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Cheddar Inc A family owned business that brings us all closer together. That is what we wish and hope you all will achieve in your lives.

Cheddar Inc, is all about living a Cheddar Lifestyle, looking and feeling like a million bucks without having to spend a million bucks. We believe that everyone should express themselves in their own way. Show off their sense of style without having to dig deep into their wallets.

Mission: Help the average person invest their money by joining our company as an investor or shareholder. We will succeed by pooling our money in the business and carefully selecting the businesses to invest in through a collective selection process.


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How many real estate investors do we have following this page? Sound off, and tell us what kind of real estate investing do you do?


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SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY!My wife recently launched a small business with Stella and Dot, a lifestyle brand that carries e...


My wife recently launched a small business with Stella and Dot, a lifestyle brand that carries everything from jewelry, to accessories, to totes, to apparel that was inspired by and instills confidence in women. Whether you are shopping for holiday gifts, yourself or corporate gifts, she has something for everyone.

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Cheddar Inc wants to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. If you do not celebrate Thanksgiving, we wish you an awesome 4 day weekend!


To date Cheddar Inc has had 13 fix and flip loans paid back in full. We have yielded 11% on all of those loans. The partnership with Groundfloor has been great. If you are looking to do your first or 100th fix and flip project, talk the great folks at Groundfloor. Who knows, Cheddar Inc may just be one of your investors.


Do not catch the falling knife. Tech stocks are crashing. Do not try to guess the bottom. Wait for stabilization in the market. We are waiting for another 10% to 15% sell off before we would look at the giant Tech stocks again. We continue to hold Apple.
***We are not investment professionals. Do not make any investment decisions based on our posts. Always consult your investment professional before making any investment decisions.


What creates more millionaires, stocks, or real estate?


This market turmoil can be confusing to many investors. We hedge market turmoil, sell off's, by owning shares of high yielding REITs and Bond ETFs. We love having monthly dividend payers in our portfolio. That income is reinvested into more shares. This can offset loses that are taken in the short term.
***We are not professional investment advisors. Do not make any investment decisions based on our posts. Always consult your investment professional before making any investment decisions.


Our view of the election results; from a financial perspective, history shows that the market generally likes a split congress (division of power) because it is more difficult to pass legislation that would affect the securities held within. The strong post election bounce was proof of that. The gridlock caused by this result should cause a steady rise in the overall market through the first 6 months of 2019. We will buy the dips and monitor our cash position and raise it as we get closer to July 2019.
***Do not take any action in your brokerage accounts based on any of our posts. We are not investment professionals. You should always consult your financial professional before taking any action in your accounts.


GM has a female CEO and a female CFO. Their last quarter crushed it! I know my wife, Amanda Hanks, will be a CFO and a CEO a some point in her career. Sometimes a company needs a different way of thinking to succeed.


General Electric (GE) conference call was enlightening. First, the Power business was dreadful. The rest of the business we would say, was O.K. They made the right decision cutting the dividend from $0.12 to $0.01. They need the cash to complete this turnaround. We can see it taking up to 5 years for this turnaround story to play out. If you decide to play it this may be the right entry level. $10 range when Enterprise value is around $15, is a great discount. Do not expect anything to happen quickly. This is a very long play. Patience will be required. If you like taking risks this is one name for you. Only commit a small amount to this one, because the turn around story is speculative at best. The long term payoff can be huge.
*****Always consult your professional investment advisor before taking any action in your brokerage account. Do not make decisions based on our posts.


Our view of the recent pull back in the stock market; this is a healthy sell-off some of which has been caused by mutual funds fiscal year end profit taking, which ends on October 31st. The sky is not falling and the big tech companies are still making large sums of money including record profit margin at Amazon. Their ad business pulled in $2.5b during the 3rd quarter. This will continue to grow to $10b rapidly. We will take the opportunity to add to these great companies in the FAANG acronym. You hold and own Apple stock, you do not trade it.
*****We are not professional investment advisors and you should not take any action in your portfolio based on this fb post. We are just stating our opinion. We do own stock in all of the FAANG names, so our view is biased.


Cheddar Inc has reached 400 Likes! Thank you, everyone for supporting our page and our family business.


6 of our fix and flip loans have been paid back in full + the interest owed. Those loans have returned 10% on an annualized basis. The partnership with Groundfloor has been working out nicely for us. If you have a project that needs a renovation call the great people at Groundfloor. We will consider investing in your fixer.


If your Apple iphone is under 2 years old, instead of upgrading and spending $1,000 on a new iphone, buy 4 shares of Apple stock (AAPL).


Cheddar received another principal and interest repayment on a fix and flip loan. The return ended up at 20.2% annualized. This was a great win for us and the client. We have redeployed the principal into another loan. The partnership with Groundfloor is a rewarding one.


Cheddar Inc received the principal and interest from two more of our fix and flip loans this morning. We were pleased to see that our annualized return on these investments were 9.8% and 11.9% respectively. The principal and interest will be redeployed into more fix and flip loans. If you have a flip project, talk to the great people at Groundfloor to get access to cash for your project.


Cheddar Inc has been diversifying it's investments into real estate investment trusts. We are hedging our investment in direct real estate ownership by putting money to work in larger projects through REITs. To date we have investments in apartment buildings, single family rentals, commercial buildings, and college student housing. Make sure that you are diversified in your investments.


If you are like us, Amazon packages show up every other day, sometimes multiple boxes. Do you buy from Amazon? If you do, do you own any Amazon stock? We do. If you have been paying attention Amazon (AMZN) has been battling Apple for most valuable company in the world. If you use Amazon like we do, buy some Amazon stock.


How many times per day do you “Google” something? If it is once per day or more, why don’t you own at least one share of Alphabet (GOOGL) stock?


Cheddar Inc uses iphones, ipads, MacBook Air. If you use these products, why don't you own Apple Stock? We own AAPL stock whether it is in the business account or our personal accounts. Offset your spending on these products by owning the stock and reinvesting the dividends. This company is almost worth $1trillion dollars. History is about to be made, probably today.


We received our Principal and Interest from our first fix and flip loan in 3.9 months. The interest payout was a yield of 7.6%. Not bad for a loan that was repaid in less than four months. The principal and interest was redeployed into a new loan.


Cheddar has recently began a relationship with Groundfloor. We decided to be equity investors, and supply cash for fix and flip, or fix and hold real estate projects. These are short term Limited Recourse Obligation loans that are limited to a maximum term of 12 months. This is a successful platform for us, and Groundfloor seems to be scaling quite well. If you need funds for your fix and flip or fix and hold projects, contact the folks at Groundfloor and Cheddar will consider providing some cash for your project. To date we have invested in 32 projects.


We are actively investing in many real estate projects across the nation through Fundrise. We have 90 projects that are either in the construction faze or currently cash flowing. Our return on these investments have been beneficial to our long term investment goals. If you need funds for a large construction project, present your proposal to the folks at Fundrise. Who knows, Cheddar Inc may be one of your investors.

This cute little house is cash flowing nicely for us.

This cute little house is cash flowing nicely for us.

Cheddar Inc's brand new logo.

Cheddar Inc's brand new logo.

Cheddar Inc's cover photo

Cheddar Inc's cover photo

Cheddar Inc's cover photo

Cheddar Inc's cover photo


43915 Centergate Dr
Ashburn, VA


(571) 207-6553


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Our Story

Cheddar Inc is a family owned and operated financial company that focuses on providing affordable investment solutions. We work for the “little guy” by providing funding to small companies looking to expand their real estate holdings or hard money loans for fix and flip projects. The funds are invested through small crowdfunding platforms for a smooth approval process. We also pride ourselves in providing quality homes for rent at affordable prices. Cheddar Inc manages a small portfolio of company owned rental homes and we are currently working on expanding those investments. We started as a family ran investment club that only invested in stocks and bonds and we evolved into a well rounded private finance company.

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