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The final version of HB3158 and the floor amendment from Senator West in the senate are now up on our website for review on the President's Briefing page.


Remember this post from January 11, 2017. Yes I said it!

It is all happening and I take no pleasure telling you it will get worse, much worse. Just look at Tanya Eiserer story today May 22, 2017 on WFAA regarding gang violence, violent crime up 140% .

"World class" will describe the disaster in Dallas this year for failing to adequately and competitively fund public safety.

January 11, 2017

I predicted the bond rating reduction. The next big disaster will be later this spring in May-Jun when the property crimes usually spike. The reason is that during the winter and early spring months the cold weather usually keeps the call load low over all, and the kids are still in school.

During this time the department will continue to lose 30-40 officers per month, and successful hiring of replacements will be nearly impossible. By June of 2017 priority calls will hold for hours, and into the next shift. Property, and Capers cases will not be worked in a timely manner, and I predict a percentage increase in part one crimes over 30%. Violent crime will continue to rise and level out somewhere in the +20-25 % range for year over year. It is all a matter of statistical regression that has been coming for some time.

This will be compounded by complaints from citizens claiming they called and nobody ever showed up. The response from the department will be "We can't send what we do not have", "I'm sorry you will just have to wait".

When an officer finally does make it to a call and the upset citizen rants about why it took the officer so long to get to the call, he can just smile and say there are "three" of us here today working, everyone else quit or retired.

When that realization hits the community, not even an offer of a tax increase could save the city. Why not you ask? Even if you could hire 350 officers tomorrow, ( and you can't) it will be June of 2018 before they can work by themselves.

Even more problematic is that the Dallas Police Department does not have sufficient numbers of academy personnel, field trainers, or supervisors to maintain the requisite span of managerial control to maintain safety margins and training standards.

The full brunt of the Tsunami will hit the city by about early August this year and the city will be taken to it's knees. Too bad really, but we did tell them, and besides,

I'm retired and all of this is really none of my business....


On Tuesday May 9th I was present in the room with ALL of the association representatives and heard Kelly Gottschalk advise everyone that for the next seven years the fund was "Way better off financially" under the current plan than it would be under the proposed new bill, and we would be better off returning to Austin in two years to get a bill done without this mayor. This was in response to the city taking back funding that had already been agreed to. The fact that the fund is better off for the next seven years should have been the catalyst to tell the Mayor to go pound sand and get him out of the equation. This begs the question; Why is a bad bill better than no bill at this time?


This is horrible, now our brother and sister firefighter/paramedics are being targeted. The leadership of this city is out of touch. Response times for priority one calls have gone from 3 minutes to 9 minutes! That's a 200% increase and it will continue to increase with the heavy call load of the summer coming. I dont want to be the person waiting for help knowing my life hangs in the balance due to the delayed response simply due to not enough officers.

That also means P2 and P3 calls will be waiting for one to several hours. The increase in response time, coupled with lack of manpower, and increased call load will ruin this city.

I said back in January that the Mayor's actions would result in another bond reduction by October, and the way things are going it may happen sooner. As crime swells out of control, property values will stagnate and then start to reduce. Business owners will be screaming for help from robbery, burglary and theft, and they will hear crickets!

The city will be calling the county and state for patrol assistance.

It will take over ten (10) years for the city to recover the loss of personnel even with an accelerated hiring program.

And to think it all could have been avoided if they would just pay a commensurate wage and fund their public safety pension. History will show Dallas as one of the great tragedy's of the 21st Century!



Thank you to everyone that was able to come out and march with us today. We had a tremendous turn out and sent a very strong message to the mayor. We also voiced our appreciation for the support the citizens have provided for public safety both historically and currently. This is an ongoing endeavor and we must continue to work hard to protect our rights and benefits. I will be in Austin tomorrow continuing our efforts.

God Bless



DPROA general membership meeting today at 11:00 AM at the DPA building

Dallas Police Retired Officers Association

Dallas Police Retired Officers Association

We Never Imagined This


Editor's note: Meet Dan who served the citizens of Dallas for 32 years. Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings, the city of Dallas and the bogus g...

This news was 2/26/16.  By April 22, 2016 Councilman Lee Kleinman had been asked to resign his seat on the DPFP Pension ...
$1 Billion Lawsuit Could Ruin Dallas Finances

This news was 2/26/16. By April 22, 2016 Councilman Lee Kleinman had been asked to resign his seat on the DPFP Pension Board so he could take action on behalf of the Mayor and the City of Dallas that would violate his fiduciary responsibility and thus break the law. So the Mayor make a "DEAL" with the pension board to put Kleinman back on the Long Term Committee not as trustee, but a representative of the city to do his bidding to destroy the pension. If he and the mayor were so concerned about the long term safety of the pension then why remove the city council member from the committee as Vice Chairman of the Pension fund and a trustee with fiduciary responsibility to protect the pension.

Don't take my word for it, read the memo the Mayor gave the council as he executed his plan. The actual PDF of the original document will be posted on our website.


Date: April 22, 2016

Honorable Members of the Dallas City Council City of Dallas

Subject: Dallas Police and Fire Pension System Board Change

Council member Lee Kleinman today submitted his resignation as a trustee of the Dallas Police and Fire Pension Board, effective May 24. I am grateful for his service as a trustee for nearly three years, including most recently as vice chair. I am excited that he has agreed to continue to serve the DPFP System in a new role.
Council member Kleinman will be my appointee to lead the city delegation on the DPFP LongTerm Financial Stability Subcommittee. This group was formed to evaluate the measures necessary to keep the system sustainable.

As a trustee, Lee was a member of this group. Due to his fiduciary duty as a trustee, he was conflicted from advocating for some of the tougher positions that may need to be taken by the City. Relieved of this conflict, he is now able to look out for the best interests of the City in these delicate discussions.

Only trustees are official members of the subcommittee, so I appreciate the fact that Board Chairman Sam Friar has welcomed other City representatives to the table. I have asked that Council member Kleinman report back to the full City Council on his work in this new role.

I will be nominating Council member Jennifer Staubach Gates, chair of the Council's Budget, Finance and Audit Committee, to replace Council member Kleinman.


Mayor, City of Dallas

c: A.C. Gonzalez, City Manager Jill A. Jordan, P.E., Assistant City Manager
Warren M.S. Ernst, City Attorney Mark McDaniel, Assistant City Manager
Craig D. Kinton, City Auditor Joey Zapata, Assistant City Manager
Rosa A. Rios, City Secretary Jeanne Chipperfield, Chief Financial Officer
Daniel F. Solis, Administrative Judge Sana Syed, Public Information Officer
Ryan S. Evans, First Assistant City Manager Dallas Police and Fire Pension System Board of Trustees
Eric D. Campbell, Assistant City Manager Kelly Gottschalk, DPFP Executive Director

A massive liability of at least $1 billion threatens to ruin Dallas finances this year.

DPD Retirees

The truth about the City of Dallas. They have a very long history of violating lawful agreements made with their public safety employees. The pension issue is just the most recent among them.

These are the men and women who dedicated their lives to protecting you. Will you protect them in their retirement?


Well folks, I'm no prophet, but this is exactly what I have been saying for a month they would do, and Phillip Kingston himself said at the last pension meeting this is what he wanted to do.

Just as I said at the meeting today, the city is going for all the marbles, putting the fund into receivership and then taking ALL of the assets of the pension fund.

To all those who wanted to ride the fence and wait and see...

What say you now?

We are in a fight we must fully engage and win! This is not just a retiree issue it is an everybody survival issue.

Get the word out to everybody to rise up NOW!



The City of Dallas Leadership has failed the public Safety employees of Police and Fire, along with the voters / taxpayers of Dallas for the past thirty-seven (37) years.
The Mayor and council of Dallas violated the law created by a mandate of the voters in the 1979 pay referendum which required the city to maintain no more than five percent 5% disparity of pay between the ranks. The first time they were caught violating the law was by a DFR Battalion Chief, and the City of Dallas secretly settled that suit attempting to conceal their violation of the law from the members of the Police and Fire Departments. This was not only deceitful, but also demonstrated the City of Dallas very clearly understood the law and will of the voters related to that law and were knowingly violating it.
This resulted in the Pay disparity law suits filed in 1994 which have been in the courts now for over twenty years due to legal maneuvering by lawyers for the City of Dallas attempting to evade judgement by a lawful court. The City of Dallas knows they may be liable for nearly four billion dollars because of their continuous refusal to abide by the law.
The latest action by the City of Dallas is to try and use the Texas Legislature to help them evade a potential $4 Billion-dollar judgement from a lawful Texas court, by promoting legislation that contains a sovereign immunity clause that would allow the City of Dallas to get out of the law suit. In addition to that, the City of Dallas created a website under the guise of trying to save the pension to execute their PR campaign. The current City CFO Mary Elizabeth Reich has posted a video on that site stating the pension problem is the result of a “flawed law” passed in 2005.
Mayor Michael Rawlings via Mary Elizabeth Reich is actively asking the voters and taxpayers to call their legislators and request the “flawed law” be changed. The “flawed law” Mrs. Reich refers to is the overwhelmingly approved statewide Texas Constitutional Amendment Article XVI Section 66 which protects the benefits of retired police officers and firefighters passed in 2004.
The City of Dallas was given an opportunity to hold an election in 2005 and opt out of that law and the voters and taxpayers chose to stay in and protect the benefits of police and fire employees from being reduced or otherwise impaired.
Not only are City of Dallas leaders willing to thumb their noses at the voters and taxpayers of Dallas, they, are also willing to try and hoodwink the legislators of Texas to try and escape legal responsibility. The City of Dallas has engaged in a massive public relations campaign to deflect blame from itself for causing the problem and deny responsibility for providing the funds to solve the problem. This is interesting because on January 25, 2017 the Dallas City Council passed a resolution indemnifying the City Council members assigned to the Dallas Police and Fire Pension Board of Trustees. This means the City of Dallas believes they do in fact have legal and financial responsibility for the pension and are willing to cover the financial costs associated with illegal acts committed by the council members acting as pension board trustees.
The only thing that is clear is that the City of Dallas has no respect for the rule of law, the voters and taxpayers of Dallas, the public safety employees of Dallas, the Texas Legislature, or the Constitution of The State of Texas.

This has the makings of a TV series or movie.  The sad part is the pension is in trouble, over a Billion dollars is gone...
Meet the fraud examiner who has hunted Dallas' police and fire pension system for 15 years | Dallas City Hall | Dallas News

This has the makings of a TV series or movie. The sad part is the pension is in trouble, over a Billion dollars is gone, nobody is being held accountable, and the Retirees are the ones losing their financial security and being hurt the most!


Some major names are now looking into how the failing Dallas Police and Fire Pension System spiraled out of control.There's the FBI. And the Texas...




Mike Rawlings’ response to DPFP board action

The Dallas Police and Fire Pension System (“System”), through a narrow majority of its Board, yesterday approved a DROP Policy Addendum (“Addendum”) that has two main components. The first part voids all outstanding DROP withdrawals, almost $200 million worth, and sets a time schedule that keeps the System and its assets intact through the end of March. For this reason, the most immediate threat to the System has temporarily abated. Therefore, I am withdrawing my request for a temporary injunction hearing scheduled for Tuesday.

Unfortunately because of the second component of the Addendum, I cannot withdraw my lawsuit asking for a court order requiring the System to hold the assets of the System in trust, while preserving the monthly pension payments to our police and fire retirees.


Ladies and gentlemen, the pension board meeting today was a three ring circus. The board presented a new policy that they have been working on for two weeks complete with a powerpoint presentation. Supposedly this was all based upon their "Fiduciary Responsibility" and "Legal Advice" they got in "Executive Session". That's what they said along with they had the legal right to do this several times....."NOT"

After spending about 40 minutes trying to explain the mess and convince everyone in the room that this is how it has to be because they are in such financial straights, the board proceeds to amend the policy with two provisions adding $10.6 million dollars to the liability of the new policy which clearly explains the look on Kelly Gottschaulk's face when talking to Sam Friar in the DMN article today. Kelly is like "What are they doing?"

So I asked for clarification of what just happend, because it appeared to me that after circling the wagons in "Executive Session" and presenting the "NEW POLICY" based on legal and actuarial advice, they just motioned to take action directly in contradiction to the policy plan they just presented. So wouldn't that mean that if you take action against your legal and actuarial advice you are now violating the very "Fiduciary Responsibility" you claimed to be exercising for ex*****on of the original policy?

It was clear to me that Council members Kingston and Griggs knew what was happening and stated they would not support that action, Griggs stating point blank he had not spoken to the actuary, and Kingston asking that the lawyers request the court take over the fund in receivership. This is a move they are using to distance themselves from their legal liability because they know what the board is doing is wrong.

The castle is crumbling and it's every man/woman for themselves!


1412 Griffin ST. East
Dallas, TX


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