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Union of Overseas Voters A non-partisan, non-profit association empowering American voters living, working & studying abroad. http://WeVote.fr The Union of Overseas Voters is a non-partisan, non-profit association registered under French law, based in Paris, France, and governed by U.S.

citizens living abroad. We serve Americans overseas and others who serve Americans abroad. N° RNA: W751211995
SIREN: 538 929 357

Donate to the Union of Overseas Voters through PayPal to support our voter registration campaigns at http://ow.ly/qf2XD


Union Of Overseas Voters, Maison Des Associations Du 5e Arrondissement, 4 Rue Des Arènes

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Excluding U.S. military and government personnel posted abroad, the U.S. State Department estimates there are 6.32 million U.S. citizens living abroad. Yet less than 1.2 million ballots were sent to overseas U.S. voters in the 2010 General Election. And one-quarter to one-third of those ballots were never mailed back to U.S. election officials for counting. Millions of U.S. citizens living abroad are not directly involved in the country's political process. The Union of Overseas Voters was established to change that.

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