To Be Continued Student Ministry

To Be Continued Student Ministry We are the youth ministry of Capital Community Church.

To Be Continued... is a group for young people who are tired of the norm and ready to have a real encounter with a real God. Life is what we make of it so we have decided to make it the best life that it can be. We will not allow this life to drag us down and won't allow anything to make us believe we are not valued. We refuse to focus on what we can't do and we are determined to focus on what we can do. These are the best years of our life and we intend to take full advantage of them by being a part of great things and not settling for less just because we are not adults. Our goal is to help people build growing relationships with Jesus Christ by creating environments where they can interact with other teens that have a desire to have a real, relevant, lasting relationship with Christ. Teens of all shapes, sizes and colors are who we are reaching for and we will do everything to show them that they are welcome and loved. We are united and will continue so that our generation and those after us will grow to become greater then any generation before has been. We will be more focused, more devoted, and be a part of bigger moves of God than any group has ever seen because we have decided that this message of Jesus Christ can not stop with us it must go to the generations that come behind us. This faith is not something that was good for our parents only and is not only important to us, but it is something to be shared and ToBe Continued...


Bottom Line from Session 2: Prayer is about knowing Someone, not getting something. #GameOn #XP3

Name one way youโ€™d like to know God better.


Bottom Line from our first session of Game On: Our faith grows when we apply the Bible to our lives. #GameOn #XP3

Whatโ€™s your experience reading the Bible? Did you find it difficult to understand? If so, why?


Oh my gosh! We missed posting a rumor... So rumor has it, the person posting rumors will be fired today! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Seriously though, rumor has it that tonight may or may not be one of the most fun nights ever!!! But you have to show up at 7 to find out!...
But trust me, this rumor is absolutely not a rumor, it's a FACT!!!!!



Rumor has it there may or may not be a Starbucks gift card or two hidden somewhere in the youth room on Friday night... Come at 7 to find out...
(Under no circumstances should you break, take apart, or ruin anything trying to find out if this rumor is true)


Rumor has it there may or may not be a box of puppies at Youth on Friday night... Be there at 7 to find out...


We are on twitter and instagram now!! Follow us so we can follow you -

Instagram: 2BeContinuedYouth

twitter: @2bcym


Rumor has it Ted Engquist may or may not have gone to the barber for a hair cut today, and ended up with a purple mohawk.... Show up Friday at 7 to see if it's true...


Rumor has it Pastor Terrance will be trying out a new look on Friday night and it may or may not include a shaved head, skinny jeans and a bow tie... Show up on Friday and see if it's true...


HUGE shout out to our TBC students for raising the money to build a well in Ethiopia to provide clean drinking water to over 250 families!!!! You guys rock!!!!


We had a blast at our "Vintage Christmas" party this weekend! Thank you to all of the parents who brought food and stayed to help out with the games and the food. Pictures coming soon...

Stay tuned for information about our upcoming events in January and don't want to miss out on all of the FUN!!!!!


We had a blast at the Corn Maze. Some of us came out of it a little muddy, but we survived. Thanks to everyone who came out and to all the chaperones who helped us supervise the event!


Teens, don't forget to do at least 3 things that put other people first this week as we strive to be Branded as Unselfish Christians

What are you known for?  What defines you?  Join us for an exciting new topic THIS FRIDAY @ CCC!
"Branded" Series

What are you known for? What defines you? Join us for an exciting new topic THIS FRIDAY @ CCC!

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Hey everyone looking forward to the big event this Friday night. You don't want to miss it. Bring your friends. What brand are you?


Hey TBC, just a reminder, SCAVENGER HUNT AT DULLES MALL ON FRIDAY NIGHT (Tomorrow night) at 7pm. Everyone meet at the main entrance by Vapianos.


Hey TBC, SCAVENGER HUNT THIS FRIDAY AT DULLES MALL!!! See everyone at the mall at 7pm!!




Hey youth! Invite your friends to "like" our page. :) TBC is about to do some crazy cool things. Proud of you guys!


Tomorrow marks the end of TBC's first Charity Water campaign. In less than 3 months, we raised $5,021 to drastically impact our world. There will be a well somewhere in this world that says it was donated by our youth group. There are no words!!!! TBC, you rock!!!!


UNTITLED TONIGHT AT 7PM! Invite all your friends - it's seriously gonna be amazing. :)


HAAAAAY! Tomorrow night "TBC UNTITLED" 7-9 pm. Awesome music, prizes, surprises, speakers, etc. It's gonna be sickkkk! Invite all of your friends - yes, every single one of them, and come expecting an awesome time. :) see you there!!


I am so proud of To Be Continued Student Ministry!!! Our Charity Water BBQ raised $1,800 today!!!! We are painfully close to reaching our goal of $5,000!!!


An another AMAZING week of fundraising for Charity Water this Sunday!!! Thank you again to everyone at Capital Community Church for your support of To Be Continued Student Ministry!!! Our new total is $3,104!!! Only $1,896 left to go!!!


UPDATE: TBC has raised over $1,120 so far for Charity:Water!!! Lets keep going guys!!!!


TBC has raised over $600 so far for Charity:Water!!!! Great Job everyone!!!!!!!


Fuddrucker's tomorrow night! Come get some amazing food and support your youth group (AKA the BEST youth group!) :) who's going?


Let's not forget all that we learned at HYC this year! God is continuing to do great things in our youth group. :) you ready for 2012, TBC?!?!




20430 Ashburn Village Blvd
Ashburn, VA


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