Lycée Charlemagne

The Lycée Charlemagne is located in the Marais quarter of the 4th arrondissement of Paris, the capital city of France.Constructed many centuries before it became a lycée, the building originally served as the home of the Order of the Jesuits. The lycée itself was founded by Napoléon Bonaparte and celebrated its bicentennial in 2004.The lycée is directly connected to the Collège Charlemagne (formerly known as le petit lycée) which is located directly across from it, on the Rue Charlemagne.Also the lycée offers two-year courses preparing students for entry to the Grandes écoles, divided into seven classes: three first-year classes: two of mathematics, physics, and engineering science one of physics, chemistry, and engineering sciencetwo of mathematics and physicstwo of physics and chemistry.HistoryThe school is associated with Charlemagne Middle School that is located just opposite it, on Rue Charlemagne, and is alongside the walls of Philippe Auguste, of which only the exterior cladding still exists.In 1580, Cardinal de Bourbon bought the Duchess of Montmorency Hotel of Rochepot and Damville. He gave it to the Jesuits, who demolished the main building located along the Rue Saint Antoine and replaced it with a chapel dedicated to St. Louis, in 1582.


14 Rue Charlemagne


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