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Cambridge Child Development Center Giving others a hand up until they have legs to stand on. Providing state and federally subsidized child care and development services to low income children ages birth to five years.

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Our children and families trust on us during this sensitive time .We are  all one family

Our children and families trust on us during this sensitive time .We are all one family

Happy World Teacher’s Day

Happy World Teacher’s Day

Fiscal Year2021-22 First Board Meeting with Carol Bever Board President , Betsy Rafael Vice  President and Marsha Millar...

Fiscal Year2021-22 First Board Meeting with Carol Bever Board President , Betsy Rafael Vice President and Marsha Millar Secretary Thankyou members for supporting us as always

Dramatic play allows kids to act out scenarios they've seen or heard in real life, giving them an important emotional ou...

Dramatic play allows kids to act out scenarios they've seen or heard in real life, giving them an important emotional outlet. ... “Children use dramatic play to explore their own thoughts and feelings.” Children from Ms. Sorna & Ms.Margarita class having fun play as Carnival Week .Thanks to our creative teachers who work really hard to bring new ways of teaching children

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

#WildfireEvacuees staying at shelters should wear masks both indoors and outdoors to protect against wildfire smoke and the spread of #COVID19. Shelters have supplies of N95 masks for those affected by the fires. #CaldorFire

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Healthy Living & Farmer’s Market from Cambridge garden to the classroom Month of August MB 2 children fun, play and live...

Healthy Living & Farmer’s Market from Cambridge garden to the classroom Month of August MB 2 children fun, play and live on experiences of our rich curriculum that include math, science, language , etc .Thankyou Ms Ana & Ms Zarlasht for keeping up the good teaching skills

Welcome to our new children .Let this year also be safe and sound during this time 🙏🙏

Welcome to our new children .Let this year also be safe and sound during this time 🙏🙏


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Cambridge Community Center, parent to Cambridge Child Development Center, was first fully incorporated as a non-profit organization on March 20, 1979. The first child care was an after school program partly staffed by volunteers, established that year. The organization was formed by parents and community leaders in the Cambridge Elementary School neighborhood, supported by the City of Concord, Mt. Diablo School District, and Contra Costa County.

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Hello parents happy 5 de Mayo 🇲🇽 This are some of the activities that our class MB-2 made at school to celebrate 5 de Mayo Miss Ana. Miss Zarlasht
Hello parent, how are you? I would love to share the little science experiment which was done by our children from MB#1. As we are learning all about plants right now, and so we did this cute experiment to show the children on how the stem of the flower pulls up the water and nutrients to feed the flower. The teachers explained the concept about how the Plants roots can absorb water from the soil. The water travels through the roots and up the stem and into the leaves. Also, this is the basic knowledge for the children to know about the photosynthesis. Hence, we are going to prolong this plant theme for next week to learn about how the leaves gather sunlight, then use the sunlight, carbon dioxide, and water to make food for the plant in a process called photosynthesis. This activity is enhancing cause and effect, functions of flowers body parts, and so on. What you will need: • White Daisies or Lilies (However many you’d like to use, we did six) • Plastic jars or Mason jars • Child safe scissor • Food Coloring or liquid watercolors (We used liquid water colors because it gives a brighter end result.) Method:  Have the children to cut the flower with child safe scissor.  Teacher filled the water into the plastic jar up to the half of the jar level.  Allow the children to drop each food color into each jar.  Have the children to drop the flower gently inside the color water.  Ask the children to observe and record the changes of the flowers color in a daily basis. I hope you like this activity. Stay safe. I will catch you up with another activity. Thank you.
Hola padres de familia en esta ocasión Crystal y yo les demostramos cómo hacer burbujas de una manera fácil y económica. Con esta actividad de Ciencia Los niños desarrollarán su capacidad de Causa y Efecto al mezclar los ingredientes. También los niños desarrollarán habilidades Motoras Finas al integrar los ingredientes en el vaso o contenedor, y habilidades Motoras Gruesas al correr o brincar para alcanzar las burbujas. También se desarrollarán sus habilidades Sensoriales al soplar aire con su boca contrayendo así los músculos internos de su cuerpo. Ingredientes Un vaso Agua Jabón para trastes Bara para hacer burbujas
Here is a fun sing along song about planting. Children will be able to learn the process of planting, and have fun singing this catchy tune. They will learn about ecology and music and movement. :)
Hello Parents, How are you? Hope you all are doing well. Today I would like to share one interesting shadows science activity for your children. Children brain to explore the science behind shadows while incorporating fun movement games too. In order to try this activity, you just need, A sunny outdoor day, Music box, Flashlights if you cannot get outside. Exploring shadows with body movements is a great way to get kids active and excited about learning, it’s a full body experience! Ask your child to do movements like standing on one foot, reaching up high to touch the sky, and walking on all fours. Ask kids to make up their own ideas, too. Dancing around with your shadow is also fun! All of these movements will help develop body awareness. Hope you like this activity. Stay Safe. Thank you.
Hello Parents!! Spring is Here!! I have some fun activity to share so you can do at home with your children this is an easy activity so they can practice counting numbers, all you need is white paper, markers in different colors and cut a piece of cartoon as a eggs shape, put the paper in the table draws 4 or more lines and across draw 5 square trace the eggs shape in different lines and ask your kids how many eggs are in the lines with the numbers ask them to color the shapes the eggs while they count. This activity will take no more than 10 minutes to do but will last couple at hours to play with your child because is a fun and easy activity
Hello families, how are you hope you’re doing well here is another fun and easy math 🧮 activity you can do at home with your children, Math is so fun to teach to preschoolers because there are a lot of daily activities that incorporate math. Preschoolers don’t need worksheets for math…they should learn through play and hands-on activities. You can even use colored tape and pom poms to practice sorting! Add in some tweezers for some extra fine motor practice. One more idea for sorting is with using toy animals. Have them sort by different characteristics, such as land animals and sea animals. Make graphing hands-on with using apples! Even young preschoolers can begin learning about graphing with this activity. Hope you all like this activity. I will post you another activity. Stay safe and Thank you.
Hello parents Here is a nature activity for your children that you can do. Directions 1. Have your child draw a butterfly 2. Go into nature and find leaves and flowers 3. Glue the leaves and flowers on the butterfly Children will have fun using their hands and fingers to collect leaves and flowers and glue them to the drawing they made using their fine motor skills.
Good morning parents 🌞this is a beautiful day to enjoy with your kids Today I want to share this beautiful outdoors activity If you have time I really recommend this awesome activity. “ Explore the Nature” 🐞🐝🐛🦟🐐🌴🌳🌿🌱 Being outside feels good. Children are free to explore, move about, and make noise — all delightful forms of self-expression that are often restricted indoors. In nature, children can run, jump, hop, skip, climb, roll, and shout, which relaxes, and reduces tension, anxiety, and restlessness. Also allows children to learn by doing and experiment with ideas. In nature, children think, question, and make hypotheses. Have a beautiful day🌞
Hello families, We hope you are all doing well. Here is another fun, and ready art project you can do at home with your children that will enhance their fine motor and visual art skills. Objective: Children will be able to cut and design their own ladybug using their fine motor and visual art skills Steps: trace two circles onto the color of your choice Cut circles out. Fold one circle down the middle Glue folded circle to flat circle Glue black circle on top of the circle trace branch onto brown paper cut out branch and add to the green paper glue ladybugs to branch Make eyes and antennas Enjoy your lady bug Skills: Attention maintenance Fine motor visual arts
Hello Parents, how are you? Hope you all are doing fine. Today I would like to share Spring Bird Alphabet Matching Game. This activity will enhance letter recognition, creativity and fine motor development. Materials are as needed: Construction Paper Bird and nest shape stencils Pencil and crayons Child scissor Paper clip Googly eyes and other art materials for decorations. Steps are as follows: Have your children to trace and cut the bird and nest by using with the stencils. Children can decorate the bird and nest with the art collage materials as per their creativity. Parents can write the alphabets letters in each bird and nest. Have your children to match the bird and nest according to the same letter. Encourage your children to think and say more vocabularies from each letter with the letter sound. Hope you all like this activity. I will catch you with another activity. Stay safe and Thank you.
Hola padres de familia hoy Crystal le va a presentar una actividad de matemáticas donde los niños en casa incrementarán su capacidad del lenguaje, con esta actividad los niños van a identificar los números cómo símbolos que representan objetos, los niños desarrollarán su forma de pensar mientras comparan los números de los cuadros a los de la tabla numérica juntamente con los puntos al comparar cifras y restar y sumar. Es tan divertido que una niña de año y medio también lo quiere hacer😊 Materiales: Cartoncillo (Para Los cuadros), una regla, un marcador permanente, tijeras, y una hoja para cada actividad.