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SchooL with_OuT FrOntiers ¡ sChOoL withOuT frOnTiers is an open movement which supports democratic, nomadic and Agile education by removing partitions in all spheres of learning.

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Blooming forward 🌼
Blooming forward 🌼

Blooming forward 🌼

Dear Friends, 2020 & 1 wishes! Here are some news from the sChOoL🤸‍♀️withOuT frOntiers⛵' movement. Let's be connected!

A happy New Year to All! May you be safe and in peace. Here is a short account of an amazing learning journey… This past...

A happy New Year to All!
May you be safe and in peace.

Here is a short account of an amazing learning journey…

This past year, our “Magic Carpet” caravan school landed on a new frontier. An interface between Asia and Europe - and for so many people between life and so many deaths : Lesbos island.

We came for a week - and stayed for months on end. Stopped by so many hearts and smiles -and needs. Meeting, sharing, creating with poets, builders, teachers, musicians, entrepreneurs, or just vibrant humans from 80+ countries. Immersed in a tapestry bright in colours, drama, light.
With human prisoners, becoming experts in escape - Especially children..!
for whom even barbed wire can transform in silver horses 🦄,
a trash bag in a gliding eagle 🪁
and a puddle in the mud into a mirror to the stars.

Half of the world refugees are children - whose parents are trying to shield from all the world disasters, huddling at some awkward border of the world.
Children most often out of school.

A much transformative experience on all levels for us - that continues to resonate deep and wide.
Through this picture gallery -not necessarily chronological - you can have a feel the kaleidoscope of experiences and emotions we have recently been through.

Frontiers are places where the world reinvents itself, by confronting all its puzzles.
How come for instance, in our era, half of the planet is forced to go to school when they hate it, while another half is forced out of school, when they dream of it? Couldn’t we strike a balance one day? Education should not be a thing for children to endure - but yes, for societies to ensure.
Direct experience let us assured that such a world is within reach!

Limbos have so much to teach us.
What does life teach you when you are nobody (you have no valid papers, no identity),
in nowhere land (no longer home, not yet arrived at destination),
having nothing to do all day (having no legal rights to work and move freely)?
- or at least, that is what the world keeps telling you…

What keeps you alive, when the whole world is falling apart?
Darkness has one virtue : at least there, you can see clearly the lights. And in this dis-aster, how bright true stars can shine sometimes!🌟
One for example could be music, a stitcher of hearts, a binder of worlds. And all forms of creations, big and tiny.

Deep in people’s hearts also we found so many lights. People between one existence and another. Stuck in a life-in-between…cultures, communities, continents, and destinies… People cut off from family and friends at home - and still hardly related to people at destination. Uprooted, off-soil, gasping for open skies. Suspended to a bureaucratic decision that can take years. Acrobats on a shoestring between so many deaths.
And people compelled to connect with their deepest courage and their deepest soul. And the “something out there”. Vibrant with the energy of life in its immediacy.

We called our initiative “UpLift🪁”, inspired by the Afghan flying kites rising bright in the sky of Moria, as hope above all life miseries. To celebrate the beauty in what we were witnessing.
After all, sChOoL🤸‍♀️withOuT frOntiers’⛵ reason for being is to learn our way up, as one humanity - making space for a more cheerful and more united world to bloom. We wanted to braid the lifeline between one and the other. Act as a binding thread in this patchwork of life colours.
In Moria we had matter to be busy with!

Our main effort was to #change_the_narrative (-the rhapsody!;).
What, for instance, do you associate Afghanistan with?
For us now, it is hospitality, music, tenderness, warm bread, bright clothes, sparkling children eyes, poetry, volley-ball🏸, sing-songs and kites.

We gave direct support where needed, helping with logistics, cultural mediation, translation, connection with locals and partners to help build a multi-cultural school together. We held conferences, created reportages for international channels (TV5 WOrld, France24, AJ+) and videos to raise awareness and funds for these initiatives BY refugees.
Together we helped build a cross-cultural school for 2600 people, a playground, an open air theatre, held teacher workshops, activities for kids, and a One World Family festival.
With 740€ donations - and some elbow grease and cooperation and goodwil.

Painfully, we also learned humility. Our caring dimension was put in action and to a test. We failed in so many ways. And achieved little if any real change! By so many regards the situation is even more cryingly tragic now. The Wave Of hope school burned down to ashes. Oppression against safety seekers is ferocious.
But one thing we learned. Communication, and cooperation is key, on all levels. Especially : with the people concerned in the first line. Acting WITH the people and not for. There, we know it, magic happens. And real encounters.

The question is always, how do you do when structures in place are inadapted? How do you communicate with societies and authorities who don’t want to try, don’t want to see - are reluctant to even hear? How can we address so many urgent needs, despite so many adverse forces? Bridging divides between humans is a major challenge. We learn patience.
Still, “the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice”! We need to persevere. We shall overcome, we will learn. One child at a time, if necessary.

Currently we are running a pen-friends project, to create relations between refugee children and European through correspondence 💌. Everything is lacking to people in exile, but especially connection in transition. And “first world” children get enriched with other perspectives and global awareness.
A school in the UK, one in Belgium and one in Germany are participating. If you are a school teacher, you are welcome in the project.

In parallel, we are preparing an exhibition and a short film. And we strive to help the families in the film.
You can empower our actions by spreading the word and donations. We are a non-profit with zero administrative costs, and donations go directly where needed.
IBAN : FR76 10278 06043 00021 082601 95

Thank you for your trust and messages of sympathy.
With ferocious, desperate and yet unwavering commitment.
Lonaïs for sChOoL🤸‍♀️withOuT frOntiers’!⛵ UpLift project🪁.

With Συνύπαρξη και επικοινωνία στο Αιγαίο - Siniparxi
Wave Of Hope
Butterfly solidarity
Rad Music International
One Happy Family - Community Center, Lesvos
Lesvos Solidarity - Mosaik Support Center
Μικρός Ντουνιάς - Mikros Dounias

and deep, deep thanks for the dear friends creating magic every day and a better world for all : Rouddy, Sahil Khan, Sylvie, Romain Langlois, Farhad and many more... and all the courageous children of Moria. Love from the deepest of my heart.

Good morning and good week! :-)Keep playing! 🤸‍♀️🐳🏑🤹‍♂️🤽‍♀️ Great for your health and brain power🧠... and maybe the best...

Good morning and good week! :-)

Keep playing! 🤸‍♀️🐳🏑🤹‍♂️🤽‍♀️ Great for your health and brain power🧠... and maybe the best way to learn!

Here is a captivating video 🎬on the power of *play* for humans and in the animal kingdom. :
👉👈. An enlivening watch!

#PowerOfPlay #VitalSkills

An enlightening video, which exemplifies a mechanism of failure and success in 5 minutes.

An enlightening video, which exemplifies a mechanism of failure and success in 5 minutes.

(By Charisse Nixon, Ph.D Developmental Psychologist at Behrend College and Director of Research and Evaluation for The Ophelia Project (Shot by Mark Steensland)

#internalizedValue #selfAssessmentLoops

Today is the world day of children’s rights! Since 1954. But we still live in a paradoxical world where millions of chil...

Today is the world day of children’s rights! Since 1954.

But we still live in a paradoxical world where millions of children are forced to go to « school » when they don’t want -

and other millions can’t go to school when they fervently desire! (as asylum seekers in Europe for instance, despite being their basic right and dearest wish).

In all cases, the freedom of choice and needs of children continue to be disregarded and violated every day, included in the world’s most « advanced » country. Which future does it prepare? How can we break the cycle?

Let’s strive together for a time when balance, care and understanding will prevail.

#WorldChildrensDay #JusticeAndCareForYoungGenerations

A closely related project we have been happy to take part in, and a fabulous team we love to connect with.-Shine on, Yel...

A closely related project we have been happy to take part in, and a fabulous team we love to connect with.-

Shine on, Yellow Days! connecting the human family.

#OneHeart #OneWorld

⭐🎉Happy anniversary The Yellow Days Festival 🎉⭐

A year ago today, we were celebrating who we are at Athens School of Fine Arts

3 Days of culture, connection between people moved by love, stories making history, standing by each other by understanding each other. Colours and light, tolerance, respect... unity by unconditional love.

Learning beyond our human form and emerging with our souls, our inner light that shines beyond the material world.

⭐We provide a platform for souls to shine and connect⭐This is the very ethos of our journey.

Today we invite everyone to keep the cycle of solidarity moving by practice self love, do an act of kindness towards others, give something back to nature.

🔥The power of the collective is stronger and brighter than individuals in power, act every day upon it🔥

Thank you to everyone who have supported the yellow movement.

Your invaluable contributions of all shapes and forms help us to create change in the world, and that means the world to the yellow family.

The Syrian & Greek Youth Forum / SGYF Live Sound Studio Saligaros σαλιγκαρος Kompostopia KYTTARO Live Club / ΚΥΤΤΑΡΟ Steps Anasa Cultural Center Mc Yinka & Michael. Argyris Taxi Driver. Communitism KYVOS Training Safe Place Greece Extinction Rebellion Hellas @compagniepeanuts Humanity Crew SchooL with_OuT FrOntiers ¡ Prosxedio_kafka

Bandallusia The Mad Cats Sabrina De Mitri Michael Sebastian JUSU FOLI WAKE UP DANCE Leon Michael King Guitar & Lost Key. Paradise Dose Kamoos Third Eye Bizarre Loom Los Hermanos Frank Panx Valetta Street Project.

Deep in our dreams!...This was sChOlus🐬pOcus@OnirO! this September in Greece. From school-of-dolphins-swimming 😜 to live...

Deep in our dreams!...

This was sChOlus🐬[email protected]! this September in Greece. From school-of-dolphins-swimming 😜 to live 5D Radio show, starfish-diving into our inner ocean...Exploring how to bring dreams up from the deep of our hearts to the surface of reality. Fathoming the language of the subconscious...Heeding day's callings and night's apparitions.

What a better haven than the cycladic island of Amorgos to complete this new cycle!

With a deep gratitude for all the participants of all ages, your smiles and creativity! & the turtles, eagles, seafowls and dolphins - the big blue, the bright moon, the sparkling plancton💗🌍.

...The journey is only beginning!

#DreamLodge #DolphinSchool #InLifeLearning #OpenLearning #OpenSeaLearning ;-) #AgileLearning

This sChOol⛵️ is a bit special...Today during sChOlus🐬pOcUS@OnirO💦- a new Agile pop-up school event by sChOoL🤸‍♀️withOuT...

This sChOol⛵️ is a bit special...

Today during sChOlus🐬[email protected]💦- a new Agile pop-up school event by sChOoL🤸‍♀️withOuT frOntiers⛵️ - into our dreams.🙂

sChOlus🤸‍♀️pOcUS!🎭ART is officially over...An abunDANCE of Muses and music, heartful exchanges, games (Olympians! and no...

sChOlus🤸‍♀️pOcUS!🎭ART is officially over...
An abunDANCE of Muses and music, heartful exchanges, games (Olympians! and not only),
rays of laughter, rain & sunshine,
deeply immersed and inspired by generous nature,
artful agility,
and deep gratitude
fill our HeARTs 💓
Thanks to you all beautiful co-creative forces !
...until we 🙏meet 🤝share 🚀create🔎explore and 🤸‍♀️ play again together 😉

GUDIPARAN, Les cerfs volants de Moria

Spreading Love, spreading Hope.
Not only viruses can travel fast through humanity.
At sChOoL🤸‍♀️withOuT frOntiers⛵ we will continue to adapt, but we will pursue our mission : bring the world together.
For the upcoming Eastern New Year (March 20th), we will have a festival together on Lesbos island - And wherever it resonates. With whoever resonates.
- What? a festival in the time of corona?!
Indeed, we don't need to get in close contact to celebrate. We just need the spirit : spreading joy.
We can climb on a top of a hill, breathe fresh Spring air and spread our wings.
On March 21st on Lesbos, for #Nowruz, we are going to send kites 🪁flying in the sky, lifting up messages from hundreds of children.
Like a prayer carousel of a kind.
Symbol of new generation.

Life doesn't stop. Everybody has a need (and right) to breathe, to move, to relate, to celebrate, to laugh, to live.
In some cities, people started singing together - from home. In some hospitals, medical staff is dancing (in full protective gear!) to shake it out. Good morale boosts immunity and can be life-saving.

For better or worse, children and families in Moria Refugee camp have no choice but being close together. They can't isolate. Their fate is interwoven. Their destiny is together. What unfolds here, is a metaphor of mankind.
They are together, a hundred nations with people from Europe, in solidarity - one humanity of courage.

We have to deal with our interconnectedness. Create safe passages, rather than walls.

This year, let's give the children of "the worst refugee camp on Earth" a special gift!
Kite master Farhad with artist Romain Langlois are preparing extraordinary kites - gudiparans. Those kites can fly a thousand meters high.
Taking to their level the words by writer Parwana Amiri, for instance.
With Wave Of Hope For The Future school - the one school which can't close - it is almost entirely in the open air (where one can get an insight of how learning can transform : what is an impediment is also an asset. They are adaptive. They are reactive. They are resilient. They constantly innovate)
And with incredible teams like Stand By Me Lesvos, One Happy Family - Community Center, Lesvos, humanity is rising up to its challenges.

This is a call for all, Syrians and Belgians, Greeks and Irakis, Kurdish and Swedish, Portuguese and Congolese - whoever is on Lesbos, the whole world, to share their arts, their songs, #OneLove.

If you are on the island, we will invent together a unique Spring festival. Bring music, poetry, arts, games, your most beautiful costumes, love and laughter...Keep spirits up and your eyes in the sky!

If you are abroad and you wish to participate, from Turkey or Italy and UK and China, you can attach a message to a flying carrier and send it in the sky. Wherever you are. On a boat. In a coal mine. In a hospital. You can film it and send your video through. It will reach through better than any virus.
Send hope around the world. Send your messages of Peace, Union and Love around the Planet.
You don't need to be in close contact with anyone to do that. But we will be in communion in spirit.🕊

Thank you 🪁🪁🪁

#Making connections for real

One more word : if you also want to help the Uplift project with a donation, it means alot to us, and it will go directly where it is needed. To humanity's heart. To make more Gudiparans. To rebuild schools that have burned. We are all volunteers : every cent goes to the project, to Lesbos.

IBAN : FR 76 10278 06043 00021082601 95

Also :


BC/Clearing number: 790
IBAN : For CHF : CH23 0079 0016 9736 1524 7
For EUR : CH36 0079 0016 9737 1172 2

ΙΒΑΝ: GR06 0110 7620 0000 7620 0134 120

111DAYS - Romain Langlois
FR63 2004 1010 1311 3755 0P03 404

These are all outstanding organisations, making a real difference.
You choose!
Help is useful and will always be much appreciated.

Le 21 Mars est la nouvelle année en Afghanistan. Pour ce jour de fête les enfants réfugiés du camp de Moria doivent respirer, rire, rêver. La seul école du c...


In these troubled times, let’s send more Love. And never forget the actual face of the”refugees”...Half of the world refugees are children. Yearning to communicate, grow and play in peace. May their heart and smiles inspire the world of “adults”.

Memory of sChOoL🤸‍♀️withOuT frOntiers⛵️ from the Wave Of Hope school, “the Olive Grove”, Moria Refugee Camp, Lesbos. 14th of January 2020.

We keep you in our hearts and minds!


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We want details about your christmas program :) :)
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