Vulcanoid / Online mailorder based in France and focused into all kind of electronic music from the 80's till now. This U.F.O mailorder is in orbit in order to offer you a different moment in time thanks to a shap and unique musical selection to bring you on our trip.

We mainly focuse ourselves on 80's minimal-wave, angst-pop, , post-punk, early-electro, EBM, new-wave, synth-pop, but aslo cosmic disco, italo, chicago house, oldschool electro-funk, freestyle, miami-bass to modern minimal electro, electro-disco, electro beats and breaks, dark electro, 3rd wave, idm, electroniks... Most of them are rare collector's gems' cause generally limited to 500 copies approximately. Every month, a selection of fresh new releases will be added on web site. Thx for your support!

Vulcanoid's cover photo

Vulcanoid's cover photo


50 Rue D'Anjou


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