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Youth Across Europe - Alumni Connecting the Alumni of Youth Across Europe. Share your memories and stories with us and reconnect with old friends.

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Dear All, we have moved the sign-up deadline to March 31st - please register soon - we can hardly wait to see you all in Paris!


So my lovelies, how many of you are coming to Paris in May? I hope to see all my YAE buddies - youth and leaders :-) It is going to be quite an occasion! Why not treat yourself to a lovely weekend à Paris?


25th – 28th May 2017, we will hold 3 events simultaneously, all culminating in a joyful celebration of worship and praise on Sunday Morning at the Cathedral!


23 Avenue George V


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Congratulations on your 20 year anniversary! I am disappointed that I couldn't join you this year, but I am holding you in my heart and in my prayers with hope and gratitude. Youth Across Europe is an extraordinary ministry and we look forward to welcoming some representatives to the Episcopal Youth Event in Oklahoma this summer traveling from the Convocation. Blessings on this Ascension weekend, be well, keep the faith, and Godspeed!