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Save Arturo the Polar  Bear This Is The Official IndieGoGo Campaign to Save Arturo, the Polar Bear, From Finishing His Life In Such Miserable Conditions. If you haven't heard of it, Arturo is a 29-year-old polar bear that currently lives at the Mendoza Zoo in Argentina, where activists say conditions are "deplorable."

According to reports, Arturo lives alone in a concrete enclosure where temperatures reach 38 Celsius. And there in lies the problem. Polar bears have two layers of fur and are best suited for temperatures well below zero. Consequently, along with my best pal - who is a vet in Barcelona - we decided to raise some funding and create a team of veterinary leaders with a deep experience of animals transfer. Our aim is to convince Officials at the Mendoza Zoo to let Arturo have a decent end of life in Assiniboine Park Zoo (Canada), where a natural habitat and a better life is awaiting him. From my previous professional experiences, I know for a fact that I am good at making big plans happen. In any cases, when a small number of contributors can't really make things happen, as a crowd, we have unlimited power. This is the reason why I am asking you today to assist us saving Arturo from his unavoidable future and make a dream - 550k+ people signed for - happen. Here is were you can contribute:

Mission: We want to save Arturo, the polar bear, from finishing his life in such miserable conditions.




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