Organisations à but non lucratifss à Pré-en-Pail

Trouvez les organisations à but non lucratifss à Pré-en-Pail. Les listes comprennent Hélianthus et St Pierre des Nids As. Cliquez sur chacun dans la liste sous la carte pour plus d'informations.

  • 05/01/21
    Who else managed it? For those of you who know the founders, Jennifers grandson completed the challenge ages ago. And her daughter (me) finished yesterday by the skin of my teeth! I'll leave the fun...
    > Hélianthus
  • 04/06/21
    Been a bit slack in promoting the fundraiser! But we have started ours. Unfortunately the page is down because of a verification issue, and with it being a bank holiday we've had to wait till today to...
    > Hélianthus
  • 02/10/21
    Hello - We're really sorry, but the Shop won't open this wednesday afternoon because of the weather conditions and many of our volunteers being snow-bound. Thank you for your understanding and we hope...
    > Hélianthus
  • 02/08/21
    Even though we are a registered charity, JustGiving wouldn't recognise us as such, so I've set up a crowd funder and I will donate the money that way instead
    > Hélianthus