1/2 Tons To 5 Ton Vehicles, Plus 10-Years As A Over The Road Truck Driver, Traveling 48 States And Canada, Driving In Adverse Perilous Weather Roads And Mountain Conditions Manually Shifting 10-13 Gears!!!... "Therefore, I Maintain Zero Tolerance For Unqualified Individuals Without My Proven Driving Experience And Irrefutable Safety Record To Delusionally Believe They Have Superior Skills And Qualifications Simply Because Of Their White Shirts And Supervisor Position, Which Absolutely Nothing Can Be More Futher From The Absolute Shameful And Grossly Unprofessional Truth, Often Times Silence Can Conceal Your Shameful Incompetence And Lack Of Professional Experience!!!... "Therefore, I Refuse To Allow Anyone To Impose Their Fear, Lack Of Professional Maturity And Experience Equal Are Superior To Mine, To Use Intimidation Tactics To Cause Me To Question My Judgment, Qualifications And Masterful Skills Behind The Wheel Of Any Bus Am Operating About Me Killing Someone!!!... "Because Safety Has Always Been First And Foremost With Me While Driving Any Vehicle, Especially Operating Any Vehicle Which Can Cause Massive Destruction And Death Which Happens To Be The Primary Reasons I Remain Alive After Driving For 51+Years Across America And In Other Countries!!!... "Which I Know Unequivocally That 99.9% Of All Male Field Supervisors Have Never Traveled Outside Of Dallas, Texas Employment Wise As Driver's Nor Have They Ever Been Indoctrinated Into The Military Service Are As A Over The Road Truck Driver To Elevate Their Own Personal Knowledge And Experience As A Bus/Truck Operator's Before Attempting To Critic And Criticize Mine!!!...
"I Cannot Help Myself With Being Uniquely Me!!!...
"With All Heartfelt And Respectable Sincerity I Encourage Everyone, Both Male And Female To Set Side To Watch This Heart Moving Documentary On Dr Martin Luther King/King In The Wilderness!!!... "Particularly The Men At Dart So After Watching This Documentary Can Look Directly Into A Mirror And Ask Themselves Why Are They Such Pathetic Cowards!!!... "Because The Only Irrefutable Reason That Dart Upper Management And The Dart Board Members Have Absolutely No Respect And Consistently Insult, Degrade, Undermine Our Concerns And Issues!!!... "Because Of The Shameful, Consistent And Pathetic Demonstrated Cowardiness Of 90% Of The Men Employed At Dart Who Have Absolutely No Manly Courage To Speak Truth To Abusive Power And The Consistent Division Caused By The Pathetic Weakness Of Two Faced Cowards Destroying The Attempted Unity Among Bus And Train Operators The security Of Dart Future!!!... "Therefore, Stop Complaining About Upper Management And The Union Then Run Home Like Pathetic Cowards And Continue Your Complaining And Grow A Pair, Especially The Pair That Determine Your Genuine Manhood, And Stop Expecting The Women At Dart To Be The Voice Of Change Within The Structure Of Dart!!!...
"Obviously I Have Offended Some Pathetic Cowardly So Called Men Who Have Absolutely No Courage Or Developed Manhood To Engage Me In Direct Dialogue Demonstrating Their Grossly Unprofessionalism To Occupy A Leadership Positions And Their Genuine Cowardly Ass Like Of Manhood!!!... "They Are So Pathetically Incompetent To Ligitnize My Termination So Am Being Subjected To Back To Back Drug Tests In Less Than Two Months, Considering I've Been Employed By Dart Since November 14, 2014 With Only One Random Drug Test In 2015!!!... "Obviously They Believe Am On Drugs Because I Cannot Be Intimidated By Their Titles Or Unmanly Cowardly Presence And I Continue To Communicate With Defiant Boldness Without Fear Or Intimidation Tactics!!!...
[Obadiah Levi Fontaine] [Employee 27263] "Each Time I Admire Myself In The Mirror I See A Genuine Man, A Defiantly Bold And Courageous Man With Developed Manhood Who Has Never Been A Pathetic, Two Faced, Cowardly Individual Individual Who Talks About People I Boldly Communicated With People To Discover Their True Genuine Characters!!!... "Because Anyone Who Judge A Individuals Off Of Hear Say Without Ever Engaging In Direct communication With The Individual, Especially Those In Leadership Positions, Are Grossly Unprofessional, Patheticly Childish And Absolutely Does Not Deserve The Position They Presently Occupy In Any Organization!!!...
"Furthermore, I Fail To Completely Comprehend The Importance Are Profound Purpose Of All These Damn Titles And Union Leadership Positions Without Any Justifications In Documented Tangible Evidence To Convince The Paying Union Members These Positions Are Essential For Local Union 1338 Are Simply A Circus Of Misleading Deception!!!... "Am Always Open For Direct Dialogue In The Presence Of The Entire Union Membership, Especially The Union President And His Personally Selected Administration!!!...
"I Continue To Be Extremely Perplexed Over The Purpose Of Their Existence To Accomplish What Other Than To Reap The Personal Monetary Rewards Of Our Union Membership Dues And Sitting On Their Dead Ass Compromising With Dart Upper Management To Secure Their Lucrative Financial Position!!!... "Which I Know With Absolute Certainty The Union President Are His Entire Administrative Team Does Not The Courage Are Developed Manhood To Challenge Me Personally Before The Union Membership On My Bold And Defiant Statements!!!...
"I Am Completely Persuaded That In The Infallible Word Of My Father God And My Lord And Saviour Jesus Christ Said, "I All Things Give Thanks Unto Our Lord(Christ Jesus) For This Is The Will Of Our Father God... "However, Am Also Persuaded This Scripture Was Not Implying That We Should Maintain About Silence In The Presence Of Those Who Abuse Their Elementary Positions Of Authority, If This Was True We Should Have Remained In Slavery Giving Thanks To Christ Jesus!!!... "Therefore, I Cannot Recall Ever Reading In Our Employees Handbook Of Dart Policies Were It Was Specified In The Event Of A National Contagious Pandemic Across America We Are Expected To Continue Our Duties As Bus And Train Operators With Complete Contentment And Absolute Submission To Without Restraints Are Expecting A Increase In Our Hourly Wages. "Maybe I Miss That Section In The Employees Handbook Directives... "I Suspect We Should Sit Back And Give Thanks To Christ Jesus For Black Men And Women Being Murdered By The Hands Of Bigoted White Supremacists In Law Enforcement Uniforms Across America As Well According To Some Individuals Delusional Logic?
State Representative Andrews Bowers donated masks to ATU 1338 Members!!!!!!!
"Maybe Dart Upper Management And These Heartless Dart Board Members Will Wake Up If Their Arrogant And Desensitized Concerns About Our Daily Health Risks We And Our Families Members Are Exposed Snapped With The Same Level Of Anger As These Protesters Across America Would Compell Them With Focus Urgency To Release The Hazardous Pay We Deserve And Discontinue Treating Us As A Group Of Uneducated, Illiterate And Ignorant Morons Without Options And Lack Common Sense To Recognize We And Our Family Members Are Being Devalue As Expendable!!!...
"I Serious Correction Must Be Made Because Obviously One Of My Extraordinary Sister In A Supervisor Position Misunderstood My Previous Statements I Could Prove With Irrefutable, Unequivocal Documentation!!!... "I Can And Will Bold And Defiant Communicate, With The Exception Of My Extraordinary, Magnificent, Highly Professional And Respectable Supervisors At Northwest Division Who Undeniable And Have Proven With The Highest Degree Of Professionalism Unequivocally Earned The Supervisor Position They Presently Occupy... "I Am More Qualified Than 95% Of The Men In Supervisor Positions At Dart Ourside Of Northwest, I Would Never Challenge A Female In A Supervisor Position Because Women Have The Superior DNA From God, In Management, Organization And Multitasking, To Include And Not Limited To, Any Supervisor Position!!!... "Shockingly After I Heard These Words From The Mouth Of A VP, A Male VP Of Course, Because Absolutely No Female In Such A Commanding Position Would Communicate A Ridiculous, Assinine And Grossly Unprofessional Statement That Dart Does Not Promote The Most Qualified People, Dart Promote The Individuals With The Better Attitude! "Therefore, The Elementary Interpretation To His Statement, Dart Only Promote Cowardly Yes Employees, Those Who Keep Their Mouth Shut, Keep Their Opinions To Themselves, Never Question Their Decisions, Ideas And Be Completely Submissive To Their Every Command Without Question, Respect Them As Your Ruling God With Complete Obeisance Even When You Are Expected To Lie, Be Deceitful And Misleading!!!...