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Refer Me Please Professional Social Network empowering Job referrals Refer Me Please is a new social network empowering job referrals. We match job seekers and employees together to make the recruiting process easier and smoother.

We're on a mission to change the way recruiting is being done. Job referrals help job seekers get a foot in the door by connecting with an employee; employees get more involved in the recruitment process by pre-screening candidates and companies decrease their recruitment-related costs. How does it work? 1| Sign up on the website 2| Edit your profile and specify what you want (refer someone, get referred...) 3| Use the search function to find an employee in the company you want to work for or a candidate to refer 4| Manage your referrals in you dashboard with a simple drag and drop 5| Stay in touch with your connections with a real-time messaging tool Any questions/feedback, let us know and send a message to [email protected]

Mission: Empower Job Referrals by matching job seekers with employees


10 Rue De Penthièvre


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