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SOS Chrétiens d'Orient SOS Chrétiens d’Orient est une association à but non lucratif qui vient en aide aux chrétiens d'Orient en Syrie, en Irak, au Liban, en Jordanie, Arménie et en Egypte.

Fondée en octobre 2013 suite à la prise du village de Maaloula (Syrie) par les djihadistes, SOS Chrétiens d’Orient est présente de manière continue en Syrie, Irak, Liban et Jordanie. Elle effectue également des missions ponctuelles en Egypte. L’objectif ? Apporter une aide matérielle et un soutien moral aux chrétiens d’Orient. Depuis sa création, SOS Chrétiens d’Orient a envoyé plus de 1000 volontaires sur le terrain, aidé plus de 50 000 personnes, distribué 30 tonnes de jouets, vêtements et packs hygiènes ou alimentaires distribués, 55 tonnes de matériel médical et logistique et contribué à la construction ou la reconstruction de huit écoles, seize bâtiments religieux et neuf bâtiments hospitaliers.

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🇦🇲💬 #NewsSOS - Only in death will they be reunited.′′Hosvep is just a child. No one can take his life, he has so much to...
Carnet de bord en Arménie #2 – « Les millenials » combattent pour défendre l'Arménie !

🇦🇲💬 #NewsSOS - Only in death will they be reunited.

′′Hosvep is just a child. No one can take his life, he has so much to discover.′′ Yet in the fall of 2020, cemeteries filled days after days with the bodies of young Armenians who died in battle. Every day, new graves are dug for the ′′millennials". "2002-2020′′ Epitaphs testify of short lives but ones offered for a greater ideal: defend their homeland.

Daily the same macabre show repeats itself. Between wreath of flowers and dirt walkways, families visit their deaths; parents say one last ′′Goodbye′′ to their children who are missing forever.

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L’Arménie a connu des pertes considérables. Les familles sont endeuillées, déchirées, seules et tristes. Des parents ont été séparés de leur enfants,...

�� #NewsOrient - Two Christian nurses imprisoned for blasphemy.Outrage to the Quran and Prophet Mohammed. This is the cr...

�� #NewsOrient - Two Christian nurses imprisoned for blasphemy.

Outrage to the Quran and Prophet Mohammed. This is the crime of which two Christian nurses are accused of in a hospital in Faisalabad, in Pakistan, reports Ucanews agency. On April 8, Newish Urooj, a student nurse, reportedly deliberately ripped a sticker from a closet, marked with a Quran quote referring to Prophet Mohammed. The other nurse, Mariam Lal, is considered complicit in the desecration for putting the sticker in her pocket. A crime punishable by life imprisonment under section 295-B of the Blasphemy Law.

As they returned to their workplace the next day, they were violently caught by their Muslim colleagues and then arrested by police after a first news report was written by a hospital official. The hospital's board of inquiry has concluded that the two nurses intentionally ripped the "Durood Shareef" (a greeting to the Prophet Mohammed). But according to a priest who gave the Sacrement of the sick that day in the hospital, nurses were simply trying to clean the closet, with the sticker in question being already half torn.

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🇵🇰💬#ActuOrient - Deux infirmières chrétiennes emprisonnées pour blasphème.

Outrage au Coran et au prophète Mahomet. C’est le crime qui est reproché à deux infirmières chrétiennes de l’hôpital de Faisalabad, au Pakistan, rapporte l’agence Ucanews. Le 8 avril dernier, Newish Urooj, une infirmière étudiante, aurait délibérément arraché un autocollant d’une armoire, marqué d’une citation du Coran faisant référence au prophète Mahomet. L’autre infirmière, Mariam Lal, est considérée comme complice de la profanation pour avoir mis l’autocollant dans sa poche. Un crime passible de la prison à vie en vertu de l’article 295-B de la loi sur le blasphème incluse dans le code pénal pakistanais.

Alors qu’elles revenaient sur leur lieu de travail le lendemain, elles ont été violemment prises à partie par leurs collègues musulmans. Muhammad Waqas, un employé de l’hôpital, insulte Mariam Lal, la traitant de « salle fille de p***» et affirme fièrement l’avoir blessée : « Je l’ai attaquée avec un couteau. Je l’aurais tuée. »

Le comité d’enquête de l’hôpital a conclu que les deux infirmières avaient intentionnellement déchiré le « Durood Shareef » (une formule de salutation envers le prophète Mahomet). Mais selon un prêtre qui donnait l’onction des malades ce jour-là à l’hôpital, les infirmières essayaient simplement de nettoyer l’armoire, l’autocollant en question étant déjà à moitié déchiré.

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🇪🇬💬 #NewsOrient - Coptic Christian and two members of a local tribe executed in Sinai.On April 18, 62-year-old Coptic Ch...

🇪🇬💬 #NewsOrient - Coptic Christian and two members of a local tribe executed in Sinai.

On April 18, 62-year-old Coptic Christian Nabil Habashy Salama, captive for 5 months and accused of collaborating with the Egyptian army, was killed with a single bullet to the back of his head by Takfiris of ISIS

In a 13-minute video broadcast on Telegram messenger app, terrorists threaten Egyptian Christians whom they accuse of supporting the Egyptian army, before executing Nabil Habashy Salama and two young people presented as members of the local Tarabine tribe ..

ISIS has claimed several bloody attacks on Coptic Christians, the largest religious minority in the Middle East in recent years. They are estimated to be between 15 to 20% of the nearly 100 million inhabitants of Egypt, containing a vast majority of Muslims. The last attack was on November 2, 2018, when a bus carrying Coptic pilgrims to a Upper Egypt monastery was riddled with bullets. This attack killed 7 and wounded 14

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🎉💬 #NewsOrient - The Virgin of Mount Carmel carried in procession in Haifa.On April, 18, the traditional procession of O...

🎉💬 #NewsOrient - The Virgin of Mount Carmel carried in procession in Haifa.

On April, 18, the traditional procession of Our Lady of Carmel took place in Haifa. Conducted by His Beatitude Pierbattista Pizzaballa, Latin patriarch of Jerusalem, it commemorates the one held on Sunday, April 27, 1919, Sunday in Albis, during which the statue of Our Lady of Carmel was solemnly brought back to the Stella Maris Sanctuary. Few years earlier, in 1914, it had been transferred to the parish church, at the beginning of World War I.

Although linked to the end of the Great War and to the desire to thank the Lord and the Virgin for the return of peace, this event did not cease to exist at the end of the conflict; the procession, in fact, continued to perpetuate itself also in the following years until it became the most important in the Holy Land after that of Palm Sunday in Jerusalem.

During its hundred years of history, the procession also experienced critical moments especially in the years 1948-49. In 1948, the year of the proclamation of the State of Israel, the procession – which traditionally takes place on the third Sunday after Easter – fell on April 18, less than a month before the proclamation of the State and the beginning of hostilities that led to the first Israeli-Arab war.

The following year, given the very low numbers of Christians, almost all of whom fled or were expelled from Haifa after the war of 1948, the few faithful who stayed were afraid of organizing the procession due to their small numbers and the fear of repercussions. It was the then new Israeli mayor of Haifa who favored the procession by guaranteeing public order and thus preserving tradition. One can therefore believe that the Virgin, in some way, has always providentially watched over her faithful and the continuation of her procession.

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#VolunteerInTheEast - Love in the land of cedars.Here I am at the end of my thirty-week mission in Lebanon. Thirty weeks...

#VolunteerInTheEast - Love in the land of cedars.

Here I am at the end of my thirty-week mission in Lebanon. Thirty weeks... that have gone by very quickly, but which, at the same time, seem like an eternity to me. A mission with SOS Chrétiens d'Orient means leaving your country and your comfort, leaving your family and friends, leaving your routine to serve others, in another world, like a bubble, apart from the western life we know.

A mission with SOSCO is about action, a lot of energy, meetings and tons of smiles, emotion and empathy, laughter, masses, prayers and a lot of joy.

Father Guy Gilbert, in his book "Aimer plus qu'hier, moins que demain", calls us to be servants. Servants of God but first of all servants of men. In the Gospel of St. Matthew (25:40), Jesus tells us: "Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me."

To be a good servant, we must be poor ourselves, get rid of the excess, the superficial, in order to concentrate on the most important: the other.

If God wills, every day of my life I would serve.

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SOS Chrétiens d'Orient sends volunteers in mission throughout the year. Like Inès, come and live an unforgettable experience in Lebanon. Send your application : [email protected]

❤️ A volunteer's mission per day costs the association €33. If you can't leave, sponsor a volunteer, donate:

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🇮🇶💬 #ActuOrient - Appellations « erronées et inacceptables »Dans son message adressé aux musulmans à l'occasion du Ramad...

🇮🇶💬 #ActuOrient - Appellations « erronées et inacceptables »

Dans son message adressé aux musulmans à l'occasion du Ramadan rappelant les principes de paix et de fraternité, le patriarche chaldéen d’Irak suggère que les appellations "infidèles" ou "polythéistes" soient retirées des manuels scolaires pour désigner les chrétiens, au profit de "gens du Livre" (appellation également utilisée par les musulmans et qui, bien qu’incorrecte, est moins négative)

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🇮🇶💬 #ActuOrient - Appellations « erronées et inacceptables »

Dans son message adressé aux musulmans à l'occasion du Ramadan rappelant les principes de paix et de fraternité, le patriarche chaldéen d’Irak suggère que les appellations "infidèles" ou "polythéistes" soient retirées des manuels scolaires pour désigner les chrétiens, au profit de "gens du Livre" (appellation également utilisée par les musulmans et qui, bien qu’incorrecte, est moins négative)

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#SOSProjects in #Egypt - From A to Z, teaching children to read in the slum.Every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning,...

#SOSProjects in #Egypt - From A to Z, teaching children to read in the slum.

Every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning, I climb the steps of Miss Marlene's school in the slum of Ezbet El Nakhl, with the desire to teach all these children to speak a language that will allow them one day to communicate with the volunteers who will come.

I find in this school the desire and the pleasure to learn by playing, by putting in the life of these children a little poetry. Learning while having fun is the key word of my method and the one I try, with my volunteer friends, to keep alive. School should not be synonymous with hard work and difficulty! This work, this hardness of life, they already know it the rest of the time they spend outside their homes in the streets, working until late at night for some.

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You should know that every day new children join the school and that Miss Marlene has the great project of opening other classes. I am counting on your generosity. And if you are short of money, tell yourself that you can give a little of your time here to the most needy. Believe me: no nothing, you will not regret anything!

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🔴🇹🇷 #NewsOrient - A monk sentenced for exercising Christian charity...April 7, 2021, after a year of waiting, the senten...

🔴🇹🇷 #NewsOrient - A monk sentenced for exercising Christian charity...

April 7, 2021, after a year of waiting, the sentence falls.
Father Sefer Bileçen (Father Aho), guardian of the Syrian Orthodox Monastery of Mardin, is sentenced to 2 years and 1 months in prison by a Turkish court.

He is accused of ′′terrorism′′ for giving bread and water to a member of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), considered by Turks as a Kurdish terrorist group.

Arrested on January 9, 2020, he was released four days later thanks to public pressure. Since then, he has been waiting for his trial, many times postponed, which finally stood behind closed doors, in the absence of journalists.

🙏 Strongly saddened by this news, we entrust Father Aho to your prayers so that the Lord gives him the courage to face this test with faith and strength.

🔴🇹🇷 #ActuOrient - Un moine condamné pour avoir exercé la charité chrétienne...

7 avril 2021, après un an d'attente, la sentence tombe.
Le père Sefer Bileçen (Père Aho), gardien du monastère syriaque orthodoxe Saint-Jacob de Mardin, est condamné à 2 ans et 1 mois de prison par un tribunal turc.

Il est accusé de « terrorisme » pour avoir donné du pain et de l'eau à un membre du Parti des travailleurs du Kurdistan (PKK), considéré par les Turcs comme un groupe terroriste kurde.

Arrêté le 9 janvier 2020, il avait été libéré quatre jours plus tard grâce à la pression de l'opinion publique. Depuis, il attendait son procès, de nombreuses fois repoussé, qui s'est finalement tenu à huit clos, en l'absence de journalistes.

🙏 Fortement attristés par cette nouvelle, nous confions le Père Aho à vos prières afin que le Seigneur lui donne le courage d'affronter cette épreuve avec foi et force.

« Alep, c'était un cauchemar qui se termine. »

🇸🇾 #Syrie - « Enfin... nous n'aurons plus peur d'apprendre la mort d'un de nos proches. »

De 2015 à 2020, Alexandre Goodarzy a occupé le poste de chef de mission en Syrie pour l'association SOS Chrétiens d'Orient.

Le 22 décembre 2016, aux côtés des Syriens, il célèbre avec émotion et joie la libération d'Alep. Dans la rue, des familles se retrouvent et jubilent, pleurent et chantent : il n'y aura plus de morts. Un tsunami de bonheur saisit la ville. Le cauchemar est terminé.

👉Cet épisode qui a marqué l'histoire de la Syrie, il le relate dans son livre Guerrier de la Paix, disponible à la vente depuis le 24 mars :

#NewsOrient - Inauguration of Our Lady of Annunciation at HomsThe team of SOS Chrétiens d'Orient attend the inauguration...

#NewsOrient - Inauguration of Our Lady of Annunciation at Homs

The team of SOS Chrétiens d'Orient attend the inauguration of the Greek Catholic Church Our Lady of the Annunciation in Homs in the presence of His Beatitude Patriarch Joseph Absi, His Eminence Cardinal Mario Zenari, Apostolic Nuncio in Syria and Monseigneur Jean-Abdo Arbach, Archbishop of Homs, Hama and Yabroud.

It is a huge pride for the association to have funded the project worth 10.000euros. The benches, iconograph, altars were thus funded thanks to the generous efforts of donors.

Support our projects with Christians in the Orient, donate:

Follow the news of SOS Christians of the Orient in Syria: Les amis de la Syrie

A la rencontre d'Azimut 87

Il s'agit de deux motos (et de leurs pilotes). Elles ont traversé l'Europe, partant de la Normandie jusqu'en Arménie où Joseph et Louis sont maintenant volontaires avec la mission de SOS Chrétiens d'Orient sur place. Embarquez avec eux et suivez l'azimut 87.

Si l'aventure vous tente, rejoignez notre équipe sur place. Envoyez votre candidature à : [email protected]

عبرَ كل من جوزيف ولويس أوروبا على دراجتيهما الناريتين إنطلاقاً من منطقة النورماندي في فرنسا، بُغية الذهاب إلى أرمينيا حيثُ هم اليوم متطوعين مع جمعية SOS مسيحيي الشرق. تابعوا رحلتهم مع فريق azimut 87.

إذا كانت هذهِ المُغامرة تجذبكم، انضموا إلى فِرقنا العاملة في البعثات، أرسلوا طلب التسجيل خاصتكم إلى البريد الإلكتروني التالي:
[email protected]


These are two motorcycles (and their riders). They crossed Europe, from Normandy to Armenia where Joseph and Louis are now volunteers with the mission of SOS Chrétiens d'Orient there. Embark with them and follow azimuth 87.

If adventure tempts you, join our team on site. Send your application to: [email protected]

#ProjectSOS in #Arménie - Donations with the Sisters of CharityGuided by the Sisters of Charity, volunteers distributed ...

#ProjectSOS in #Arménie - Donations with the Sisters of Charity

Guided by the Sisters of Charity, volunteers distributed more than 60 packages to the poorest inhabitants of the villages of Spitak and Arevashogh.

Food parcels, blankets, clothes: Volunteers meet urgent family needs.

� With € 50, you're giving toys, a blanket a food and hygienic package to a family, donate:

#ProjectSOS - Donations in SlumsIn the slum of Abis, in Alexandria, the volunteers give food to families in great need. ...

#ProjectSOS - Donations in Slums

In the slum of Abis, in Alexandria, the volunteers give food to families in great need. Each household has a different story, often mourning the loss of a loved one, a father, a son, taken away by illness or in an accident. The packages they receive consist of oil, lentils, pasta, sugar, flour and tahina (sesame paste). The essentials to survive a few weeks. The inhabitants of the slum welcome the volunteers with open arms !

A food parcel containing the essential for the poor of slums costs 15 euros. Don't wait any longer, donate �

#ProjetSOS - Donations in KornizorIn the Syunik region, the village of Kornizor has been tested by war. Many of its chil...

#ProjetSOS - Donations in Kornizor

In the Syunik region, the village of Kornizor has been tested by war. Many of its children had gone to fight. Refugees from Artsakh were hosted by the already very poor inhabitants.

The volunteers of SOS Chrétiens d'Orient come to the aid of the villagers of Kornizor by bringing them hygiene packages and blankets.

With 20 € you offer a cover to a poor family, make a donation:


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Chrétiens d’Orient : relayer leur voix

Founded in October 2013, after the capture of the village of Maaloula (Syria) by jihadists, SOS Chrétiens d’Orient provide material aid and moral support to the Eastern minorities.

The association is continuously present in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Egypt and is carrying out special missions in Jordan, Armenia, Ethiopia and Pakistan.

In 6 years of existence, SOS Chrétiens d’Orient has established itself in the Middle East thanks to its emergency actions and its work of re-rooting with the persecuted populations.

The association has sent over 1800 volunteers to the field and regularly helps more than 60.000 people. We have distributed 55 tons of humanitarian equipment, 60 tons of medical equipment and contributed to the construction or reconstruction of 26 Schools, 28 religious buildings, 8 hospital buildings and 313 houses destroyed or damaged, in the plain of Nineveh in Iraq and Aleppo in Syria.

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Une magnifique vidéo de l Artsakh (haut karabagh) dont des monastères et églises datent du 4 ème siecle.... Malheureusement la moitié ont et vont être pillés et détruits par les azéries et turques suite a leur guerre qui ont mené aux armeniens pour prendre ces terres sans importances religieuses pour eux.....
Finally, a major work has appeared about the worst case of genocidal ethnic cleansing in the Middle East, by far. The loss of the three ancient communities in Turkey has forever tipped the balance against Eastern Christianity (There would be 15-20 million of them today inside Turkey):
Erdogan a poser les yeux rivés sur les provinces du Nord iranien #Armenia #Artsakh
Excerpts from Zori Balayan's book "The Resurrection of Our Soul" ... recognized as a hero by the Armenians, in his work "The Resurrection of Our Soul", published in 1996, he justified the genocide of the Caucasus. Facts confirming the direct participation of one of the main ideologists of “Great Armenia” Zori Balayan in the Khojaly genocide Z. Balayan, recognized as a hero by the Armenians, in his work “Resurrection of Our Soul”, published in 1996, justified the Khojaly genocide. The author proudly admitted his participation in the genocide committed against Azerbaijanis in this city. The facts contributing to the commission of crimes against humanity are reflected in 260-262 pages of Z. Balayan's book "Resurrection of the Soul", published in 1996. “… But only an Armenian, whose heart was ripped out and thrown into the fire of grief, can feel pride and satisfaction from these lines. I was also engaged, at the behest of a citizen's honor and sacred male duty, with the reprisal of this stinking Mongol spawn. When Khachatur and I entered the basement where they were being held, our soldiers had already nailed the child by the elbows to the window frame. So that he would not make a lot of noise, Khachatur squeezed in (during translation he also stuffed the severed breast of his murdered mother into his mouth. covered with two Armenians, a patriot and a citizen. And then those who fell at the hands of the Turks, the executioners, should be reassured. "The next day we went to Church, prayed for the souls of those who fell in 1915, and asking to cleanse our souls of that filth, what did we see yesterday (did we see or did ?!). But we were able to cleanse Khojaly from that, the other, 30 (?!) - thousandth filth that seized this part of our Motherland. Then at Suren's house, when his wife was pouring Jemruk, Khachatur said in a tired voice: "The Armenians demand to liberate their native land and continue the restoration of the greatness of Armenia. In heaven, this will be reckoned to us, and our conscience will be clear before our ancestors, because we will fulfill our duty. And I could not disagree."
Algérie deux chrétiens accusé blasphème deux ans de prison ferme et une amende de 200.000 dinars requis.
Erevan, Zanguezour et Sevan sont nos terres historiques annonce Aliyev #Armenia #Artsakh
Qui sont les Arméniens? Nous les détruirons #Armenia #Artsakh
L'Assemblée nationale française a adopté une résolution demandant la reconnaissance de la République du Haut-Karabagh en tant qu'État indépendant #Armenia #Artsakh