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BLACK LIVES MATTER.Globally, Black and low income communities suffer disproportionately from environmental problems.Blac...

Globally, Black and low income communities suffer disproportionately from environmental problems.

Black people are dying at higher rates from asthma, diabetes, CORONAVIRUS and other preventable environmental and public health epidemics.

Yes!4Humanity supports the protesters and the movement for black liberation in the U.S. and beyond.

Climate justice is racial justice.

Environmental racism is systemic, and can't be disassociated from other forms of systemic racism, including police brutality.

Don't take our word for it. Educate yourself with these environmental anti-racist resources:
- Farming While Black - Leah Panniman
- The Green Economy - Van Jones
- @mary.heglar

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👉 Have a look at the project of our member, David Labi : Reopening Europe

"This is a project that deeply resonates with me on a personal level, indulging my gonzo storytelling instincts and wandering minstrel persona.
As lockdown helped us really look at what was around us, I locally sourced some friends in my recently adopted home of Brussels, namely my neighbours Giuseppe Porcaro and Andri SĂžren Haflidason.
This has become the crack squad of lunatics embarking on a tour this Friday to take a "temperature reading" of Europe at this unique time of REOPENING.
We'll be interacting (in a socially distanced manner) with a diverse range of people – from farmers to politicians, businesspeople to artists. How has Covid19 affected their life and work? What are their fears and hopes going forward?
In audio, video, photo, and writing, we'll explore the metaphysical questions – What is a border to you? What are the borders between self and surroundings, region and nation? What are the borders of your identity?
Please follow us for more!"

Meet our members

🌍 [Meet our members]

👉 Dez is a 21-year-old Indigenous woman from Sheshatshui, Labrador from the Innu Nation. She uses her creative writing to re-write her own story of resilience and growth as an Indigenous former youth in care. She is currently attending Social Services and working in the community with youth. She hopes to share her experiences, passions, and voice to bring representation in every space her communities have been left out.

🌍 [Rencontrez nos membres]

👉 Dez est une femme indigĂšne ĂągĂ©e de 21ans et originaire de Sheshatshui, Labrador de l’Innu Nation. Elle utilise son Ă©criture crĂ©ative pour rĂ©Ă©crire sa propre histoire, celle de la rĂ©silience et du dĂ©veloppement d’une ancienne enfant placĂ©e autochtone. Elle est actuellement sur le point d’intĂ©grer les services sociaux et travaille dans sa communautĂ© avec les jeunes. Elle espĂšre partager ses expĂ©riences, ses passions et sa voix pour ainsi reprĂ©senter sa communautĂ© qui a Ă©tĂ© dĂ©laissĂ©e.

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“The only way forward, if we are going to improve the quality of the environment and save our planet, is to get everybod...

“The only way forward, if we are going to improve the quality of the environment and save our planet, is to get everybody involved.”

#YES4ThePlanet 💚🌍

Since the fight against the coronavirus is still 🔛 in the African continent, we are sharing this local actions guideline...

Since the fight against the coronavirus is still 🔛 in the African continent, we are sharing this local actions guidelines for our members and changemakers in various African countries doing amazing job supporting their local communities during this corona-outbreak 👏

Thank you and stay safe 💚
#YesChangemakers #GettingAfricaReady #LocalActions #AgainstCovid19

#JoinUsToday 📣📣📣#GoodpointâžĄïž "Sign up to hear from wonderful activist, leader, and visionary Fouzy Mathey, one of our sp...

#JoinUsToday 📣📣📣
âžĄïž "Sign up to hear from wonderful activist, leader, and visionary Fouzy Mathey, one of our special guests tomorrow for #thinkactchange.

From Paris, Fouzy is a long advocate and activist for the rights of children and care leavers, helping set up an organisation, Repairs! ( to allow these vulnerable communities to express themselves. She conceived YES! for Humanity ( as a global youth-led coalition for climate and social justice, and has developed in collaboration from Greenpeace, Oxfam, Care, and many other partners, a new social network for people worldwide to connect in a safe digital environment, campaign, share positive stories, and coordinate action for #climatejustice and #socialjustice.

Fouzy will bring her experiences of movement building to the panel discussion this Tuesday on "Building Creative Coalitions".

Co-hosted by me and Jo Sullivan. Join us! "

🌍🇬🇧👉 A positive story of solidarity and good organization by people in Gambia:Bintou Corr and Marr leading the Gambia Su...

🌍🇬🇧👉 A positive story of solidarity and good organization by people in Gambia:

Bintou Corr and Marr leading the Gambia Support network: [](, and their team members have mobilize resources to share food items entailing a 25 kg bag of rice, onions 3kilos, oil 5kgs, sugar 3kilos to 130 vulnerable household families in deprived rural communities in Gambia.

Thanks to you Bintou Corr, Marr and your entire YES! team members.

đŸŒđŸ‡šđŸ‡”đŸ‘‰ Une histoire positive de solidaritĂ© et d'organisation en Gambie :

Bintou Corr et Marr, qui dirigent le réseau de solidarité de Yes ! 4 Humanity en Gambie: [](, et les membres de leur équipe ont mobilisé des ressources pour partager des aliments contenant un sac de riz de 25 kg, des oignons de 3 kg, de l'huile de 5 kg, du sucre de 3 kg à 130 familles de ménages vulnérables dans les communautés rurales défavorisées de Gambie.

Merci Bintou Corr, Marr et tous les membres de YES! Gambia


👉 "I was born in Congo-Brazzaville. I came to France when I was 3 years old. I grew up in the care system, and I have lived through homelessness, poverty, health problems, money problems, stigmatisation, racism. I would say that my life itself is a complex and intersectional fight. All my energy goes towards children’s and young peoples' futures.
I’m the founder of Yes!4Humanity – a youth-led, global network that amplifies new ecological and economic models for humanity. I founded Yes! in 2018, when the UN report stated that we had only so many days to prevent irreversible climate change. I felt people were not connecting the dots between climate irreversibility, pandemics, human rights, migration, species extinction, mental health, overconsumption.
I work by listening to others. It’s not interesting to me to say ‘this person is wrong’. The question is, why does this person think like that? What can I understand from what that person believes? It’s important to make sure that the voices of the most vulnerable are listened to - they are the ones that also know what they need, better than politicians.
As we bring diversity into research, into civil society, into the movement, we will find more holistic solutions. We don’t all need to be heroes. We need to believe in the collective. Wherever you come from, whatever your background, education, culture, you can bring something to the movement. I think that I am a living example of that.
What lessons can we learn from COVID-19? There have been gains in air quality, sea water quality, biodiversity – we need to sustain these gains, not through confinement, but by decelerating our consumption. The crisis will be worse for those governments who decide continue with capitalism and neoliberalism. Something else is possible, something based on the common good, the respect of all lives, and love for humanity."
👉 Fouzy Mathey, Founder, Yes!4Humanity .
👉 Photo: Romain GuĂ©dĂ©
#ClimateChangers #Youth
#oxfam #Climate #mychangeourchange #yes4humanity

👉 Today, we're going to takeover the Instagram account of @oxfaminternational! The operation takes place from today to t...

👉 Today, we're going to takeover the Instagram account of @oxfaminternational! The operation takes place from today to the 24th. We're going to share our own content.
Support us! Earth day 🌍
👉 Aujourd'hui, nous allons prendre le contrĂŽle du compte Instagram de @oxfaminternational ! L'opĂ©ration a lieu Ă  partir d'aujourd'hui jusqu'au 24 avril. Nous allons partager notre propre contenu.
Soutenez-nous ! Jour de la Terre 🌍
Image : @wiemchamsi

Meet one of our members : David Labi


David Labi : "If you don’t have a clear core message, then it’s very difficult to reach as many people as you could reach otherwise."
He’s always been interested particularly in experience of refugees and different kinds of communities.
He has an agency like a brainstorytelling agency for good causes, for NGOs, ethical organizations, to help them tell better stories so they can increase their impact.


"Si vous n’avez pas de message clair, il est trùs difficile d’atteindre autant de personnes que vous pourriez le faire autrement."

Il s’intĂ©resse particuliĂšrement Ă  l’expĂ©rience des rĂ©fugiĂ©s et des diffĂ©rents types de communautĂ©s.

Il a créé une agence qu'il définit comme une agence "de narration" pour les bonnes causes, les ONG, les organisations éthiques. Il les aide à raconter de meilleures histoires afin qu'elles puissent agrandir leur impact.

#yesforhumanity #climatejustice

Meet one of our members : Charlie Waterhouse


Charlie Waterhouse : « I’ve been an activist on the grassroot level for many years ». Charlie is based in London and founder of Extinction Rebellion UK Outgroup. Charlie created our visual identity at Y4H, with Clive Russell.


Charlie Watherhouse : « Je me suis engagĂ© au niveau local depuis de nombreuses annĂ©es ». Charlie est basĂ© Ă  Londres et membre d’Extinction Rebellion.

Vidéo/montage : ETIK PROD

🌍 [ Par Charline Garreau-Dupin ]đŸ‡«đŸ‡· 👉  En France, des mĂ©decins lancent un numĂ©ro vert pour dĂ©tecter, orienter et soigner ...

🌍 [ Par Charline Garreau-Dupin ]

đŸ‡«đŸ‡· 👉 En France, des mĂ©decins lancent un numĂ©ro vert pour dĂ©tecter, orienter et soigner au mieux les sans-abris malades du coronavirus, qui reprĂ©sentent une population trĂšs vulnĂ©rable et encore moins visible depuis la mise en place du confinement.
Il s'agit en effet de personnes trÚs fragilisées qui n'ont pas accÚs aux soins et pour qui les gestes barriÚres sont quasiment impossibles, ce qui augmente le risque qu'ils soient gravement malades, et également qu'ils contaminent d'autres personnes, provoquant ainsi une épidémie cachée comme cela s'est produit dans les Ehpad, les foyers de travailleurs ou les prisons.
C’est pour leur venir en aide que les mĂ©decins de l’association AccĂšs aux droits des sans-abris ont crĂ©Ă© ce numĂ©ro, le 0800 94 66 90, gratuit, joignable 7 jours sur 7 de 7 heures Ă  22 heures. Les SDF qui ont un tĂ©lĂ©phone, mais aussi les travailleurs sociaux, ceux qui effectuent des maraudes, ou le grand public, peuvent appeler. Au bout du fil, ils tombent sur un mĂ©decin bĂ©nĂ©vole, qui avec quelques questions peut dĂ©tecter un cas suspect de Covid-19. Ensuite, soit il appelle le 15 si c’est urgent (ce qu’il vaut toujours mieux faire directement en cas d’urgence !), soit il renvoie la personne vers une permanence d’accĂšs aux soins de santĂ© (Ă  voir lesquelles sont rĂ©ellement ouvertes en cette pĂ©riode de confinement
Pour faire face Ă  cette Ă©pidĂ©mie chez les plus dĂ©munis, le gouvernement a dĂ©jĂ  mis en place des dispositifs spĂ©cifiques : 9000 places supplĂ©mentaires ont Ă©tĂ© mises Ă  disposition dans des hĂŽtels, pour accueillir les personnes Ă  la rue. L’Etat ouvre Ă©galement 86 centres pouvant accueillir les sans-abris malades du Covid-19 qui n’ont pas besoin d’ĂȘtre hospitalisĂ©s.
Mais encore faut-il pouvoir savoir qui est malade, pour ainsi orienter vers ces dispositifs, ce Ă  quoi va s’employer ce nouveau numĂ©ro vert. On espĂšre cependant que ces actions se dĂ©roulent dans le respect des distanciations sociales, ce qui est parfois difficilement rĂ©alisable dans les lieux d’accueil. De plus, les personnes Ă  la rue ont des caractĂ©ristiques bien spĂ©cifiques Ă  ne pas nĂ©gliger
 Il n’est par exemple pas facile pour eux de rester fixes dans un foyer en temps normal, alors avec les mesures strictes du confinement on risque de se heurter Ă  encore plus de refus de leur part et donc Ă  une faible part de prise en charge
à suivre attentivement !

N’hĂ©sitez pas Ă  partager, merci !

🇬🇧 👉 In France, doctors are launching a toll-free number to detect, guide and treat the homeless sick with coronavirus as well as possible, who represent a very vulnerable population and even less visible since the beginning of confinement.
They are indeed very vulnerable people who do not have access to care and for whom barrier gestures are almost impossible, which increases the risk that they are seriously ill, and also that they contaminate other people, thus causing a hidden epidemic as has happened in nursing homes, workers homes or prisons.
It is to help them that the doctors at the Access to Homeless Rights Association created this number, 0800 94 66 90, free, available 7 days a week from 7 am to 10 pm. Homeless people who have a phone, but also social workers, those who carry out marauding, or the general public, can call. A volunteer doctor answers them, and with a few questions detects a suspicious case of Covid-19. Then, either he calls 15 (emergency number)if is urgent (which is always better to do directly in case of an emergency!),or he refers the person to a permanent access to health care (but which are really open in this period of confinement
To deal with this epidemic among the most disadvantaged, the government has already set up specific measures: 9,000 additional places have been made available in hotels, to accommodate people on the street. The state is also opening 86 centers that can accommodate homeless Covid-19 sufferers who do not need to be hospitalized.
But it is still necessary to be able to know who is sick, in order to orient towards these devices, what this new toll free number will be used for. It is hoped, however, that these actions take place with respect for social distancing, which is sometimes difficult to achieve in the reception places. In addition, people on the street have very specific characteristics that should not be overlooked
 for example, it is not easy for them to remain fixed in a home in normal times, so with strict confinement measures there is a risk of colliding to even more refusals on their part and therefore to a small share of care ... to follow carefully!

Do not hesitate to share, thank you!

🌍 [ Par Charline Garreau-Dupin et Sandra Kissel ]đŸ‡«đŸ‡· 👉  En 2019, l’Association Étiquette Bien Être Animal (AEBEA) a vu le...
Etiquette Bien-Etre Animal

🌍 [ Par Charline Garreau-Dupin et Sandra Kissel ]

đŸ‡«đŸ‡· 👉 En 2019, l’Association Étiquette Bien Être Animal (AEBEA) a vu le jour, soutenue par 4 ONG de protection animale (LFDA*, CIWF**, OBA*** et Welfarm). GrĂące Ă  elle, les groupes Casino, Carrefour, les magasins U, ainsi que plusieurs grands producteurs de volailles (soit au total 40% de la grande distribution française) se sont engagĂ©s Ă  informer le consommateur par le biais d’une Ă©tiquette rĂ©pondant Ă  un cahier des charges trĂšs strict.
Des organismes indĂ©pendants d’experts Ă©valuent de maniĂšre objective (note de A a D) le bien ĂȘtre de l’animal Ă  travers une grille de 230 critĂšres sur l’ensemble de sa vie (de la naissance Ă  l’abattoir). Le mode d’élevage est lui aussi indiquĂ©.
Celle-ci pourrait concerner plus de 80 millions de poulets par an, soit 10% de la production totale française. Un rĂ©fĂ©rentiel d’étiquetage pour le porc sera crĂ©Ă© courant 2020. D’autres filiĂšres animales sont elles aussi en projet.

*LFDA: La Fondation du Droit Animal Ă©thique et sciences
**CIWF: Compassion In World Farming
***OABA: ƒuvre d’Assistance aux BĂȘtes d’Abattoirs

🇬🇧 👉 In 2019, the Association Étiquette Bien Être Animal (AEBEA) was founded, supported by 4 animal protection Ngos (LFDA*, CIWF**, OBA*** and Welfarm). Thanks to it, the Casino, Carrefour, U stores, as well as several major poultry producers (representing a total of 40% of the French retail chain) have undertaken to inform the consumer by means of a label meeting a very strict specification.
Independent experts assess the welfare of the animal objectively (score from A to D) through a grid of 230 criteria over its entire life (from birth to slaughter). The mode of rearing is also indicated.
It could concern more than 80 million chickens per year, or 10% of the total French production. A labelling framework for pork will be created in 2020. Other animal sectors are also in project.

Les premiers produits Ă©tiquetĂ©s et disponibles en magasins sont issus de poulets de marque Casino Terre & SaveursÂź. L’étiquetage est prĂ©sent sur tous les produits de cette gamme (poulets entiers, cuisses, filets).Vous pouvez trouver ces produits dans les rayons volailles des magasins GĂ©ant C...

It is time for great awareness, prevention and protection of the most vulnerable groups in our societies. It is time for...
9 Month Pregnant Romani Woman Dies after Waiting Six Hours for Covid-19 Test Results to Get Emergency Care - European Roma Rights Centre

It is time for great awareness, prevention and protection of the most vulnerable groups in our societies. It is time for all of us (civil society actors) to pay attention, react, alert and, reach out to people with no means of communication or, access to any medical aid or information during the COVID-19 pandemic. This story goes across borders to remind us that all that the pandemic will mostly affect all people living in socially and economically deprived countries. #Poverty #COVID19

"This woman died (in Skopje) not only because of this unprecedented public health situation, but because this situation coincided with her being Roma and her being poor. The intersection between her skin colour, her gender, and her class meant she was treated unequally and unprofessionally by a system that institutionally discriminates against people who look like her; a system which ultimately values her life as less worthy than other citizens of the country. The Corona virus pandemic has only served to stress this system and highlight the tragic inequalities which have always existed within it. The cause of death is as much racism, as it is negligence."
via Biljana Ginova

By Jonathan Lee A 37-year-old Romani woman and her baby have died in Skopje, North Macedonia after being ...



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Yes! 4 Humanity will catalyse a new era of positive action and solutions, created by talkers, movers and solvers from all paths of life, energised with positivity and the vision of a better future for humanity. The tracking of victories around the world and the sharing of open data and positive stories will break silos, energising and mobilising people across the world to avert climate catastrophe. YES! is a widespread push for true representation, and a worldwide wakeup call.Etre un catalyseur d’acteurs positifs et de solutions innovantes et vertueuses (talkers, movers, solvers) Ă  l’échelle planĂ©taire, pour mettre en oeuvre changement radical afin d’assurer la survie de l’humanitĂ©.

Who we are ? Qui sommes nous ?

We are a group of young people from all over the world: from South East Asia to Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America, the Middle East or Europe. We are young people from different walks of life and social backgrounds, movement leaders, entrepreneurs, artists, students, involved in causes or simply extraordinary young citizens.

We are scientists and intellectuals from all over the world ready to, analyze, observe and scale up initiatives within an observatory bringing together the fundamental disciplines for the implementation of the solutions of today and tomorrow.

We are a gathering of actors of society: international organizations, private companies, cooperatives, associations, non-governmental organizations and citizen movements.

We are above all volunteer citizens who want to see their daily lives change and ensure the possibility of a future.

Nous sommes un groupe de jeunes du monde entier : de l’Asie du Sud Est Ă  l’Afrique subsaharienne en passant par l’AmĂ©rique Latine, le Moyen Orient ou encore l’Europe. Nous sommes des jeunes de diffĂ©rents bords et milieux sociaux, leaders de mouvement, entrepreneurs, artistes, Ă©tudiants, engagĂ©s dans des causes ou simplement jeunes citoyens extraordinaires.

Nous sommes des scientifiques et intellectuels du monde entier prĂȘts Ă  faire Ă©merger, analyser, observer et rendre visibles des initiatives au sein d’un observatoire rĂ©unissant les disciplines fondamentales Ă  la mise en place des solutions d’aujourd’hui et de demain.

Nous sommes un rassemblement d’acteurs de la sociĂ©tĂ© : organisations internationales, entreprises privĂ©es, coopĂ©ratives, associations, organisations non gouvernementales et mouvements citoyens.

Nous sommes avant tout des citoyens volontaires souhaitant voir leur quotidien changer et nous assurer la possibilitĂ© d’un lendemain.

YES! is composed of young leaders coming from more than 40 different countries (from Nigeria, to the United States. From Pakistan to Australia). This movement is yours and you can join us now :

Autres Organisme jeunesse Ă  Paris

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Commentaires Hi Yes! community - please spare a thought for youth quarantined in informal settlements who live from hand to mouth. No work no pay no food. Corona highlights the inequalities in our global community that leads to environmental destruction and injustice. All our struggles intersect.
Hi Yes it a great opportunity for me to be on this great platform
I lead a youth organization called young people's advocacy forum it non government org registered by government of Uganda I would wish to partner with you in a struggle for change
Hi Yes it a great opportunity for me to be on this great platform