Retirement Home for Elderly Doggos

Retirement Home for Elderly Doggos We are a fund raising organisation that helps fund raise for individuals struggling to pay for the medical needs of their senior dogs. Our eventual goal is to create a dog sanctuary for elderly dogs who are surrendered.

We are not trying to create an animal shelter but rather an animal sanctuary for unplacable elderly dogs where they can live out the remainder of their lives in peace.


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In response to some recent negativity, I'm reminded of some wise words I was told a long time ago. "Find the person with the drive and tenacity, and get out of their way."

Never waste energy on people who tell you what you can't do. Are there barriers? Of course. Knock them down. Will there be challenges? Yes. Welcome them. You're the only person who gets to tell you what you can and cannot do.


As we close on $30 left in credit for our current advertisement campaign, I've had to do some numbers crunching.

So, the full budget of $90 will likely culminate at about another 300+ followers. Totaling about 1000+ followers. My initial estimate was that we'd need approximately 3000 followers to attract enough contributors in order to establish a steady budget for an actual facility. That was based on my general notion of fundraisers. FB has proven to be a completely different animal.

FB metrics prevent us from showing up regularly on our followers wall, even if they're following actively. I would say, out of 1000 followers, maybe 200 people even see the post. Only about 20 will interact with it in some way, (share, like, comment, etc). Only about 5 of those individuals will donate to a cause. That places us at .5% success rate for fundraising. Totaling an average of about $60 per fund raiser. About one fund raiser a week. We could maybe fund 1 adult, healthy dog on $60/week.

If we assume the trends grow exponentially, even tripled with growth as the metrics begin to favor our activities, that means at 3k followers at triple our averages would land us on about $540 a months which would cover just the basic health needs of two senior dogs without even remotely approaching facility costs.

To get to those numbers that would mean 20 more moths of advertisement, and I definitely don't want to be wasting precious fund raising on six and a half rounds of $90. Generosity cannot be wasted so flippantly for so little pay off.

So, how do we get the numbers we need (which I'm now placing about 20k followers before funding is possible)? I'm going to be changing pace to attract followers that are more active and will improve our visibility metrics through FB.

The new plan, for now, is to promote fund raisers for the medical needs of doggos. That way owners can keep them home and not be forced to surrender them or put them down. These fund raisers will give us viral activity for me to invite new members, rather than advertise to attract them.

This way, fundraising will focus solely on helping owners in need pay the hefty medical bills for elderly doggos while simultaneously attracting new followers and growing out numbers.

This addresses the lack of activity, prevents us from having to waste money on advertisement that isn't getting us anywhere, and helps us help doggos.

We're not abandoning the doggo sanctuary concept, but we'll never get their on our current path. This way we'll get there faster and even help doggos along the way.


We've reached 900+ followers with the ad y'all helped us purchase. And with that we've already raised money for elderly doggos in need.

And we still have all of October and November to gather new followers. The more followers we have, the more people we can immediately help keep their elderly doggos.

The inevitable goal is to start fundraising for the sanctuary itself. But until then, we can already provide help to those who are struggling.

And you all have been instrumental in our success.


The ad really helped and our followers have already raised about $200 for needy elderly doggos.


With your support, we've added 100 new likes, reaching over 800 followers. Please keep up the support. Share our page with your friends and families. I'm going to pick a target for our first goal as soon as we reach 1000 followers.


Metrics show we're adding an average of two new followers a day. It's a start. Please share our page

It's stories like this that give me hope for our society.  Things can seem do damn glum, but then there's this.
More people are adopting old, sick dogs to keep them from dying alone and afraid

It's stories like this that give me hope for our society. Things can seem do damn glum, but then there's this.

A growing number of animal organizations are focusing on adopting out older dogs, or “senior dogs” that are typically 7 years or older. Their age makes them some of the hardest-to-place animals in a society that still adores romping puppies.


Can't figure out how a non-profit page on FB is supposed to work. It keeps telling me that the page is supposed to have a donate button, but that's not an option. Every time I try to create a fund raiser, it will only do it under my account and not the page which completely defeats the purpose as none of this pages's fans can see it.

I'm not sure what to do and could use some help and advice.


We've stagnated pretty firmly at 700+ followers.

I'd like to try our first fund raiser to collect money for ad space.

With this ad space, it's my hope we can attract more followers.

An important note to anyone who donates. We are not yet a 501-c3. With the funds I collect from this I will apply for that status, but currently we are not a registered non-profit. Honesty is of the utmost important to our organization and I do not want anyone to feel they've been deceived.

Every penny will got to advertisement space and no funds will be used for profit.

I hope we can raise an army for out elderly doggos

With our current situation in America, even with the many successful battles against puppy mills, more and more doggo ow...
Animal shelters facing crisis due to overcrowding

With our current situation in America, even with the many successful battles against puppy mills, more and more doggo owners are discovering they can no longer afford to keep their babies. The shelter system must expand. If you can, please consider donating to your local no-kills, or even consider fostering.

Help support anti puppy mill legislation in your sate. Encourage friends and families to take shelter dogs. Help educate yourself and your friends on the kinds of breads that best fit you and them. Huskies are adorable and fun, but they need a lot of exorcise and play. Dachshunds are adorable and lovey, but the have the highest baby and toddler bite risk out of any bread. Newfoundlands are your cuddliest friends, but you'll basically be dishing out thousands a year on food and vet visits.

Doggos and even Gattos can be an American community if we work with each other and help each other do the right things and make the right decisions.

(CBS46) -- The Dekalb and Fulton County animal shelters are in an emergency foster push after taking in over 1,800 animals in one month.


Doggo fans, I need you help!

I need you to share our page. Not this post. Our page. You can click the 'share button' on the main screen for the page right under the banner to do this =)

We've been stuck at 700 followers and I can't afford ad space at the moment. We're directly dependent on you, our loving followers, and frends of doggos to share our page so that hopefully we can start fund raising.

Please share our page with you friends and family. Again, go to the main screen and click the 'share button' under the our banner =)

Thank you again for all your support. Together we can make this happen!


Thank you doggo lovers!
Please share the Retirement Home for Elderly Doggos with your friends and family =)

Not an elderly doggo.  Just a good boi whose owners made a common mistake.  Help if you can.  Please, no harsh judgments...
Click here to support Bowie Medical Expense Fund organized by Jes Appleby

Not an elderly doggo. Just a good boi whose owners made a common mistake. Help if you can. Please, no harsh judgments.

Last month, we adopted Bowie from a rescue that brings dogs up to Massachusetts from an Arkansas shelter. Unfortunately he didn't end up getting along with our elderly cats, but the happy ending was that our very good friends Miriam and Jay fell in love with him and decided to adopt him. We all...


Friends, please share our page so we can get more followers. Once we have enough followers we can start fundraising.


I've managed to invite a few more people. To grow our numbers I'm calling upon all member to please share the group and encourage people to join.

If I reach 1000 members, I believe I may be able to start fundraising.


Lovers and protectors of doggos! We just reached 700 followers! If I can reach 1000, I'll start fund raising.


This is still a thing but I was unable to afford to keep pushing it. For now it's on hiatus. If I manage to get 1000 followers, I'll start trying to fund raise.




Can we get 8 more page likes to reach 700? Go team!


Albany, NY


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Our Story

Our current mission is to help owners keep their elderly doggos at home by assisting with vet bills. Elderly doggos can have some serious medical needs including regular shots, hefty surgeries, and expensive dietary restrictions. We will accept and review all fund raiser submissions by simple Direct Message notification. Just let us know that your doggo needs help

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God Bless everyone involved ❤️❤️❤️