PUNTO de FUGA A new experimental photo-book platform that emerges in 2015 during a highly uncertain but quite inventive period for book publishing. Founded by the twin brothers Laura and Antonio Carbonell, PUNTO DE FUGA is working on creative ideas for sharing a photo-book contend with a solid network of bookmakers (publishers, graphic designers, printers and photographers) from Europe.

BOOK RECOMMENDED:Keiko Sasaoka, Shoreline, Kula, 2016In The Photographer's Gallery,http://pg-web.net/shop/pg-kula/keiko-...
Keiko Sasaoka/笹岡啓子 「SHORELINE 28 — 南三陸」 | Kula | photographers’ gallery


Keiko Sasaoka, Shoreline, Kula, 2016
In The Photographer's Gallery,

笹岡啓子は2011年4月以降、東日本大震災の被害に見舞われた三陸沿岸地域と阿武隈山地の村々を撮影してきました。2012年からは「Difference 3.11」と題した展覧会と、B5判小冊子『Remembrance』(KULA)の刊行を始め、2013年12月に計41号で終刊しました。震災から5年目を迎え、笹岡は新たな小冊子シリーズ『SHORELINE』(KULA)の刊行をスタートさせます。2014年以降の三陸、福島の被災地域を中心に、日本各地の海岸線や海の記憶をもつさまざまな地域を交え、順次刊行される予定です。 大きな災害から個々の復興へと向かう現在進行形の場所に、笹岡は撮ることで向き合ってき...

BOOK RECOMMENDED: Penelope Umbrico, Solar Eclipses, RVB, 2017http://www.rvb-books.com/book.php?id_book=141Dear, One book...


Penelope Umbrico, Solar Eclipses, RVB, 2017


One book that has definitely entered our research for the Book Observatory. Next year will be extremely exciting, a new format for this project in being developped. Eeyes open!

In the meanwhile, you should visit RVB Gallery and take the book from their catalogue! Here is the text:

Penelope Umbrico’s project Solar Eclipses is made up of a collection of collages created using images of solar eclipses found in the New York Public Library Picture Collection. She creates these collages by placing the images on a scanner and arranging them to get as many as possible into each copy. This book is a collection of photocopies of those original images created on the library scanner. Umbrico’s approach to the project mediates on the duality between physical experience and the digitising of images printed on paper. The process of searching through the library’s collection today seems absurd in light of the facility and accessibility brought by the digital internet age, thus as the collection is gradually digitised, the material form of paper - a reflective medium requiring an external light source to be seen, and that often represents light in the image it supports - is now seen depicted online via the medium of the screen. Reflective paper becomes projective light. Umbrico chooses to focus on the solar eclipse at the library as the epitome of this relationship between the reflective and projective. The dynamic of the eclipse is the negation of natural light with that whose visibility is dependent on it. Thus her process reflects the same fascination with the photocopier itself as an “eclipser”: its light escapes around the paper it scans, creating the densest black – an inverted eclipse. White becomes light, and light becomes black.

ABOUT COLOR IN EXPERIMENTAL PHOTOGRAPHY #1:Dear readers,We're back on the road! Here is a small exhibition in a gallery ...


Dear readers,

We're back on the road!
Here is a small exhibition in a gallery in paris we higly recommend seeing. Nothing of the empty formalism. We will be working on a small publication with PUNTO DE FUGA about colour and abstraction in recent photography.

Salla Pesonen, Silence Bruyant, Galerie Maria Lund, 2017

DEAR ALL,Come and join us at Carreau du Temple this afternoon! The film projections are ready.WHERE: 2 rue Perrée 75003 ...


Come and join us at Carreau du Temple this afternoon! The film projections are ready.

2 rue Perrée 75003 Paris

This afternoon
17h00 - 21h00.


Films projected:

Adam BROOMBERG & Oliver CHANARIN, The Day Nobody Died, 23’06, 2009
Coll., Radiation Burn, Critical Art Ensemble: A Temporary Monument to Public Safety, 12’30, 2010
Johan GRIMONPREZ, Kobarweng or Where is Your Helicopter? 25’, 1992
Cyprien GAILLARD, Pruitt – Igoe Falls , 6’55’’, 2009
Emily RICHARDSON, Cobra-Mist, Animate Projects Comission, 06’52’’
Arturo HERNANDEZ ALCAZAR, Canon for Seven Broom and an Empty Building, 2012, 15’
id., Transformation of Space Into Dust and Viceversa (Stolen clips from internet), 2006-2013, 05’05’’
Jordi VIDAL, History Minus Zero_ No Limit (Excerpt), 2013, Apres-production, 86’

Instant City Ibiza1971_Vacuflex3


Muntadas & Gonzalo Mezza, Instant City, Vacuflex3, Ibiza, 1971

Dear all, we are looking ahead to the next program. It will be about...the city. How artist and filmmakers lived it and represent it through the years.

Thinking the city!
Enjoy the 70's.

En Ibiza 1971, durante la celebración de la "Instant City", algunos artistas participaron con intervenciones creativas, como Muntadas y Gonzalo…

Falling architectures PORTFOLIO #1: Julie C. Fortier, House Wood, Coproduction Les Ateliers de Rennes & Frac Bretagne, B...

Falling architectures

Julie C. Fortier, House Wood, Coproduction Les Ateliers de Rennes & Frac Bretagne, Biennale d’art contemporain, édition 2008

Soon at Volume Bookstore with Julie C. Fortier. :

ENVENT: MEETINGSLIBRAIRIE VOLUME03.02.201747, rue Notre-Dame de Nazareth 75003 Paris 19h00.Livre:Ricardo Yui, La Costa V...

47, rue Notre-Dame de Nazareth 75003 Paris

Ricardo Yui, La Costa Verde, 2010-2014

Ricardo Yui, Entropie à Lima, Vidéo, HD, 23’ 22’’

Chers tous,

Nous sommes fiers d'annoncer la venue du photographe péruvien Ricardo Yui chez Volume le 03.02.2017, 19h et au Carreau du Temple le 04.02.2017, 17h.

Cet artiste va montrer en exclusivité la maquette de son prochain livre, COSTA BRAVA, que nous conseillons vivement aux éditeurs de publier.

Son projet de film, Entropie à Lima, est aussi au programme. Il va permettre d'ouvrir une réflexion sur la place de l'homme dans ce processus de destruction et de recomposition du paysage. Sujet de notre prochaine programmation!


Dear all,

We are very proud to announce the venue of the Peruvian photographer Ricardo Yui in our next event! The photographic series presented here will be showed in the form of a dummy project at Volume Bookstore on the 03.02.2017.

The artist will also present a film called Entropie à Lima (Lima Entropy) at Carreau du Temple on the 04.02.2017. Both photographic and cinematographic interpretations of the man action over the destruction and transformation of landscape will serve as introduction for our next year's program!


PORTFOLIO HIGHLY RECOMMENDEDJiehao Su, Borderland, British Journal of Photography, 2015http://www.bjp-online.com/2015/03...


Jiehao Su, Borderland, British Journal of Photography, 2015

Borderland (2012-2014) portrays a wandering journey in China, with the personal memories attached to the separation from native land and family. It began as a response to my mother’s death and has both geographical and psychological implications. The work is an attempt to rebuild my self-awareness through an autobiographical portrait of my homeland China.

VIESTIGES ARCHITECTURAUXPORTFOLIO #2: Cette année la DOCUMENTA 14 consacre un chapitre au démantellement de Calais. Voic...


Cette année la DOCUMENTA 14 consacre un chapitre au démantellement de Calais. Voici le projet photographique d'Artur Żmijewski en guise d'ouverture de ces jours qui viennent.

Artur Żmijewski, Traces des campsde migrants, Calais, 27 Octobre, 2016



This year DOCUMENTA 14 is showing a fascinating series of black and white images of what remained after the dismantling of Calais in France. What remains are the leftovers of a temporary city, one constructed in anarchy bu the immigrants that where expecting to reach the United Kingdom.

Artur Żmijewski, View of the remains of the migrant camp in Calais, October 27, 2016

NOUVELLES: EVENEMENT Chers tous,Les rencontres sur Les Architecture en Ruines chez Volume le 03.02.2017 et au Carreau du...

Chers tous,

Les rencontres sur Les Architecture en Ruines chez Volume le 03.02.2017 et au Carreau du Temple le 04.02.2017 approchent!

Les projets ne cessent de nous parvenir!

En guise de reconnaissance pour ces architectures en ruines que nous n'allons pas évoquer pendant les deux jours, voici une série de portfolios d'images: décombres, nuages de fumée et fragments envahissent notre pensée.

- Quelles représentations du paysage émergent de cette approche de la ruine?
- Existe-t-il une pensée de la modernité suffisamment audacieuse pour aborder dans toute sa complexité la vie et la mort des architectures en ruines?

Doug Aitken, House, 2010, Film Stills, Video HD, 9'


Dear all,

Before the 3rd of February we will be sharing an amount of images, portfolios, readings and other sources liked with the matter of the destruction of ladscape. PUNTO DE FUGA wants to dig into this topic that has since the 1970's made clear that modernity was contantly being re-built up upon its own ruins. It's its main constitution, a destruction provoqued and contained. What are the new landscapes of this disruptive and violent self destruction? Take a look....

FUREUR ET ECLATS DES ARCHITECTURES EN RUINES:http://www.carreaudutemple.eu/2016/10/17/punto-de-fugaJOUR 2.Rencontres cin...


Rencontres cinématographiques: projections et discussions


Pour la première fois dans sa courte incursion dans le cinéma, Punto de Fuga a réuni un corpus d’œuvres cinématographiques qui font l’aller-retour entre l’exercice de simulation d’un désastre qui est attendu ou anticipé et celui, plus inquiétant, de la destruction réelle, sans décor, enregistrée dans son état pur.

Dans la plupart des films choisis, la guerre, la catastrophe et la destruction programmée du paysage laissent entrevoir un nouveau Panorama Zéro, une nouvelle terre d’abandon du paysage. Que ce soit par la constitution de narratives du quotidien de la guerre dans The day nobody died, film d’Adam Broomberg et Oliver Chanarin, par l’enregistrement de simulations d’essais nucléaires faits par the Critical Art Ensemble ou par l'enregistrement des démolitions urbaines, l’œil du cinéaste semble se poser sur ces paysages fragmentés où plus rien d’exceptionnel ne semble arriver. L’œil avide du cinéaste est attrapé par ce temps arrêté.

Extrait de Film (non projeté en salle):
Godfrey Reggio, Koyaanisqatsi : Pruit Igoe, 1983, 9’44’’

FUREUR ET ECLATS DES ARCHITECTURES EN RUINES:https://www.facebook.com/events/236013356818711/JOUR 1.Expositions, lanceme...

Expositions, lancements de livres et discussions
Entrée libre

Chers tous,

Nous sommes ravis de vous annoncer le programme de la rentrée. Le vendredi 03 février Benoit Fougeirol et Marie Sommer vont exposer leurs dernières séries photographiques. Dans ces deux projets, la ruine fait face à deux réalités que tout oppose : la première intitulée Tentatives d’épuisement I II II est celle, imperceptible, des ZUS (Zones Urbaines Sensibles) que le photographe dessine comme une cartographie d’un non lieu, un paysage rigide, fragmentaire et aride que l’œil sensible du photographie Benoit Fougeirol expose à une forme d’épuisement et de banalité inquiétants. La deuxième série s’intitule Circular Ruins expose les débris de ce qui était à l’époque de Tito, une importante école de Sciences Politiques, le cœur de la propagande Yougoslave laissé à l’abandon après la division du pays. Ici, Marie Sommer revient sur les traces d’une fin d’époque.

Dans ces projets photographiques, les temps de la ruine se confrontent : le premier parle de la ruine en gestation, de ces non lieux urbains dans lesquels chaque toute rue fait écho à une autre rue, les unes et les autres s’annulant pour ne décrire qu’une seule réalité, celle de l’isolement urbain et du fragment; la deuxième, renvoie au passé récent d’un bâtiment brutaliste, la bibliothèque Kumrovec, le lieu de l’abandon et de l’oubli d’une histoire récente, celle de la division de la Yougoslavie.

Le Vendredi 03 Février PUNTO DE FUGA invite ces deux photographes à entrer en dialogue avec d’autres. Une séance de signatures de livres va suivre. Plus d’informations sur notre événement Facebook bientôt !

Série: Benoit Fougeirol, Tentatives d'épuisement I II III, 2013-2014

PORTFOLIO:Series: Sian Davey, Martha, 2017Exhibition: Gravitas, London Art Fair, 2017Gravitas/Gravity: A sense of the im...


Sian Davey, Martha, 2017

Gravitas, London Art Fair, 2017
Gravitas/Gravity: A sense of the importance of the matter at hand, responsibility and earnestness.

Sian Davey, Photographe et psychothérapeute, Arte, 2016

"Sian Davey est photographe et psychothérapeute. Son sujet, c'est sa famille et principalement ses deux dernières filles, Alice et Martha. Avec une acuité saisissante et beaucoup de justesse, elle se saisit d'instants du quotidien qui disent les états d'âme et les doutes de ses enfants. Cette enquête intime se déroule dans le décor verdoyant du sud-ouest de l'Angleterre, dans le comté de Devon, entre Cornouilles et Dorset".

BOOK RECOMMENDED:Christof Nüssli, Withheld due to: the Book, CPRESS, 2016.http://cpress.ch/index.php/withheld/the-book/"...
The Book : CPRESS


Christof Nüssli, Withheld due to: the Book, CPRESS, 2016.

"The old world is dying and the new cannot be born;
in this interregnum a great variety of morbid symptoms appear.”
Antonio Gramsci

Reading back some essays about what it means to look at an image, what are the contexts and the philosophical conditions of seeing when it comes to talk about photography, some of this very widespread "po*******hy" of the image that is saying how difficult it is for us to understand its constant decompostion and loss of meaning in photography.

Without making any judgment about this facts, in a period where we are surrounded of captions and unnecessary images of terror, private stories, every day diaries and advertising where our bodies and our necessities and most of our subjectivity is interacting in complex ways with this saturated invasion of photography, we have to wonder: what is this new world of the image about? How could we take distance to this voyeuristic and obsessive intrusion of power and politics in our private existences?

This book is already giving a first visual interpretation. Its a most have, definitely. Its a reactive book. One that certainly Godard and Pasolini would look at.

“The old world is dying and the new cannot be born; in this interregnum a great variety of morbid symptoms appear.” (Antonio Gramsci)Withheld due to: deals with one of the greatest torture scandals in recent times. It calls upon the viewers to question what they see, and the feelings it...

BOOK RECOMMENDED #4:Amaury Hamon Missing BearEcal 2014http://amauryhamon.fr/missing-bear/A book about a disappearance. I...


Amaury Hamon
Missing Bear

A book about a disappearance. If it seems that this project has much of the aesthetics and the close-up captures of the Evidence by Larry Sultan & Mike Mandel it there is a very imperceptible element that gives to this social portraiture of a missing person, a more intimate and more evocative aspect of a set of images that do not prove anything but rather give the images all their expression. This series are not about saying what happened, the obvious absence of any reliable answer is there from the start, giving the line of what the image is not allowed to approach.

What is amazing about this photographic series, is that here the disappearance is what matters, this very contradictory state of mind where what lacks, the presence of memory, gestures and portraits are at the same time the expression of the absence of the person we look at, Timmy Aka Bear. It's not relevant if we get to know this man, what is more important here, is that the photographs are the direct expression of this personal search, this very intimate space where the past and the present are entering one same space and time line: that of a personal memory looking for meaning.
Maybe its all about that: letting the unbearable become acceptable to our eyes. The man is gone, but there is so much left of him anyhow.

The photographer describes the book as follows: A journal about the disappearance of Timmy AKA Bear, lost at sea. This book is made after a one week photography & editorial project, in collaboration with Clément Gicquel, Giacomo Bastianelli and Carmen Grange. Under the supervision of Robert Huber and Nicolas Haeni.


26, Rue Du Poteau

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