CatNappers Provides low cost spay and neuter for feral and semi-feral cats in Albany,Georgia and surrounding areas. We exist because people didn't spay and neuter.

CatNappers is a low cost Trap, Neuter and Return program for feral, abandoned and stray cats. It places the cat back into the neighborhood or environment that it knew and has been living in. We do not remove, we do not relocate.

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Fireworks🧨explode like magnified gunfire in the exquisitely sensitive ears of wildlife, our companion animals🐾, and our Veterans. #SilentFireworks #silencethefear

We created a free download with calming supplements and helpful tips to get your pet through the stress of fireworks!

The Forever Dog

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

Taking outdoor kittens to be socialized and adopted? Do you have a plan for mom and dad(s)? Does your rescue or shelter advise clients about TNR?

Cat Finds Its Way Home After 7 Years… The Heartwarming Reunion Brought Tears To My Eyes
Cat Finds Its Way Home After 7 Years… The Heartwarming Reunion Brought Tears To My Eyes

Cat Finds Its Way Home After 7 Years… The Heartwarming Reunion Brought Tears To My Eyes

When this woman’s cat went missing, she never thought she will see it again. However, fate had other plans for them, and 7 years later Sophia the cat has been found. The cat was located in San Diego, about 400 miles away from her home in Phoenix, and the reunion...


Sigh.... some people just don't get it.

Cat Coat Patterns: 10 Interesting Facts That You'll Love
Cat Coat Patterns: 10 Interesting Facts That You'll Love

Cat Coat Patterns: 10 Interesting Facts That You'll Love

Stripes, swirls, spots, or even solids, there’s a long list of cat coat patterns to fall in love with. For me, the unique mix on a tortie and the colorful patches of a calico stand out the most. And whether you love the bold and busy or

76-Year-Old Man Collects Scrap Metal To Feed Stray Cats Every Single Day
76-Year-Old Man Collects Scrap Metal To Feed Stray Cats Every Single Day

76-Year-Old Man Collects Scrap Metal To Feed Stray Cats Every Single Day

Willie Ortiz is a 76-year-old man, a veteran and a scrap metal collector from Hartford, Connecticut. He has been feeding stray cats in his area for 22 years, not missing a single day. Despite rain, snow or freezing cold, he still goes out, collects scrap metal to pay for the...




En Turquie, ils construisent ces maisons pour que les chats errants n'aient pas froid la nuit.


Is your cat the devil incarnate? Know the telltale signs.


A happy ending almost gone wrong…

Several years ago, Cheri had a request from someone to borrow a trap from her; it seemed a family member had moved away, her timid cat had gone outside and they could not get her back. But, when Cheri went to loan the trap, she found they were planning on trapping the cat and taking her to a kill shelter – where a timid cat in a trap would not have a chance. She would be euthanized.

Like most trappers, Cheri will not loan her traps for this purpose. While no one can control what people do with their own money and equipment, those who are working so hard to save the animals will not trap and euthanize for no good reason. And in this case, since she was there, Cheri simply decided to trap and take the cat herself.

As luck would have it, this cat – whose behavior did NOT make her seem adoptable – was slated for a barn home when the woman who owned her contacted Cheri – she WANTED her cat! There had been a misunderstanding during her move, she was horrified to hear her baby was gone!

And when Cheri (and Becky, who was fostering her) took Gucci back to her mom – WOW! This cat heard her mom’s voice and cried – and came out of the carrier and LOVED HER MOM! She was SO HAPPY! Look at her picture, of her rolling on her back – this was a cat who almost went to a barn, because she was untouchable…

There were some things done right, and some done wrong here – Gucci WAS microchipped, so had she ended up in a shelter she might have been returned to her mom –IF her mom had updated her contact info. But it is essential to make a plan when you leave a cat with family, friends, or foster – do not count on their patience in holding until you are ready: make a plan, be clear, and follow through asap! We were all just delighted though that this near miss turned out so well – thanks again to the dynamic duo Cheri and Becky! And thanks to Cheri and Becky for their compassion with Gucci’s mom – many people hear a story like this and are quick to judge “they must not really love her, they left her too long, they didn’t know what that cat was going through”. These rescuers have the heart to know hard times happen in everyone’s lives – don’t judge without knowing all the facts. And the facts were obvious from the tears in Gucci’s mom’s eyes… and the purrs coming from that little cat. A joyous reunion, a happy ending – it doesn’t get better than this

Weird Things Cats Do When They Love You
Weird Things Cats Do When They Love You

Weird Things Cats Do When They Love You

Head “bunting,” kneading, slow blinks — these are just some of the things cats do when they love you.


Good morning 😅

Why I Support "Kill Shelters"

The different types of shelters can be very confusing. Knowing the differences between them and why they are the type of shelter they are is important to the welfare of all the innocent animals who find themselves in any of them. The most important part is knowing that they can't help all of the animals unless you and the community are helping them. But also any area rescue is in need of the same things, not shelters alone, many other organizations need the help just as much in order to continue saving lives and getting them back into homes also. Shelters are important but unfunded rescues need you too.

Should we support "kill shelters"? In this video, I explain the different kinds of animal shelters and what they do, including how open admission/limited adm...

'Twas the Year Our Pets Saved Us: A Chewy Original Poem
'Twas the Year Our Pets Saved Us: A Chewy Original Poem

'Twas the Year Our Pets Saved Us: A Chewy Original Poem

2020 was a year like no other—but through it all, our pets kept us smiling. So as the year draws to a close, we're honoring the special bond between pets and parents with an original poem.

Lost Cats Georgia

Lost Cats Georgia

Remember... Hay is for horses and Straw is for Strays!

A very sad day.  :'(

A very sad day. :'(

With a heavy heart, I have to announce that Henry (you may know him as Henri, le Chat Noir) has passed on at the age of 17. He had developed a problem that was causing a deterioration in his spine and though he was able to be in relative comfort until the end, there was just no path forward since he was only comfortable while immobile. We are grateful that even during this pandemic, we were able to have a doctor safely come to Henry’s home to help him pass peacefully, surrounded by those that loved him.

Henry packed a lot into his years with us. We adopted him from the Seattle Animal Shelter as a kitten, and from day one his regal presence and distinguished personality filled the home. A short film project I made in film school became the first Henri film, and the rest is history. Henry became a best-selling author, a Golden Kitty award winner, and appeared in every year of the Internet Cat Video Festival (now CatVideoFest). It will be tough to make, but I will create a video tribute to Henri (and Henry) for next year’s reel and I will make it available online as well. He also helped to raise tens of thousands of dollars for cats in need around the world. And he did it all from his couch.

I always noted how little Henry had in common with the angst-filled character he portrayed. He was a good natured and happy cat, and as far as I could tell, never suffered a single existential crisis during his life. But as the years went on, I started to realize that it was his imperious stare and the nobility behind his eyes that made Henri work, more than my terrible French and pedestrian piano playing. No one had a problem immediately accepting that this cat was a deep-thinking philosopher. Maybe he actually was. He also liked chin scratches.

Before Henry’s health problems, my mother (and Henry’s actual caretaker) had begun work on a small book of poetry about life with Henry and her other multitude of kitties, including the still living l’Imbecile Blanc. I (ahem, excuse me…Henri) had actually already written the introduction. It will be published soon and we’ve made arrangements for all of the proceeds to benefit animal shelters in our area in his memory. Henry wouldn’t have it any other way.

I know that hearing this sad news will be difficult. But remember that Henri lives on in your memories as well as ours, and in the amusement he brought to all of you. The foremost goal was always to make people laugh! I would encourage all of you to share your favorite Henri video or quote today, because everyone needs a good laugh now more than ever.

Henry, thank you for everything you brought to my life and to the lives of so many people and cats out there. I hope they have Party Mix wherever you are now. So long, brother.

Your Thieving Filmmaker,


C.A.A.  - Cat Addicts Anony-mouse

C.A.A. - Cat Addicts Anony-mouse


PO Box 71203
Albany, GA

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Trap, Neuter and Return has proven successful in reducing the numbers of feral (undomesticated) cats that are living on the streets. The only way to control the numbers is to reduce the possibility of breeding. For each cat killed many more are having babies daily. Common sense can tell you those numbers don't add up. If trap and kill, as has been the common method of dealing with this problem, worked we wouldn't have the numbers of feral cats that we now have today. Humane societies, since their inception, have used this method of trap and kill and the problem is worse than ever. The most humane and sucessful strategy is TNR, Trap, Neuter and Return. ADOPTIONS: Our adoption applications are designed to ensure that we are finding the best homes for our cats. Each has already been fixed and are up to date on necessary shots. Our adoption fess are $75.00. The questionaire is designed to make sure that we are matching each family with a cat that is best suited for them and to address any problems there might be. We do vet checks to ensure that the cats will be cared for after the leave our care. We don't have a shelter so these cats are presently in homes and are receiving the best care we can provide, we want to make certain that that will be maintained because each one is important to us, we've got a lot of time, love and money invested in each cat in our care. Our cats are important to us and we want them to be important to you as well. You can fill out an application for a cat by going to our website and filling out the application.


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This is why over 75% of the population of cats that go into the shelter here are put to sleep and not re-homed. How is a cat doing what a cat was born to do harming the environment?
My parents have a mama cat who took up residence in their yard. They haven't fed her or anything. She must hunt. My mom is very allergic to cats. Now there are kittens, too. I don't live locally to help her remove them. She lives out Graves Spring Rd in Leesburg. Can your organization help?
Is there anyone out there who might foster 4 little kittens? My grandson took my truck home with him and he called to tell me there were 4 kittens in the bed. He brought them back to me but the mother has not come to get them. I have been feeding them with the replacement milk. 2 will eat but the other 2 will not. They also have matter in their eyes. I am so afraid they will die since I don't know what to do for them. The vets won't take them and I don't want to take them to the Humane Society. Please give me some input..........thanks.
We have lost our 16 year old cat before the storm Wednesday January 23. Please take a minute if you are in the area of West Doublegate and Marlow look to see if our Stripes is there.
These kitties are SUPER URGENT, the shelter is full and they have pledges but need someone to come and save them!!!
please get in touch with me concerning a cat marla burley thanks
ISO a kitten. Maine C**n mix. Please share my post. My house has been without a pet for long enough. This is the color & markings I’m looking for,
Ok the other day I was talking with someone on here about how people keep dropping of cats in my ally. How you need to catch fix and release back. I did this last year. Well now I have two moms and seven babies. Husband went out to feed and now there is a silver tabby that was not has not been there. To those that drop these babies off. Please do it else where. That's bad to say but my anxiety over all these babies is through the roof! There is nothing I can do but water and feed. Just recently my baby of just 4 years has past. I have a vet bill already. This go around I can not fix and release. My only option is to feed water and pray for them. So prayers needed for all these beautiful babies! Thanks
Thank You & God Bless You For All you do for the fur babies. If people only knew what you did , they would not mind donating. I look at it this way. I never wanted cats,but people just dropped them off at my house. People tell me they will kill the,Well, that is against the Law if they are not on your property. Also,they keep snakes away, rats, others things that craw, move,lol. I have come to respect them. And Yes Love Them. And will hurt you over my fur babies. If you get them fixed, you will have a Life Long Friend. That means a lot more than the money you will spend to get them fixed. Just Saying ! Kim Renfroe Alford God Bless you.I would take them if I did not have so many. Thanks Mitch...
I wanted to see if it was possible for your organization to help a litter of four kittens and their mother in Dougherty County. They all appear very healthy and one of the residents is threatening to call animal control. She states she doesn't care if they euthanize them. 🙁 I have donated baked goods to raise funds for this group before and will be glad to do so again. I also make jewelry if we could sell that to help. If you can help or know someone than can please message me. Thank you in advance.