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Spreading the Gospel and Good News of Jesus Christ. It is only through him that we are able to entertain any idea of a life beyond this current life.

Mission: Spirit of Faith Ministries, also known as the SOFMinistries, seeks to improve the well-being of people in order to continue making a difference, as inspired by the life of Jesus Christ. Not only to preach the Gospel to people, but also have programs that tackle crime, disease, ignorance, poverty and racial injustice.


Keep the fire burning, keep spirit of God alive in you! Holy Ghost fire fall fresh on us!


Don't Be Afraid Of Being Different
Be Afraid Of Being The Same


SOFMinistries - After a brief absence is now back in service. Please stay tuned for daily updates.



It's time, I say by God's Spirit, to kick the devil
out of our world. Man is created an earthen
altar to be a carrier of God's Spirit and image
of His Person and purposed to be in the earth
verily as evidence that the Creator God is the
God of the world (social system) and Lord of
all creation. We own the earth, yet
usufructuary and thus have the prerogative of
authority in the earth. The devil has but such
as we give him by our omission and
ignorance. Even God could do nothing in the
earth in the place of and in behalf of man
until He took upon Himself an earth suit and
became like us: flesh. This is His principle of
divine Self-Effacement that leaves man in
charge. All that Christ did, He only so do as
"the last Adam" (1Cor. 15:45), that is, by
proxy! Now we know Him (Christ) no more
after the flesh (2Cor.5:16)! And so the baton
has been passed on to us to do the very
works that He did: "destroy the works of the
devil" and kick the devil out of our world, John
14:12; 1John 3:8b. It is for this reason the
Church was manifested! The nations will keep
dictating what happens with us, the Church as
long as we do not understand this mystery,
this truth and take it to heart. The Church is
missioned to reveal and radiate God's Glory,
manifest His Presence and Person (for He
continues to dwell "bodily" through us,
Colossians 2:9) and to demonstrate His
Power unto bringing all satanic rebellion in
mankind and creation into submission to God!
This is God's mission for the Church, a
mission far from accomplished. We aren't
escaping out of this world so fast in the name
of rapture. Christ isn't coming for us until we
fulfil the Kingdom mandate and mission! But
this can only be after the Church receives the
glory and is released unto the fullness of her
redemption and that in the coming of the
latter Rain, James 5:7! And He shall come
"prepared as the morning", "riding on a swift
[or bright cloud] into Africa...", the last
standard bearer in God's plan/calendar of
Gentile salvation, Isaiah 19:1; Romans 9:17!
He is coming to set us 'ablaze' unto Glory!
And when He comes, "He maketh the cloud
His Chariot", Psalms 104:3, compare Isaiah
19:1! Surely, God's terms for "Redeeming the
Black race" is His pathway to revealing His
Church in Glory! I'm not writing just so you'll
believe. It is written in Scripture and so must
be fulfilled, and that by "the third generation",
that is, the awakened generation of "men that
have understanding of the times, to know
what [we] ought to do", Deut. 23:7-8, 1Chron.
12:32. This is "Redeeming the Black Race...
Birthing the Glorious Church"! Won't you rather
join me in this divine dispensational quest?
God Restore Africa's Foundation


PO Box 62033
Cleveland, OH


(440) 789-5946


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