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Everyone, please have a Happy Valentines Day!
Senators to hear opening arguments as Trump fumes over trial

WASHINGTON (AP) — Opening arguments will begin in Donald Trump's impeachment trial after an emotional first day ended with the Senate voting to hear the case for convicting the former president of inciting the riot at the U.S. Capitol even though he is no longer in office. On Wednesday, House Demo...


What do you want for your Birthday – by Sharon Millicent Parrish Andrews – Chief Executive Officer of EXCELLENCE Magazine by Nutshell Research and Development Enterprises L.L.C.

Today, February 8th 2021 is my birthday. Ever since the years have rolled past, I would often thank GOD for my existence, for I know that I have made a change in many people’s lives. Most of them are deceased by now, but many more are still alive. God has blessed me with health, comfort and a fantastic family.
Three generations of February birthdays, together, has always amazed me. My late Mother, Mildred English Parrish, was born on February 7th. I was born on February 8th, making me her Birthday gift. My youngest daughter, Ava Veronica Andrews Quijano, was born on February 5th, making her my birthday gift. Amazing, isn’t it.
Well, I have blown the candles out on my slice of Birthday Cake and my wish my birthday wish is for God all mighty and his son, Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour, to please continue to bless my life. I want GOD to please continue to wrap me and my family in his amour of protection. I want my prayers of forgiveness and appreciation to continue to be accepted by Jesus Christ, mother Mary, Joseph and Brother John, for I want to be accepted into GOD’S heaven and wear my “Golden Slippers.” Amen. – Sharon Millicent Parrish Andrews 2021

Happy Birthday to Ava Veronica Andrews Quijano, our baby girl and the Executive Editor of EXCELLENCE Magazine by Nutshel...

Happy Birthday to Ava Veronica Andrews Quijano, our baby girl and the Executive Editor of EXCELLENCE Magazine by Nutshell Research and Development , L.L.C.

Happy Birthday to Ava Veronica Andrews Quijano, our baby girl and the Executive Editor of EXCELLENCE Magazine by Nutshell Research and Development , L.L.C.

Happy BlackHistory Month -
Kamala Harris - Wikipedia

Happy BlackHistory Month -

Kamala Devi Harris (/ˈkɑːmələ/ (listen) KAH-mə-lə[3] /ˈdeɪvɪ/ DAY-vee;[4] born October 20, 1964) is an American politician and attorney who is the 49th and current vice president of the United States. She is the United States' first female vice president, the highest-ranking female elected...


A new day, a new life. Let us thank GOD for all of our blessings. - Sharon Millicent Parrish Andrews
Biden to sign orders that include moves toward $15 minimum wage for federal workers and contractors

President Joe Biden is expected to sign two more executive orders on Friday -- one focused on raising the minimum wage to $15 for the federal workforce and the other on expanding assistance for Americans in need -- as he continues his swift efforts to overturn his predecessor's policies.


DEMOCRACY HAS WON in AMERICA –by Sharon Millicent Parrish Andrews-C.E.O. of Nutshell Research and Development Enterprises LLC – January 2021
As of noon on January 20th, 2020, American had Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, bestowed upon us, as our new leadership. Democracy has turned a new page in America. We no longer have to regret waking up to les and falsehoods from a face value of “0” leadership. We have struggled through pain and suffering, for four years, from a Narcissistic low-life person, who tried to call himself a leader. With no knowledge of running America’s political machine, what did the Trump supporters think was going to happen with our democracy? Hollywood cannot go to the capitol and say “YOU ARE FIRED! What a tragic contrast; TRUMP VS. DEMOCRACY.
With democracy comes two parties to run the show. With the two parties, voicing their opinions and voting on them, comes a meeting of the minds. Now, everyone comes together in a harmonic way and runs the nations with justice for all…not rubbish.
All Rights Reserved to EXCELLENCE magazine by Nutshell Research and Development Enterprises LLC. 2021
Aid the Journey, Inc.

Aid the Journey, Inc. Positively impacting the lives of refugees since 2017. Covering life’s little emergencies.Aid the Journey, Inc. covers life's little emergencies by providing practical and personalized medical kits to refugees and asylum seekers in the "Ellis Island of the South." Pandemic R...


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Our Story by Sharon Millicent Parrish Andrews - Chief Executive Officer since 1980

Nutshell Research & Development Enterprises L.L.C., and The Nutshell Research & Development Non - profit Education Foundation, were created in 1980 by Sharon Millicent Parrish Andrews. We are a minority , women owned and operated company and we hire all creeds, ethnic backgrounds and genders of people. We work for the people and stand by the people whom choose to support us.

We are a closed limited liability company and our articles are registered with the State of Texas Secretary of Corporations Office. Our mission is to research and to perform development of climate controlled friend products. Our goal is to perform research and development which will help improve our earth. Being a paralegal in the contracts and patent fields of law, we are committed to release patents which will comply with the use of organic and gas free materials and textiles. Our Wonder Band Home Therapy Binder, United States application number 20170273364 may be found here:

Nutshell Research and Development Enterprises L.L.C. is the parent company for EXCELLENCE Magazine by Nutshell.It is sold as an e-book through or amazon kindle. We thank you for your interest in our company. We want you to “keep in step with our EXCELLENCE” and remember us for your office, school, university and personal supplies. Feel free to read our Terms Of Service and to contact us for your special orders and request at

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